How To Promote Your Product Launch in 5 Easy Steps

How To Promote Your Product Launch in 5 Easy Steps

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
August 2, 2022

Product development takes time and effort, and the work continues after completion. Launching a new product into the market is quite challenging for most brands. Even with global recognition, many launches usually flop because of unpreparedness. According to statistics, around 25% of product launches take off successfully. What happens to the rest of the launches? It is imperative to conduct brand awareness, draft a sustainable budget and establish a trustworthy product during an effective product launch.

When it comes to product promotion, the website design for SaaS companies must be top-notch to attract the interest of potential customers. Brands often invest in marketing their product launch before the release date to reach as many people as possible.

How To Promote Your Product Launch in 5 Easy Steps

This article discusses effective strategies you can implement to make your product launch successful.

  • Product and Market Research

Before you launch your product, the first thing you need to do is conduct extensive research. Most business owners overlook the significance of the research, not knowing it is a key aspect that ensures the launch succeeds.

Find out how your product will meet the customers’ needs and if it has a high demand in the market. Knowing what your competitors are offering is also a vital aspect. You can compare and judge if your product is better than the rest.

The primary purpose of doing research is to evaluate why your potential customers will opt to purchase your product and not others. Furthermore, you need to develop an authentic selling point and average market prices that will not chase the customers away. Not forgetting to analyze your expected ROI.

Thus, start by preparing questionnaires with relevant content and interview close people within your community, family, or friends. The data you collect will make understanding your unique selling point easier.

  • Know Your Target Audience

When preparing to launch your product, it is essential to be strategic in your plans. Without a proper strategy, the launch might not succeed. So, carry out extensive research in the market to know the response. After research, you must identify your target audience. Ensure you understand the customer base that will benefit from your products. Your audience will give you the confidence you need to launch the new product.

Besides, it would help to accept feedback from your customers about the product. Whether negative or positive, it will be a great opportunity to work on the grey areas before the launch. Moreover, you must convey an appropriate message that will connect with your customers during the promotion phase.

  • Choose the Right Time

The timing of the launch is significant when you expect a seamless process. Usually, it is advisable to choose the right time immediately after the product is available and ready for release to the market. However, you need to be careful not to unveil your product on the same day as your competitors. If you opt to release the app first, customers will have the opportunity to sample your product before anything else. Hence, you will capture the zealous buyers.

Conversely, unveiling as a second brand is safe since you will work on the hostility and unsatisfactory features by adjusting your product to suit different user needs.

At this phase, users will be aware of your product, and you will get a fair market share of potential consumers. This way, the right timing influences the direction of the launch and, ultimately, its success.

  • Effective Marketing Plan

Marketing is an integral aspect of successful businesses. Even in product launches, marketing always precedes the actual launch. If you want your new product to make an impact, make the customers anticipate its release in advance. You must have an effective marketing approach to differentiate you from the competition. Outline your promotion goals and choose the right tactics and avenues to follow.

One efficient strategy entails organizing a pre-launch giveaway to evoke excitement. You can create competitive contests and reward the participants with free products; in exchange, they will market your brand to others.

Today, social media plays a big role in product launches. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter can push your promotion through hashtags to reach more people. Regardless of the platform you select, ensure you create attention-grabbing content that will make your product launch go viral. For instance, you can use social media influencers to create a TikTok challenge, and before you know it, your product has reached millions of users.

Another option that never grows old is email marketing. Use automated tools that send emails in response to user actions. Use target keywords that will guarantee high rankings. Not forgetting to work on your website’s SEO ranking.

Thus, be resourceful and use creatives to help market your product before the big launch and reward them with freebies.

  • Communication and Retention

Communication is a fundamental aspect that can make or break your launch. Customers must feel valued and know that they are free to know more about your product by asking questions. Besides, they must get satisfactory answers to help them in decision-making.

Thus, hire experts to train your team on the best communication approach and how to handle each question with grace and professionalism. Thorough training ensures that the team is well equipped to answer even the most challenging question, whether it is via phone calls, emails, or social media.

Finally, make sure you implement a proper strategy for retaining clients. You can use automated emails to re-engage the clients or send surveys for follow-up. Each feedback matters and will help you introduce continuous improvements to your product.


Eliminating any friction in the customer journey is key to retaining your customers. Successful product launches are challenging, and many companies fail to take off. But if you have the right approach, you will capture the target clients and get impressive sales.

Moreover, strive to deliver exceptionally well while working on the negative feedback early in the launch. If customers trust your product from the start, you will enjoy the success of your launch.

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