5 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos And Get More Views

5 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos And Get More Views

Written by Alison Lurie, In Marketing, Published On
May 2, 2023

Back in the day, there weren’t many YouTube content creators, and it was relatively easy to get YouTube views as the pool of creators was small. But in 2023, millions of creators are churning out content daily. This can be intimidating to new YouTubers who might wonder how to promote YouTube videos and increase views.

In light of this, we have compiled a manual on promoting YouTube videos to increase views. If you want to increase your YouTube viewership without breaking the bank, we can help with that too. It is up to you if you wish to buy YouTube views or up your own efforts to promote your videos.

Different Ways To Increase YouTube Views

Promote Your YouTube Videos

The following recommendations will not only help you promote your videos temporarily but will also help you increase your viewership in the long run.

  • Quality Content

If you want your YouTube videos to appear in the SERP results, the YouTube algorithm must recognize your channel as authentic. For that to happen, as a content creator, you must focus on the following things:

  • First, include relevant keywords and keep the title brief and descriptive.
  • Do not attempt to entice viewers to click on your videos by using misleading or deceptive titles.
  • Invest time and effort into making a high-quality video that keeps viewers interested and increases search engine rankings. The more engaging the video, the better.
  • Use the right hashtags for your videos to increase engagement.
  • Discover Your Target Market’s Requirements

Knowing your target demographic is the first step to successfully marketing your content. It takes time and effort to promote videos organically on YouTube. Making money off of YouTube is the ultimate goal of any content creator.

So, you need to understand what content the audience wants to see. This can be done in several ways, one of which is by looking at the analytics provided by YouTube. In the YouTube Studio app, you can see which of your videos are more successful than others.

Among the most popular types of long-form videos are:

  • A day in my life
  • Get ready with me
  • Compare two products and give reviews
  • Trying viral TikTok recipes
  • Live Streaming On YouTube

If you want to get YouTube views but haven’t considered live videos, you should try them. As it doesn’t require any video editing or uploading, it’s a great way to get your videos seen on YouTube.

The organic, raw, and unfiltered live video is what gets the views and subscribers coming your way. To increase views, you can use the live feature in different ways, like hosting webinars, collaborating with YouTubers, hosting Q&A sessions, giving first-time impressions of products, etc.

  • Buy YouTube Views

Buying views on YouTube is safe. It is a way of giving an extra nudge to the viewership. There’s a stigma attached to buying views, but if done right, it can help your videos gain traction and even go viral. YouTube can detect fake views, so it depends on where you buy YouTube views from. Choose a website that offers genuine engagement, like VeeFly. They are the real deal when it comes to providing YouTube promotional services.

  • Promote On Social Media

It is essential to cross-promote on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram because each platform’s audience can differ. One pro tip we can give you is that you can post short teasers and add a link that will lead them back to your YouTube channel.


This is how to promote YouTube videos. These are a few ways to increase engagement and YouTube views, but you can grow your channel. Along with the abovementioned tips, you can add CTA, make series and playlists, etc. The idea is to upload your videos to the SERPs consistently.

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