Building a Loyal Community: How Facebook Followers Drive Brand Engagement

Building a Loyal Community: How Facebook Followers Drive Brand Engagement

Written by Moli Mishra, In Marketing, Published On
September 16, 2023

Building a brand can be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences for any business owner, but it is not always easy. Fortunately, social media have revolutionized the whole process of branding and opened new opportunities for businesses and brands of all sizes.

Facebook has proved to be a particularly useful tool for branding and driving brand engagement. Like never before, businesses could interact with potential customers and build more personal and deeper relationships.

The more Facebook followers one has, the more engagement they can expect. However, it’s not that simple. Otherwise, every business would just mindlessly buy hundreds of new followers.

The correlation between social media followers and brand engagement is much more complex than that. Let’s take a closer look at this correlation and learn how to increase Facebook followers in a meaningful way!

What’s Brand Engagement?

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Let’s first take a quick glance at what brand engagement is. In short, brand engagement is any relation and interaction between a brand and its customers or even stakeholders.

There are several levels of brand engagement, and every business strives to achieve the highest level.

The first level is awareness, during which customers have heard about the brand, but they don’t have an opinion about it. The highest levels are loyalty and advocacy, during which customers actively choose one specific brand and even promote it to others.

Brands use various strategies to achieve these higher levels of engagement, oftentimes through building a large and loyal follower base.

Facebook Followers and Brand Engagement

Having a lot of Facebook followers comes with several benefits. The first one is, obviously, showing your content to a larger target audience. The more eyes see your content, the more people decide to buy your product or service.

The existing following base will often like and comment on the brand’s posts, and this will make the brand’s page more visible, even to people who don’t follow it. As a result, the page will be suggested to potential followers, and it will quickly gain a new audience.

Having a large and loyal FB community also serves as social proof. It shows that the business in question is already successful and well-established. That must mean it is worth trying out, right?

With a large follower count, brands can drive more organic website traffic. Additionally, a large community offers opportunities for retargeting campaigns that include more personalized ads for the target audience, further increasing the conversion rates.

Finally, apart from the business impact, having a large follower base is great for building a community. People want to be a part of the community; that’s actually more important to them than any product or service.

Brands that know how to engage and build a community with their following are more likely to have a loyal customer base. Brand engagement through Facebook followers is more than just chasing numbers; it’s about building genuine connections.

How To Get More Facebook Followers

Of course, every company that uses FB in its marketing strategy aspires to have as long a follower list as possible. It’s simply a numbers game; the more people follow a brand, the more interactions, engagement, and transactions there will be.

Still, let’s not forget that quality is just as important as quantity. In other words, these followers need to be real, genuine, and actually interested in the brand and its products/services. Having thousands of fake or disinterested Facebook fans serves no real purpose.

That leads us to the next question: How to get more followers on Facebook?

Through Existing Customers

The best way to kickstart brand engagement on FB is through existing customers. They are already familiar with the product, and they are actively using and liking it. Many of these customers already follow the brand’s Facebook page, but some might need a gentle nudge.

With every new purchase or transaction, the business should urge the customer to connect on FB. Apart from gaining new followers, this strategy will also expose the company to the network of those new followers.

Sharing From a Personal Profile

Business owners and employees could share some brand-related updates from their personal profiles, too. This can further spread the word about the brand, as long as it is done in an authentic and not overly pushy way. People don’t like to be bombarded with sales posts by their Facebook friends masked as personal ones.

Additionally, brands can hire or otherwise persuade existing clients (or even influencers) to post about the products/services from their profiles. Again, as long as it is done in an authentic way, this can grow Facebook followers and increase brand engagement.

Facebook Pages and Groups

Every company present on Facebook has its own Page where it can engage with its customers through content sharing or other strategies. However, many brands also choose to create Facebook groups.

In general, Pages are more formal than Groups. On a Facebook Page, a business shares their posts and updates with their followers. Apart from liking and commenting, followers are quite passive in such a setting.

On the other hand, in Facebook Groups, Facebook users can create public posts and discuss various topics. A Group about a specific company and its products/services can be much more engaging than a traditional Page.

There, people will be more interested in discussing products, sharing their experiences, and even asking questions. This is a perfect opportunity to promote the business and increase the customer’s awareness.

Going on Facebook Live

Facebook Live is another great strategy to get followers on Facebook. By doing regular live streams, brands will appear on Facebook Live Map, reaching even more potential customers.

Additionally, live-stream viewers are very likely to write comments. Even after the live, many of them will continue to comment on regular posts.

Another benefit of these streams is that they can be an additional income source. With enough customers that follow them, brands can monetize their Facebook accounts, connect with other brands for potential collaborations, etc.

Many people wonder, “How many followers on Facebook to get paid?” Right now, the answer is 10,000, which is another reason to attract as many Facebook followers as possible.

Using Facebook Ads and Other Services

Sometimes, reaching a wider audience “organically” might be too hard or too slow. Paying for Facebook ads can make this process much easier and faster. This is especially true for new brands that struggle to get a Facebook following.

Of course, these ads can increase the number of Facebook followers even for more established brands. Additionally, Facebook ads can ensure that the brand’s content reaches its followers and target audience, amplifying its presence in their Feeds.

Additionally, there are companies and services that specialize in getting more followers for their clients, such as FollowersOn that helps grow a Facebook follower base.

Creating Regular, High-Quality Content

Apart from using various Facebook features, there is another important thing to do in order to get the most followers on Facebook possible. Surprisingly, many brands overlook it, but that’s a big mistake. High-quality content is the ultimate answer to the “how to increase followers on Facebook” question.

Brands should create regular but not spammy content that is informative yet personal. This way, they stay relevant to their target audience. With well-crafted content, brands increase engagement and chances of conversion.

To make the content more engaging, businesses should offer various promotions, competitions, giveaways, etc. Finally, to check what type of content works the best, there are Facebook insights with analytics that show you just that.

Challenges of Brand Engagement on Facebook

As much as Facebook offers so many options for driving engagement, there are also some challenges to overcome. Probably the biggest challenge is the time needed to see results.

Building a loyal follower base and driving engagement is not fast, nor is it easy. Many businesses give up before seeing any results because they expect overnight success.

Additionally, Facebook has some rules and restrictions that make it harder to get more followers. For example, one can only invite a limited number of people to follow their business Page, unless they want to get temporarily blocked for crossing that limit.

Finally, not every demographic or age group uses Facebook actively. Brands that want to appeal to these groups might find out that their target audience is somewhere else.


How to get more followers on Facebook and drive brand engagement? There isn’t just one answer or strategy, nor is there a magic solution. There are several strategies on how to get followers on Facebook in order to drive brand engagement.

All these strategies require patience and knowledge on how to use them the best. Hopefully, this article will help brands grow their following and engagement effortlessly!

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