Maximizing the Impact of Your Videos with Captions: Tips and Tools You Need to Know

Maximizing the Impact of Your Videos with Captions: Tips and Tools You Need to Know

Written by Alison Lurie, In Marketing, Published On
April 18, 2023

Are you interested in how captions affect the impact of your videos? Then, you’re in the right place. Videos are essentially made to influence people. Those who should be primarily affected are the first-hand viewers. Putting captions to your videos is one way to impact these people.

Captions should essentially be part of any video. The captions are part of the creation itself rather than a supplement to the creation. Everyone should have this thinking. Why? Because the captions themselves can define the outcome of your video. Not to mention, closed captions should be your go-to. Having closed captions on your videos raises engagement, viewability, and accessibility. Hence, your videos become more impactful to the audience.

In 2021, 8 in 10 people between 18 and 24 years old in the USA watched videos on Youtube. This is a large number of people who consumes videos on one platform alone. This number will just continue to grow. So it is important that you use the right tips and tools for your videos.

You should use tools that will help you get what you desire with closed captions. There are tons of closed captioning software online and you should use the best one. You can find some of the best closed captioning software here. By knowing what is best, the quality of your closed captions will be ensured every time.

Here are the tips and tools you can use to better your videos and elevate their impact:

  • Tips on Captions
    • Use Closed Captions on Your Videos
    • Syncing is Key
    • Add Closed Captions to Sound Effects
    • Utilize an Effective Software
  • Tools for Captions (Downloadable and Browser-based Software)

Tips on Videos And Captions

Maximizing the Impact of Your Videos with Captions

Use Closed Captions on Your Videos

There is a significant difference between closed and open captions. Closed captions are essentially driven by the decision of the viewer. They can turn closed captions on or off. Whereas open captions will remain turned on throughout a video.

Using closed captions will be the best choice to positively impact your viewers’ experience. The freedom to choose is an important aspect of our media today. Consumers love it when they can customize their services. This personalization of experience is important for everyone now. When they are allowed to choose, they see it as power over what they want. In return, they appreciate your work even more for giving them that choice.

That’s why it is vital to use closed captions over open ones. This will positively affect the impact of your videos which is evident in content engagement. The more you make your content customizable, the more it becomes engaging. Therefore, your videos will impact the viewers even more. They will be convinced, influenced, or satisfied with your video.

Syncing is Key

Everyone loves synchronicity. It makes the lives of people easier when things are in sync. With videos, it is also important to sync the captions with the audio. Doing so offers many advantages to your content.

Closed captions should not appear for more than 6 seconds onscreen. This ensures that your captions properly progress and coincide with the video. This process is called “spotting.” Spotting ensures that the captions are in sync with the scene and audio of a video. This will help your users follow what is happening onscreen.

If you want to be impactful, it is important not to disregard this tip. Although this is an unspoken rule, it has helped creators succeed. When you fail to do this, your engagement might get affected negatively. Your video views will decrease and fewer people will search for you on search engines. In short, your videos won’t be as successful as others on the internet.

Add Closed Captions to Sound Effects

Adding closed captions to sound effects and background noises is just as important. These sounds are part of the “whole” not just a small aspect of the content. Although you might focus on captioning the lines, you should also pay attention to these sounds. Hence, you should choose closed captions over subtitles for videos.

There is a difference between closed captions and subtitles. Subtitles presume that its viewers can hear. These do not provide information on background noises and other sounds. This is the downfall of subtitles. There are around 15 million people in the USA that experiences hearing disabilities last 2018. So making your video accessible to these people is vital for the video’s success.

In adding closed captions to these sound effects, you should use italicized lowercase letters. You should also place them in parentheses. Doing so will help distinguish which of the captions are lines and which are not. Overall, it makes your content universal and accessible for all.

Utilize an Effective Software

The introduction already stated the use of software for captions. To expound further, a lot of captioning software is available online. You should find and use the best one out there for your videos. But what makes captioning software the best? When it is effective.

The effectiveness of captioning software should be your basis in finding what is best for your content. Here are some notes to consider when knowing how effective closed captioning software is:

  • Accuracy – The software must ensure that the captioning is accurate. It should match the audio and scene of a video.
  • Support for Multiple Languages – You should have access to multiple languages other than English when captioning for your videos. This is helpful if you want to be more global with your content.
  • A relatively fast turnaround – You must want software that would give your captioned video as soon as possible. The average time for you to get your captioned video is about 72 hours. However, you can still find others that are much faster.

Tool for Captions (Downloadable and Browser-based Software)

Maximizing the Impact of Your Videos with Captions

It is also important to use tools for your captioning. Tools are supposed to help you with your tasks. A great example of a tool would be captioning software. There is a lot of captioning software out there that is free or affordable. Whichever you choose, you must also pay close attention to the type of closed captioning software you are using.

Here are two types of closed captioning software you should remember:

  • Downloadable Closed Captioning Software – These can be downloaded from the internet. Usually, this software is secure and won’t harm your computer.
  • Browser-based Closed Captioning Software – These can be utilized on your browser. This makes it easier for you to caption your videos. You can also caption in real-time with this type of software.


Overall, we must always remember the significance of captions on a video’s impact. Most importantly, you should use closed captions. Not only does it provide you with many benefits, but it also becomes a bridge for the next trends and technologies. Technology evolves as time progress, and consumers’ interests also change. By using different tips and tools for captioning, you get the attention of the audience. In return, they appreciate your content even more.

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