Things You Didn’t Know about Taptap

Things You Didn’t Know about Taptap

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January 5, 2023

If you play many games on your phone, you have probably heard streamers and YouTubers talk about a game called TapTap. That may be how you found this article.

Which makes you wonder: what is TapTap?

TapTap is known in the mobile games world for having a lot of games to choose from. TapTap doesn’t have nearly as much red tape as the Play Store and the App Store. This means that there will be more games to choose from. It is a game app store that is used all over the world. It is available in Chinese, English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. TapTap will install apps and games on your Android home screen so you can access them whenever possible.

Describe TapTap –

TapTap is a free app store where you can find and download games for your Android phone. TapTap has a large group of developers and gamers who use it safely.

Because TapTap has a community of developers who can add their apps to the platform, you can find different versions of the same game, like TapTap PUBG. You can get games for your Android phone from APKPure, Google Play Store, and QooApp, which are all similar to TapTap APK. APKPure, TapTap, and QooApp are all apps that deliver content for the Animation, Comics, and Games (ACG) community.

Editors’ Choice games are the best ones. Home and Discover are where you can find recommendations. You can find short descriptions under the titles and preview images showing what the graphics look like.

TapTap has a lot of different types of games, so you can look for the one you want, like anime, FPS, racing, RPG, etc.

Best TapTap Games Of 2023

How To Install Games from Taptap

  • Each title has tags that describe it, such as “Action,” “Multiplayer,” etc.
  • Next to the titles, like “Global,” “Korean,” etc., you can see where each game version works best.
  • The “Download” buttons in each section make it easy to install games.
  • TapTap could ask you to see your files, media, and photos.
  • You can keep downloading by clicking “Allow.” Under “My Games,” you can see the games you’ve installed, and under “Updates,” you can check for new downloads.
  • You can start a game by tapping the “Play” button next to its name.
  • On TapTap, you can do more than just play games. You can also read news about games.
  • Also, the “Group” button lets you talk to and discuss with others in the community.

Why play mobile and gacha games on TapTap?

This is great for mobile games. A lot of the time, releases have content that the giant platforms won’t host. This could force developers to change the game or, more likely, put it in something other than Apple’s or Google’s stores. TapTap comes down to the choices. TapTap gives you a whole new world of ways to play games. Many great games are made in Asia yearly, but they never make it to US app stores. With TapTap, you can get into those games. Even if they aren’t always in your native language, many YouTubers and other services can help you translate them.

How can I get TapTap on my phone and an emulator?


  • Lastly, if you want to try TapTap for yourself, you’ll need to know how to download it.
  • If you have an Android phone, go to this link and download the APK.
  • From there, you’ll need to sideload the APK onto your Android device.
  • The iOS version of the TapTap app is also limited.
  • You can’t download games, which makes it pointless. It’s like looking in a store window and seeing all the cool things there but knowing you can’t buy them.
  • It’s an excellent way to discover what other people are playing, but that’s it. So, if you came here to find out how to download games on TapTap for iOS, we’re sorry to be the ones to tell you that you can’t.

Is it safe to get TapTap?

TapTap is a safe service to bring people together. Users can talk to developers because developers can see feedback right in the user interface. TapTap gives you an immersive experience beyond just games since you can find more than just game downloads when you search for titles.

You can read TapTap’s official policy on privacy to find out how safe it is for you.

  • The results will show you the groups, posts, reviews, users, and videos when you search.
  • In the upper right corner of the user interface is a magnifying glass icon that you can click on to type search terms.
  • Under the bar, you can use some of the most common search terms, and the number of search results will be shown next to each category.
  • With the “All” tab, you can see all the search results from each category in one list.
  • TapTap is primarily an online downloader, so the “Games” section will be the first one you see.
  • The available downloads will be at the top of the “All” list. Each download will show the user’s rating, title, profile picture, and tags.
  • Since TapTap’s user rankings are based on reviews, users are strongly encouraged to write reviews.


Since the most recent update added new languages, adding more languages worldwide is a good sign. Programmers in the community make TapTap. There are often new updates, and new games are constantly being made and added to the platform. TapTap is an app that many developers are working on, but the user experience needs to be improved because the app can sometimes be slow to respond when you click on the screen.

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