Merge PDF Files on the Go: Top 3 Free Online Tools

Merge PDF Files on the Go: Top 3 Free Online Tools

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March 13, 2023

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are among the most used office file types as they’re reliable, usable, and readable across software systems. Therefore, finding a tool to merge and edit PDFs online is common.

The merge PDF feature (rotate, search, and extract PDF) is common in most PDF applications for modifying PDF files. Whether you need to merge two PDF files into a single, easy-to-read file or forget a page, a quick PDF merge creates a clear, professional document.

Why merge PDF files?

Merging PDF files saves time in organizing documents and is more environmentally friendly than printing and scanning. This article discusses the most common reasons why PDF files are combined online and how PDF merging software improves document management.

  • Multiple participation initiatives

Merging PDFs simplifies projects where several people contribute or share their work. This is particularly handy if you work and meet electronically and can’t meet with all participants in person due to their geographical dispersion. It is also helpful when documents from many departments are needed for multi-person or team projects.

PDF software’s merging feature speeds up this process and ensures the document includes all required pieces. Thus, the presentation becomes

  • Professional
  • Coherent
  • Easy to read

Moreover, if any party needs to make changes by editing PDFs, they’re made quickly and included in the document.

  •  Archived records

Document archiving involves the long-term preservation of infrequently accessed data and documents. Record libraries and document archiving organizations hold thousands of electronic data. As these files are kept electronically, they’re often combined into a single PDF, making them easier to find. Merging archive materials simplifies file maintenance and research access.

  • Sign legal documents by merging PDFs

Attorneys, judges, and real estate agents manage large amounts of documentation daily. Both parties need to sign various formal contracts for this work.

Free PDF file merging is ideal for often changed and rewritten documents. Everyone saves time and effort by merging all the files into one document that is converted to a PDF making the retrieval easy.

  • Combine PDF files to conserve device space

PDF file merging software saves device storage space. Every PDF carries more than just text. Thus they take up a lot of space. Also, saving every file takes up more space on your device as against a single master PDF file. It saves space and improves device performance. Also, it reduces latency by less processing through cleaning up storage space and reducing the number of open documents.

  • Protection and privacy

Malware or other security issues on your device often compromise sensitive data. PDF files automatically delete after submission. This ensures that cyber hackers can’t access your sensitive data. PDFs can’t infect your device when your hard disk is dormant. Encrypting PDFs prevents unauthorized access, sharing, and distribution.

  • Using several operating systems

If you collaborate with many people on a document, you often confront the issue of various operating systems. If a participant can’t access the file, it’ll slow everyone down.

Combining PDF files has the advantage of being compatible with most operating systems and devices. Its versatility makes it the standard file format for all. Begin by converting Word and DOCX to PDF online. Also, PDFs are mobile-friendly.

  • Data sharing with ease

Combining PDF files makes them easier to share. Most email providers and social networks allow users to upload and attach many files simultaneously. However, others limit the number of files per email. Merging files into one document saves time and looks professional.

  • File administration and accessibility

File management is a significant motivation to consolidate PDF files.

  • Keeping all essential files in one place prevents losing data due to misplacement
  • It helps organize multiple file storage and access
  • It increases productivity and decreases internal errors
  • Faster and smarter printing

Printing separate files that are part of a larger document is a timewaster. Opening and printing each file consumes energy, time, and the environment. Combining all of your files enables you to print all of your key documents at once without missing any.

Document scanning is similar. Save your scanned papers into PDFs and merge them into a single document for easy inspection. This is especially beneficial if scanning is interrupted by errors or technical issues.

To merge PDF files into one, you need the finest PDF merge tools to combine several PDF files. Let’s check out various tools that meets your needs and facilitates the PDF merging procedure.

Top three free online PDF Merge tools to try:

  1. Smallpdf
  2. PDF Reader Pro
  3. PDF Converter

Let’s have a detailed look at them.

  • Smallpdf

Merge PDF files online with Smallpdf. This platform provides capabilities for

  • transforming between file formats
  • signing PDFs
  • safeguarding data
  • combining an infinite number of files.

It effortlessly merges

  • PDFs
  • Word docs
  • Excel sheets
  • JPGs

Smallpdf displays a thumbnail of your PDFs and lets you organize them by dragging and dropping. It’s also possible to erase individual pages while combining documents, which is helpful if you need to remove cover pages or other unnecessary sheets. After combining your documents, save the resultant file straight to Dropbox, Google Drive or download it.

  • PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro is a fully-featured application for merging PDF files with no quality loss and rapid processing. It’s a practical and user-friendly PDF combiner that

  • merges or combines several PDF files into one PDF file
  • reorganizes pages
  • modifies page size before merging
  • PDF Converter

PDF Converter is a dependable PDF merging tool that meets most of your file demands. Combine PDFs, Word documents, pictures, and other file types via seamless conversion. The web-based merging tool is simple and allows you to reorganize files by dragging and dropping them. After you’re finished, compress your new PDF to conserve space on your hard disk.

How to merge PDF documents online:

  • Just drag & drop your files into the PDF merge tool
  • Reorder individual pages or whole files according to preference
  • Add more files, rearrange or remove files as necessary
  • Click the Merge PDF button to merge and download your document

Merge PDF files on the go with free online tools

Merging PDFs into one document simplifies your work life. Combining files lets you keep and examine pages more effectively and ensures everything is recovered.

Having all the relevant details in a single document saves time and effort spent searching for relevant information across many files; therefore, merging PDFs is necessary.

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