Tips To Follow in Crypto Bear Market

Tips To Follow in Crypto Bear Market

Written by Alison Lurie, In Crypto, Published On
October 7, 2022

Many cryptocurrency investors now fear a crypto bear market is about to start after billions of dollars were lost in the first quarter of 2022 on the cryptocurrency market. According to the Fear and Greed Index, market circumstances are causing the majority of people to feel extremely fearful.

A bear market in cryptocurrencies is nothing surprising for experienced investors. If you manage your decks well, there are many ways you may employ to come through it largely undamaged. In fact, you can even benefit from a bear market in terms of your cryptocurrency taxes.

When a market sees steady price decreases, it enters an economic downturn i.e., a bear market. It has historically been defined as a decline in the price of equities of 20% or more from previous highs.

There are chances in this lower and smaller market segment, even though a price decline can be unsettling, particularly to new people. In this post, we will have a look at a couple of useful tips for leveraging bear market trends.

Tips To Follow in Crypto Bear Market

  • Common Reasons Behind Bear Market

Even if we do experience a market correction or crash, it’s critical to keep in mind that bull markets and bear markets both occur naturally. They are the result of multiple diverse elements coming together. These consist of— 

  • Investors using excessive amounts of leverage
  • a shortage of liquidity
  • new cryptocurrency rules and laws
  • stock market trends
  • Cryptocurrency influencers
  • Cryptosecurity attacks

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  • Top Tips for Crypto Bear Market

It can be disturbing to experience your first-ever crypto bear market, particularly if you purchased at some of the market’s peak levels during the most recent bull market. For experienced investors, it’s all just a part of the journey.

A crypto bear market offers several seasoned investors special possibilities and advantages for their long-term plans, including tax advantages.

  • Crypto Markets are Recurrent

A bearish market comes after a bullish market. Understand more about crypto markets here—

The cycle of the crypto market consists of four different phases:

  • Accumulation
  • Markup (bull market)
  • Distribution
  • Markdown (bear market)

Let’s go over some of the most common bear market tactics for cryptocurrencies.

  • Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Can Save You

By adopting a dollar cost averaging (DCA) strategy, you can increase your investment over time and lower the risk associated with crypto investing. Every month, add a consistent amount to your cryptocurrency portfolio.

As a result, more units can be added to the portfolio when prices are low, and fewer units when they are high.

  • Secure Your Investment Portfolio and HODL

What will get you far in cryptocurrency is a thorough understanding of your investments and making smart selections during a bear market.

To HODL is to stably hold onto your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other well-known cryptocurrencies instead of selling them during the market correction. Instead of selling in a hurry, do some of your own research and take your time to reach a decision.

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  • Follow Your Strategy

A lack of effective risk management amid the bearish crypto market can quickly transform any profitable investment into a losing one. Because of this, developing a sound trading strategy might aid in preventing wrong choices. Therefore, it is advised that you adhere to your own carefully thought-out plan.

By simply choosing take-profit (TP) and stop-loss (SL) orders in advance, you may also minimize the risks and maintain emotional equilibrium. As a result, it would be simpler for you to manage your anxiety during the crypto market downturn and stop yourself from behaving emotionally.

  • Educate Yourself During Market Correction

To prepare yourself for the following bull market, you should take advantage of the opportunity to know and understand more about cryptocurrency during a down market.

Understand is Bitcoin legal in India or not. Use this time to educate yourself about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and DYOR (do your own research) on projects you are thinking about, as there won’t be as much FOMO (fear of missing out) as there would be during a bullish rage.

Even while engagement may slow down during a bad market, it’s still necessary to continue, whether through DCA or by spending the time to learn more about different factors of cryptocurrency. These basics will give you the advantage throughout the next bull market and allow you to succeed.

A small profit can be gained in a bullish market, but wealth is developed in a market correction when buying rates are low, as the old adage goes.

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