4 Marketing Campaigns to Maintain Customer Loyalty

4 Marketing Campaigns to Maintain Customer Loyalty

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
December 14, 2021
Last modified on December 15th, 2021

Whether your business specializes in electronics or clothing, baby toys, or pet beds, every company needs an excellent marketing strategy for customer retention. Although customer acquisition is important, studies show that paying extra attention to existing consumers in order to keep their customers can cost five times less than attracting a new customer. With a good return on investment, placing focus on customer retention is a no-brainer. Here are 4 marketing campaigns to help you boost loyalty and retain a strong customer base.

4 Marketing Campaigns to Maintain Customer Loyalty

Create a Refer-a-Friend Program

A refer-a-friend program is an innovative way you can show your existing customers appreciation while acquiring new customers. These types of programs are designed to promote businesses to potential consumers by getting existing customers to act as a type of brand advocate. Once an existing customer ‘refers a friend’, they can take advantage of a range of benefits – depending on what your company wants to offer. For example, you could offer free products, discounts or money off a future purchase. This campaign helps you keep consumers happy while attracting new customers.

Entice Existing Clients

Taking steps to show your existing customers you care is a great way to maintain loyalty. Enticing them with regular discount codes and vouchers will sway them to part with their money, while promotional events can keep them interested in your company. Creating fun competitions and high-value contests, like the Valpak Sweepstakes, can encourage clients to regularly check in on your website for more details. It also gives you content to post on social media platforms.

Targeted Marketing Campaign For Loyal Consumers

A targeted campaign can help you create and maintain good relations with loyal customers and offering high-quality promotional goods will help keep you in the forefront of customers’ minds. Not to mention, everyone loves promotional freebies. Giving away branded swag to loyal customers as part of a direct mail campaign is an efficient way to say ‘thanks’ while promoting your business. Just make sure the branded freebies are relevant, useful, and memorable. Connecting with your customers without asking them to buy something can help you nurture your relationship and form stronger bonds with them. Whether you decide to provide free goodies or not, keeping in touch with existing customers on the regular will help you maintain consistent customer engagement.

Always Ask For Feedback

Feedback is essential in shaping business operations and processes – and it can show customers you value their opinion and that you are open to suggestions. Giving them the chance to voice their thoughts can help them feel a deeper connection with your company and can encourage advocacy in the future. You can request feedback from potential consumers who have left items in their shopping cart, or from consumers who browse your site regularly. You can gain invaluable insight into the motivations behind these visitors, which can help you improve the buying experience for potential consumers. Feedback (in the form of reviews and ratings) can be requested from existing customers at the end of a purchase.

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