How To Create A Successful Video Sales Funnel

How To Create A Successful Video Sales Funnel

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
April 28, 2021

Various types of interactions that your customers wish to have with your brand are mapped with your business journey. To have a smart video one must be knowing about how to reach the customers at the right moment. A successful video sales funnel could be made only by knowing the targeted audience and for that, you should be knowing which type of video you would be using.

How To Create A Successful Video Sales Funnel

While talking about marketing sales, the major point of concern is the path that the customers go through while they are planning to purchase it. This can be easily done with the strategy of making smart explainer videos.

Identify your customers:

The major point of concern is that you should know who your prospects are. The people who are interested in buying your products and become your local customers. What are their requirements? What do they demand?

These questions will help you a lot in having a clear understanding of which type of video content could be delivered by your brand in order to be useful for your customers and that captivates them. The ideal customer models help in tracing the major points of the customers that will touch their hearts. Thus, you can refine your video strategy accordingly. Once you are aware of the pain points of the prospects you can boost the marketing strategy with a video. But you should not do it in a hurry.

Of course, a video is an amazing tool. A video on the landing page will increase the conversion rates by 80%. Which type of video will work for your business is quite a difficult task for you to decide. With various types of videos, and not all of them work for every moment, you have to choose the video type wisely. This could be done with your funnel!

Using the proper video content at the proper stage:

The interaction between the prospects and the brand is very essential for blooming the business. A video sales funnel could be broken down into three phases: awareness, consideration, and decision. The objective is to create video content that could meet the expectations of your customers.

So, what does this exactly means? This means that your clients will face various issues and problems which are dependent on the stage they are in, and would crave different interactions with your brand in order to satisfy their needs.

Inbound marketing strategy:

The center of the sales funnel would be the video content. The video content should meet the requirements of the clients. This could be very important to boost up your inbound marketing strategy because it will be attracting the customers in an organic way by giving them what they are exactly demanding. A video could influence them the right way to buy the products and services of your business. There are various types of videos and each of them will work best in the specific part of the funnel. The stages could video funnel are reviewed.

Awareness stage: Top of the funnel

This is the initiating stage, so one must begin carefully. At this stage, the video content should be oriented to education instead of sales. This is the time in which your customers are getting aware of the challenges that they are facing and the opportunities that they could pursue. The primary objective should be to provide them with the correct information that they require. This is the stage at which prospects are becoming aware of the various challenges they face and how to combat those problems. The video content must focus on how the buyers describe their challenges and issues that they are facing.

Consideration stage: Middle of the funnel

It is the stage where the clients have successfully identified their challenges and problems and they are looking for being addressed. This is the stage where your visitors could be converted into leads. Give them detailed information about your product and how this helps them. It could be the best time to know about their challenges and providing them the best solutions. You must be knowing about what categories of solutions do the buyers investigate and how do they scale the pros and cons of a product.

Decision stage: The bottom of the funnel

This the final stage in which the prospect will be making the buying decision. As it is the last stage for closing the sale, the content of the video must be chosen wisely. Make sure that the buyer trusts you and you should convince them that your product is the best option that they could have. For making a successful video sales funnel, you might take some time and it could turn out to be an arduous task. But the important thing is to question yourself the appropriate questions in order to completely understand every part of the funnel.

Since all the funnels look different and are not the same, it is important to know the back of your hand. To cite an example, the consideration stage for a car sale could be longer than that of a t-shirt. So you should be knowing how much and how many stages are to be applied to the product. The beginning stage is important as it gives valuable information and answers their questions. In the second stage, you have to introduce the product that you are providing as the best option for your prospect that he could find. Provide him with the right tools so that they can make an informed decision.

The last stage is the bottom of the funnel that plays a crucial role in building the trust of the brand. This could be easily done with the video content. Make sure that the video content relates to real-life stories and interactions with human beings. This would increase brand trust. Thus, it would be enhancing your sales.


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