Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Nonprofit’s Messaging On Social Media

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Nonprofit’s Messaging On Social Media

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
June 28, 2021
Last modified on January 21st, 2022

Nonprofit organizations often fall behind technological changes or updates because most of the organization’s finances are fixed on a particular cause. As a result, updates and infrastructure cost money, and sometimes updates are seen as luxuries and not necessities. For example, data management systems for nonprofits are necessities, but state-of-the-art computer systems are not.

One technological advantage to come along in the last couple of decades are social media platforms. The beauty of these platforms for nonprofits is they are cheap and provide direct access to a donor pool. However, to take advantage of social media, a nonprofit must ensure the success of its messaging. There are at least five ways to improve your social media messaging.

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Nonprofit’s Messaging On Social Media

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Curate Posts That Create Awareness for Your Cause

While Salesforce donation management is crucial to any nonprofit’s success, it does little to boost interest in your social following. One way to draw more eyes to your cause and more potential dollars into your system is to curate posts on social media platforms.

Curating is a fancy way of saying you need to “like” posts or point your followers to a post. When your organization likes a post, it can also draw people’s attention to the original post. However, focus on selecting posts that have something to do with your nonprofit mission because this helps create awareness of your cause.

For example, check out this social media post from ekplatebiryani where this nonprofit organization is promoting its charity drive. In their Facebook post, they’ve talked about the importance of charity and they’ve also linked their blog post on charity. This is a great approach for not only promoting the cause of your NGO but also for directing people to your website. 


Share the Impact of Your Organization

While nonprofits need to remain focused on the mission and technical aspects of running an organization, like Blackbaud integration, it is also vital to bring attention to how your organization affects change when managing a social media presence. Posting about projects, missions, or investments can help gain attention, and when those posts are shared, the nonprofit potentially earn more donors.

Share Concerns of Your Cause

A social media platform is also a place to shine a light on different issues that matter to your nonprofit. Social media managers can repost news stories pertinent to the organization or make statements about societal issues. However, be careful not to branch out too far from the core purpose of the organization.

Maintain Your Brand Voice

Donors are comfortable giving to nonprofits with unified messaging. When an organization can maintain its values through its messaging, it is easy for people to get behind it. Unfortunately, it is easy to make mistakes on social media. One-off comment or repost of a controversial story, and the brand takes a hit. Unfortunately, hits can also result in the loss of donors who feel blindsided. Your messaging needs to be managed and overseen to avoid any potential missteps.

Measure Performance

Like everything in business, social media performance can be measured. You can tell how well a social media campaign is doing by looking at the number of subscribers or “friends.” You can also tell if your strategy is working by looking at the number of new donors. As with any other strategy, social media requires constant work and tweaking.

Are you ready to dive into social media? Talk to a nonprofit donor specialist to understand the best way to integrate social media strategies.

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