6 Common Brand Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

6 Common Brand Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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January 9, 2022

Did you know that 86% of consumers say that authenticity is a key trait that they look for in brands? Having an authentic brand is one of the top things a business needs to have if they want to connect with new clients. And with so many options out there for customers to choose from, it’s important to stand out.

Are you trying to create an eye-catching brand for your business? Designing one so that your company stands out requires knowing what not to do. Learn how by checking out these top six common brand design mistakes here.

6 Common Brand Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  • Complicated Logos

The first mistake that many companies make is to have a complicated logo that is hard to decipher. Brand recognition requires simplicity, so when in doubt, keep it simple. Pick logo design ideas that are sharp and neutral enough to appeal to a broad base, or specific enough to resonate with your desired client.

  • Outdated Graphics and Visuals

When is the last time you updated your logo and other branding materials? If it’s been more than a couple of years, you might want to give them a refresh. Customers respond to current branding and are often put off by dated visuals.

  • Using a Complicated Slogan and Name

Another huge error in branding is using a complicated name or slogan for your business. Whether you chose a long name based on personal reasons or otherwise, it’s time to make it short and sweet. Keep the business name simple and the slogan catchy so that clients can remember it.

  • Sending Mixed Messages

Is your company’s messaging consistent? Creating a branding identity this is uniform is key. If not, correct that across all of your platforms and branding for products.

  • Brand Design Mistakes With Consistency

Another important point to ask yourself is if your branding is consistent. Do your business cards match your website? Your clients need to see uniform branding across your social media, website, and business cards in order to recognize and retain your brand.

  • Not Using Professional Designers

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes is not using a professional company to design and produce your company swag. Make sure your products reflect the image and caliber that you want your company to project by using a brand design system. You can manage with Axomo which is a company swag store platform online, so do your research and invest some time in the process.

Make the Right Design Decisions

Now that you’ve learned the top brand design mistakes, you can be proactive and avoid them. Take a look at your branding and make sure that it has been updated recently and is consistent across your website, business cards, and social media. Make sure this extends to any company swag that you distribute to your employees and clients, too!

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