Useful Apps for Travelers

Useful Apps for Travelers

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Apps, Published On
November 21, 2022

Knowing the right Android, iPhone, and web apps can make the entire trip much easier, from when you start planning your next destination to when you get back home. They can tell you where to find a dependable ATM while on the road and which eateries are tourist traps. They prepare your schedule, notify you of attractive travel rates, and even assist you in finding last-minute hotel accommodations.

Some flights can be long and boring if you have nothing to do. There are so many nice games to play on board, so you won’t need to reach your destination to go to a casino. You can play right from the airport waiting bay, on the plane, or anywhere. For more on these, visit to get some helpful ideas on the same.

Top 5 Useful Apps for Travelers

Google Travel

A few excellent sites may be found under the umbrella label Google Travel. Take Google Flights, for example. Although there is no mobile app, the site can help you research and compare travel alternatives. It does not, however, allow you to buy tickets directly—this is why we define it as a planning tool rather than a booking app. These search tools are the greatest for quickly estimating how much a flight will cost or how long it will take. Google Travel also includes other options for exploring places, such as suggested activities and hotel reviews.


Airbnb helps you find somewhere to stay, whether a basic room in someone’s house or a beautiful seaside property. Other bookings for tourists are also available on the site, such as excursions, seminars, and workshops. Whether you use Airbnb to discover a place to stay or to get ideas for your next vacation, you can expect to see large, attractive images of everything., as the name implies, is a search and booking service for hotels, albeit it is not limited to hotel rooms. You can also check out and book holiday homes, bed & breakfasts, hotels, and apartments on the site. is a subsidiary of Expedia Group and is identical to several of its sibling companies, including, Orbitz, and others.


People are often required to go to unexpected locations they did not pick, such as for a wedding or a work trip. When I’m unsure about a place, I consult Tripadvisor. It is one of the most extensive online travel resources, including background information on various cities and areas and highlights of things to see and do. You can read Tripadvisor community members’ evaluations of hotels, restaurants, and activities and see images they’ve contributed, so you know what to expect before you arrive. Tripadvisor also has partnerships with many booking services, so once you’ve finished exploring hotels or restaurants, you can typically book them.

Smart Traveler

Smart Traveler is a free service that provides suggestions and information to travelers in the United States. You can find out what visas and immunizations you’ll need before traveling and where to get assistance if you need it during your trip.

Register your travel on the app, and your information will be sent to local embassies and consulates. In the event of some tragedy, the local embassy can call you to see if you need help.

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