How can Nordic countries help to develop the iGaming industry in the metaverse?

How can Nordic countries help to develop the iGaming industry in the metaverse?

Written by Alison Lurie, In Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Published On
November 19, 2022

Usually, people see Nordic countries as highly developed countries isolated from the rest of Europe. That is why it can be hard to believe that Nordic countries have had a tremendous influence in creating the iGaming industry in the metaverse. It’s not just that they are influencing the industry, but they can also help the iGaming industry in the metaverse to take the next step and reach a new level. There are three main sectors where Nordic countries can share their knowledge and help other countries build an outstanding iGaming industry in the metaverse. Let’s take a look at these sectors!

How To develop the iGaming industry in the metaverse?

How can Nordic countries help to develop the iGaming industry in the metaverse?

Software development

The northern European countries have one of the best software developers in the world. Just counting the iGaming industry, there are brands like NetEnt, one of the most valued casino game developers. Also, there are many other game developers. For example, Finland has companies like Rovio and Supercell that produce some of the world’s most popular mobile games. With game and software developers like these, Nordic countries can help to develop the metaverse to a new level.

Many people know Finnish developers are already working with the metaverse. They are both working with the platform and creating new applications in a completely new virtual environment. Where Finnish developers can help to develop the iGaming industry in the metaverse is live casinos. They played a crucial role when live casinos started to have dealers hosting the game for consumers.

Securing the transactions

At least at first, cryptos are the most important currencies in the metaverse. Whenever metaverse is going to be more common, some other payment methods will enter the platform. That is where Sweden and Finland can be a remarkable influence and help brands secure their transactions in the metaverse. According to Finnish casino experts from, some payment method innovations from Nordic countries have influenced Europe’s iGaming industry.

Sweden is known to have one of the safest and fastest payment methods. Brands such as Trustly, Brite, Zimpler, and Klarna originated in Sweden and are now working in almost every European country. If brands want to combine metaverse and mobile payments, they should take some inspiration from Finland. They have brands like MobilePay and Siru Mobile that offer amazingly safe and fast mobile transactions.

Socializing the platform

There is a stereotype that people from Nordic countries are more antisocial than people from southern European countries. Without going any further in analyzing the stereotype, Nordic people might be more social than most think. As we previously mentioned, Nordic people are excellent at software development. They have also played an important role by developing some of the most popular social media platforms. For example, Skype is a platform created by two Nordic people, one from Sweden and the other from Denmark.

Even though people from Nordic countries might not be the most outgoing and social, they still know how to create a high-quality platform where people can socialize. That is also how Nordic countries have influenced the evolution of iGaming in the metaverse. Now every casino joining the metaverse is trying to get the social aspect to the expected level. It’s not only about influencing but also helping brands from other countries to figure out solutions for how they can do things in the metaverse.

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