Why I Fell in Love with the Roku Remote: A Gadget Unlike Any Other

Why I Fell in Love with the Roku Remote: A Gadget Unlike Any Other

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June 17, 2024

From its elegant look to its flawless operation, the Roku remote has evolved into more than just a tool—hands down, it’s my favourite gadget! Come along as I explore why this small gadget has won me over and rules the gadgets in my living room.

I remember the day my Roku arrived. It was not much more than a paperback book; this was a little package. Inside was the power adapter, Roku streaming stick, and—of course—the remote. There were more buttons than the conventional TV remote I was used to; the remote was small and straightforward. This understated style drew me in; it seemed contemporary and practical. Getting the Roku set up was very simple. Connected the power adapter, put the streaming stick into my TV’s HDMI port, and followed the on-screen directions. I was negotiating the Roku interface using the remote in a few minutes. The first setup was easy, and I soon discovered that the remote was intended for user-friendliness.

Specifications of Roku Remote



DimensionsApproximately 5.5 x 1.6 x 0.8 inches (L x W x H)
WeightAbout 2.2 ounces (with batteries installed)
Battery Type2 x AAA batteries
ConnectivityInfrared (IR) and Wireless (Wi-Fi Direct)
  • Directional pad (up, down, left, right, OK)
  • Home button
  • Back button
  • Options button (Star)
  • Play/Pause button
  • Fast Forward button
  • Rewind button
  • Instant Replay button
  • Volume Up and Down buttons (on enhanced remotes)
  • Mute button (on enhanced remotes)
  • Power button (on enhanced remotes)
Dedicated Streaming Buttons
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Disney+
  • Sling TV (or other specific service buttons, varies by model)
Voice ControlAvailable on enhanced voice remotes; activated by pressing the microphone button
Private Listening3.5mm headphone jack on enhanced voice remotes
Programmable ButtonsAvailable on select enhanced voice remotes for quick access to frequently used channels/apps
SetupPairing button inside the battery compartment (for pairing with a Roku device)
MaterialPlastic casing with rubberized buttons
ColourTypically black with varying button colors
CompatibilityCompatible with most Roku streaming devices, including Roku TV, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Ultra, etc.
Additional Features
  • Enhanced voice remotes have TV controls (power, volume, mute)
  • Enhanced remotes support private listening through headphones
Firmware UpdatesIt is remotely updated via the Roku device to ensure compatibility and new features.

What is in the box?

  1. Roku Streaming Device
  2. Roku Remote
  3. Batteries
  4. Power Adapter
  5. USB Power Cable
  6. HDMI Cable
  7. Quick Start Guide
  8. Product Information Leaflets
  9. Earbuds (Optional)
  10. Adhesive Strip (Optional)

Understanding the Interface

Roku Remote

The Roku interface was a revelation. The days of groping over several remotes and twisted cords are long gone. I could quickly flip between streaming providers, peruse channels, and find fresh material with the Roku control. The remote’s directional pad let me navigate precisely, and the specific buttons for well-known streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, made getting on my preferred platforms simple. I particularly loved the simplicity of the remote. It gave just what I needed, not bomb me with pointless buttons. Access to the main menu came via the home button; the rear button let me quickly back off. Usually disregarded, the star button became a favourite of mine since it provided contextual choices based on what I was doing on the screen.

Voice Control

Deeper into the Roku experience, I came to the voice control capability. I first seemed dubious. Could a remote accurately produce results and grasp my vocal commands? I decided to challenge it. Pushing the microphone button, I said, “Find action films.” To my surprise, the screen showed a list of inspiring films from several streaming providers. I was living in the future, almost. My first choice for content seeking soon became voice control. The speech feature of the Roku remote was perfect for whatever I needed to do—watch a particular show, hunt movies with my favourite actor, or check the weather. It made the whole experience more fun and quick since it spared me from tiresome typing and scrolling.

Private Listening

I noticed it was late one evening as I binge-watched a new series. Already asleep, my family would not want to be disturbed. I then came into the Roku mobile app’s private listening capability. I could watch my TV without disturbing the room by linking my headphones to my phone and matching them with the Roku device. This function changed the game. It lets me lose myself in my preferred films and shows, free from noise level concerns. Early-morning documentaries, late-night horror marathons, and private listening ensured my entertainment didn’t disturb the house. Together with the smartphone app, the remote gave me a degree of convenience and thoughtfulness not before possible.

The Remote as a Learning Tool

Roku Remote

As I used my Roku control, I came to see how much it might be a teaching tool. Instructional materials were shockingly available on sites like YouTube, Khan Academy, and Coursera. I discovered myself negotiating tutorials, documentaries, and online courses utilizing the remote. Without the typical distractions of a computer or smartphone, the remote’s efficiency and simple design made it easy to acquire knowledge.

One especially unforgettable event was choosing to pick up a new language. I watched video classes and accessed language learning apps via the remote. Precision in pauses, rewind, and fast forward lets me practice at my speed. The Roku remote turned my living room into a classroom, transforming learning from fun to efficient.

Pros and Cons



The basic Roku remote is easy to use for all ages. A simple design with appropriate buttons improves user experience and reduces uncertainty.Roku controls AAA batteries must be updated regularly. This can be problematic if the batteries die suddenly. Some models lack rechargeable options.
Voice commands allow users to search for content, control playback, and alter settings on the new Roku remote. This tool is helpful for those who struggle with typing or menu navigation.Understated design can be good and bad. Entering login credentials or finding specific material can be more challenging without a numerical keypad and fewer buttons.
The remote has buttons for Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and others. These buttons save time and effort for regular users by providing quick access to these sites.Standard Roku remotes using infrared (IR) technology need a clear line of sight to the device. This can limit gadget visibility in some settings.
The headphone jack on some upgraded Roku remotes permits private listening. Directly connecting headphones to the remote lets users watch movies and shows without disturbing others.
Upgraded Roku remotes have power, volume, and quiet buttons. This connection reduces the need for several remotes by letting users control their TV and Roku devices with one.
Some upgraded Roku remotes offer configurable buttons for quick channel or app access. This capability enhances content navigation and customization.

Should You Go For The Roku Remote?

Using the Roku remote has completely changed the way I watch TV. It has made it easier for me to have fun, given me unmatched ease, and given me new ways to learn and explore. It’s more than just a device; the Roku remote opens up a world of endless options. I know how much a well-designed technology can change our lives as I continue to use and learn more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the way my Roku remote’s buttons work?

Some improved Roku remotes have buttons that can be programmed. To change them, hold down a customizable button until you see a message appear on the screen. To link the button to a certain channel or app, follow the steps given.

Are there Roku remotes that work with all Roku gear?

Not every Roku remote works with every Roku device. Before buying a new key, it’s important to make sure it works with the old one. Newer Roku units usually work with remotes that have voice control and TV controls.

How do I make the software on my Roku remote better?

Roku remote firmware updates are usually done immediately by the Roku device itself. Make sure your Roku is online, and go to the settings menu to see if there are any system changes. If there is an update, it will include changes for the remote.

From where can I get a new Roku remote?

You can get new Roku remotes from the company’s website, online stores like Amazon, or electronics shops selling Roku products. Make sure that the type you choose works with your Roku device.

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