23.6″ ACER KG241Q Review

23.6″ ACER KG241Q Review

Written by Moli Mishra, In Gadgets, Published On
April 7, 2023

The Acer KG241Q is one of the cheapest 24-inch monitors available from a major brand, costing about £113 in the United Kingdom and $125 in the United States. It makes the Acer an attractive option if you need a good screen but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. But cheaper goods typically lack features and are of worse quality, so let’s test out the Acer KG241Q to see if it can buck the trend.

23.6″ ACER KG241Q Specifications

Resolution1,920 x 1,080
Response Time1 ms
Aspect Ratio16:9
Speakers2 x 2W
Static Contrast1000:1
Refresh Rate144Hz


  • Inexpensive
  • Rapid reaction time with minimal delay in input
  • AMD’s FreeSync technology supports refresh rates of up to 144 fps.
  • Several in-game options, including VRB, are available.


  • Poorer picture quality compared to IPS and VA displays.
  • Reduced field of view
  • Rotating stand

Optical Resolution

23.6 ACER KG241Q

The Acer KG241QP is based on a 23.6″ TN (Twisted Nematic) screen that supports 8-bit color depth via dithering (6-bit + 2-bit FRC), has a peak brightness of 300 nits, and has a static contrast ratio of 1,000:1. As can be expected with a TN panel monitor at this price point, blacks are greyish, and colors are poor in compared to comparably priced IPS and VA panel displays.

Thus, this gaming monitor is not recommended if you value an immersive visual experience. The Acer KG241QP is one of the cheapest gaming monitors that are great for fast-paced competitive gaming, thanks to its GtG (grey to grey pixel transition) reaction time of 1ms and refresh rate of 144Hz.

Suggested Retail Price and Availability

23.6 ACER KG241Q

The Acer KG241Q that we tested costs about £113 in the UK and US$125, making it the most reasonably priced monitor in the company’s KG1 line. The screen that was tested for this article has the model number UM.UX1EE.006. There are a total of three 24 versions available. The KG241QBM is the next available item, and it can be purchased for £114 with the part number UM.UX1EE.001. It’s the same screen as the one we evaluated, but with built-in 2W speakers for stereo sound.


23.6 ACER KG241Q

The Acer display has the appearance and feel of a budget option. Instead of the thin bezels and polished metal of more expensive screens, this one has chunky borders and a ’90s-style glossy plastic finish. The back of the stand is made of cheap plastic, and the stand itself is unremarkable. Its shaky, unstable construction matches the KG241Q’s lackluster good looks.

The back panel wiggles around quite a bit. The large borders around the screen also prevent its use in a multi-monitor arrangement. The Acer is unobtrusive enough when sitting on a desk, and the display’s build quality faults won’t be a problem if they’re never activated. The 4.42-kilogram weight and the 567-by-61-millimeter screen size are both reasonable.


23.6 ACER KG241Q

At a refresh rate of 144 hertz, the screen can show more than twice as many images per second as a regular 60-hertz screen. The improved clarity and fluidity of movement are most noticeable in fast-paced games like first-person shooters and racing games.

If your PC can deliver the necessary frame rates, 144Hz will improve the experience of all games without capped frame rates. The Acer KG241Q P’s speedy 1ms GtG response time ensures no motion blur or trailing behind fast-moving objects, letting you keep your eye on your goals without distraction.

Description and Functions

23.6 ACER KG241Q

The Acer KG241Q’s basic features complement its understated appearance. TN technology, used for the underlying display, is currently the most cost-effective method of making flatscreen displays. TN panels are cheaper than VA and IPS screens but can’t compete with them regarding color fidelity and viewing angles.

The 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD resolution is adequate for typical tasks. However, it becomes problematic when you need to use more than two programs side by side. The Acer only supports 8-bit colors, not the more advanced 10-bit colors, making it useless for any color-critical work.


The Acer KG241Q is one of the least expensive 24 monitors currently available while providing adequate contrast and quality for most common uses. You won’t have trouble accessing your favorite media sites, online browsers, or Office programs here.

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