6 Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Customer Pool

6 Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Customer Pool

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Marketing, Published On
January 13, 2023
Last modified on March 22nd, 2023

In today’s saturated market, small businesses are striving to captivate audiences. Some use penetrative pricing to scale down competition, whereas others continue to send cold messages. While these strategies might seem adequate, they have become mainstream. As an entrepreneur, you must consider distinctive marketing strategies and spread the word about your business.

Marketing is about bringing a product or service before a buying audience. The primary goal is to focus on customers’ wants and needs and attract them to the business. For this, you must define your target audience. Are you catering to Gen Z? What demographics do you want to target? Answering these questions will give a clear picture of your target customers.

Similarly, another aspect of marketing is educating audiences about your product and services, called brand awareness. The more the masses know about your business, the more leads you can generate. If you are ready to grow your customer base, let us help create a marketing plan. Here we have outlined six marketing tactics to grow your customer pool.

6 Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Customer Pool

6 Marketing Tactics

Leverage Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing has proven to be an excellent tactic where you ask customers to engage in a call-to-action (CTA). It mainly involves responding to an email or inviting them to join the email group. It enables marketers to create a roster of interested customers that they can target with sales, events, newsletters, and other reminders. They store all information on the customer data platform and utilize those leads during campaigns.

Customer data availability also helps marketers craft intriguing messages to pique their interest. Some brands offer rewards for signing up, whereas others offer discounts on their next purchase. These strategies go a long way in generating new leads and boosting conversions. You have to ensure consistency with direct response marketing that involves sending newsletters regularly with updates on new products and promotions.

Create Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are one of the most successful marketing strategies for gaining exposure. It provides a way to grow business, acquire customers, and reach new market segments.

These partnerships bring two companies together, each having its equity and audience base. As a result, both companies use their unique selling proposition to promote the business and gain new customers. Many brands like BMW and LV have already launched their co-branding campaigns. Louis Vuitton designed signature luggage lines, and BMW created a sports model that fit luggage in the car’s rear parcel shelf. In addition, the luggage’s design and appearance fit perfectly with BMW’s image. You can also look for Kuendigung.service to cancel your contract in just 1 minute.

Both brands share the same target audience – people who desire luxury products. By coming together with their new products, they garnered a lot of customer attention.

Conduct Giveaways & Contests

6 Marketing Tactics

Believe it or not, contests and giveaways are another way to create a buzz in the market. Brands offer a free product to any customer who shares, likes, and comments on the business page. That way, brands gain hundreds of new followers and leads who can become potential customers. Let us explain how this works. As a beauty store owner, you can offer free beauty products in exchange for a few likes and subscriptions. Similarly, a photographer can give a free portrait session.

Likewise, brands can hold contests and offer a hamper to winning participants. Recently, Nescafe started a campaign where people had to share their coffee stories with the hashtag #sharewithnescafe. Thousands of people participated in the contest, whereas millions read different coffee stories. It gave them exposure to new audiences, expanding their market niche. So, why not try something similar? You can also conduct contests on social media forums and get people talking about your brand.

Start an Email Marketing Campaign

With the rise of social media and SEO, only a few marketers emphasize email marketing. Email marketing remains one of the essential digital strategies for businesses wanting to grow their customer pool. It unfolds countless opportunities to nurture customers who are interested in your products. After all, no one will sign up for a mailing list unless they like the brand.

Therefore, your emails captivate audiences with appealing discount offers or free shipping. You can also send their products in the cart, encouraging them to complete their purchase journey. Further, email campaigns also allow businesses to earn subscribers through blogs, contests, and webinars. Customers consent to get promotional messages from your brand whenever they give their email. Hence, target them with an eye-catching yet useful email marketing campaign.

Develop Customer Personas

Have you heard of customer persona? It is a way to define customers, what they like and who they are. It also gives an insight into their buying patterns, enabling brands to serve them better. In short, they research their ideal customers and personalize customer service to offer an incredible experience. How about you also develop customer personas? 

Let’s say you design casual clothes for women that they can wear daily to work or college. Based on this information, you can create a sketch of an ideal outfit and think about what marketing strategies will attract that customer. You can market your brand with pictures to make the clothes look appealing on the digital storefront.

Invest in ‘Word of Mouth Marketing

Another tactic to attract new customers is to spread the word as far as possible. Depending on your customer base, you can advertise online through social media. It offers a great way to reach millions of consumers free of cost. Besides this, you can collaborate with influencers. You can send them a PR package which they will inbox in front of their audience and give feedback. That way, your brand will get exposure from new audiences while generating leads.

You must ensure the influencers are suitable for your market niche; otherwise, it won’t yield any results. For example, look for fashion bloggers if you own a clothing brand. Moreover, keep an eye on review platforms and encourage customers to leave good feedback to boost your ranking. Most importantly, address all negative reviews by offering a refund or free product as compensation. It will reflect your care about customers, increasing brand loyalty.

Final Thoughts

As competition is skyrocketing, marketers struggle to figure out how to attract customers. It is all about using tactical moves and marketing strategies to grow the customer base. You must also keep up with email campaigns, social media, and partnerships to make your marketing strategies work. Besides this, don’t miss out on influencer marketing since it is doing wonders for businesses today.

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