What Makes Document Archiving The Need Of The Hour?

What Makes Document Archiving The Need Of The Hour?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
April 14, 2023
Last modified on November 1st, 2023

Are you afraid of losing your important data to different malware? Do you have a pile of unstructured data hogging your company’s systems? Through document archiving, you can now leave all your worries behind and keep your data safe and accessible for a long time.

Whether you belong to a SaaS company, Banking, a healthcare organization, or even a legal firm, you might have hefty data hogging your system space, making it difficult for a data management system to work seamlessly.

Another aspect of data archiving is email archiving for regulatory purposes has become a critical component, ensuring organizations comply with stringent requirements to retain email correspondence for specified durations, facilitating secure and efficient data management.

You can easily go for document archiving, and preserve all your important data on cloud storage, from your existing file server, without any impact on users. Document archiving is a common practice used by many leading enterprises to ensure all their hard work and intellectual property is stored properly.

Document archiving can help you focus on what you need and require, instead of wasting time digging old and recurring data. Before we jump to why we should opt for document archiving, let’s put some light on what document archiving actually means.

What Is Document Archiving?

You may have already heard the word “archive” a lot, but what does document archiving mean and how is it related to you? Many people perceive that document archiving is the same as book archiving, stored in a library. But this isn’t the case here.

With emerging technology, companies have moved towards the digitalization of their data and storing it online in a cloud service. Cloud storage can be provided by government repositories with public access. And similarly, document archiving is done on several data archiving software.

Or, you can go for document archiving software, such as ShareArchiver. You might already be familiar with the concept of files and document backup. Document archiving is over interchangeably used along with data backup, but both are quite different.

You can select a trustworthy online cloud storage provider, or document archiving software such as ShareArchiver, to save up all your old yet important data without a second thought.

6 Reasons Why Document Archiving Is Important

Document Archiving

We are here to give you reasons for exactly why you should go for document archiving to enhance your business efficiency and maintain a compliant data management system;

  • Easy Data Access

One major gift that document archiving gives companies is the ability to access their data whenever and however they want. This has helped many businesses enhance their document management.

With the evolution of a company, its data load and records increase significantly. It gets quite difficult to manage, localize, and track down the important information anyone wants at that time.

Imagine having a highly integrated data management system to discover your data, data that can not be found in time is dark data, it adds no value to your organization, and yet you continue to pay to manage this data.

  • Low-cost, Long-term Storage

Who doesn’t want to enjoy long-term storage of their data at a low cost? It’s quite amazing to see that by going for document archiving, you can save much more on data management and backup.

If you have years’ worth of data piled up on your computer systems, it will result in hectic data backups and waste lots of time, too. Having a good data archival system will reduce your data footprint by archiving inactive data to cheaper storage while keeping the active data on the active storage, but best of all, the archived data continues to be accessible without any interruption to the users. Achieving, lower storage costs, faster backups and restore, and overall better data management.

When companies go to government repositories to save up their data, it only allows them to place their data there for a limited time or have shared cloud spaces, making their data vulnerable. Using document and data archiving, you can store your data on secondary document archiving software for a long time without any hassle.

  • Hassle-Free Document Retrieval

There can be times when you might have to access your old documents for legal purposes but don’t need them anywhere else. Using good document archiving software will help you retrieve your documents without having to go through another department, e.g. if the files are archived to a closed system, then only designated personnel can access this data, hence adding complication and delays to accessing data.

By archiving data and documents, you can easily make your auditing process easier. This also ensures you keep all your documents easily retained during your company’s “retention period” You can also easily present documents during legal actions like business lawsuits.

  • Prevents Data Loss

The highest number of data breaches were seen in the US during 2021, leading to the loss of over 500 records. If your data gets exposed to malware and other cybercrimes, you can lose lots of important data. Using a file archiving solution, the data is archived even though still accessible, there is a layer of protection between the file server virtual stubs and the archive, which blocks the malware from reaching the archive protecting your data in case of malware attacks.

  • Allows Restricted Access

Your documents contain all sorts of important and sensitive information. If these files are allowed to be accessed by anyone on your team, it can lead to security breaches for your company. When your company’s sensitive files are maintained in document archiving software, they are encrypted, preventing anyone outside the allowed personnel from retrieving them. Furthermore, files can be labeled private blocking access to them except only designated persons.

This ensures the safety and security of all your documents. You can also make sure any of your client’s records, documents, and files are kept safe.

  • Reduce System Loadu

Finally, through document archiving, you can easily reduce your system load. Over time, your clumped-up data can reduce the processing power of your company’s system. Using document archiving, you can not only save your files for a long time on cloud storage but also make sure you save on your system’s maintenance costs.

Reduced system load will, in turn, always enhance your users’ experience and reduce the risk of accidental deletion of important files due to user OR by data, or system corruption.

Bottom Line

We hope that we have convinced you about how important document archiving is. You can now avail yourself of amazing data and document archiving software to make sure all your business and legal documents are easily accessible, localized, available for the long term, and retained for a long time.

ShareArchiver is an amazing document archiving software to help you maintain your documents and ensure the prompt data management system remains intact. Get started now and implement the best data archiving practices for your platform.

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