Introduction to a New Summer Experience with the Midea U-Shaped Air Conditioner

Introduction to a New Summer Experience with the Midea U-Shaped Air Conditioner

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Gadgets, Published On
May 11, 2024

The soundtrack of my life in my small New York City apartment became the loud, old window air conditioner’s continuous hum. It sounded like teeth chattering on a cold day, a loud hum followed by the rattling of loose plastic bits. No matter how many times I taped it shut, sirens and yelling bikers from the city kept coming inside the flat. The air conditioner stood in the window all winter, gathering dust because there was nowhere else to place it.

All the same, this summer, the Midea U-Shaped Air Conditioner has been excellent. This creative product, developed through an Indiegogo campaign, was intended to improve traditional window air conditioners by lowering the usual complaints about them and delivering noticeably lower temperatures. It has made the warm season far more comfortable.

Midea U-Shaped Air Conditioner Specifications

DesignU-shaped design with retractable glass
Cooling CapacityAvailable in various BTU models (e.g., 8,000 BTU, 10,000 BTU)
InstallationRequires bracket installation for stability; installation can be complex but manageable with provided instructions and online tutorials.
Window FunctionalityAllows partial window closure while maintaining the ability to open the window when the air conditioner is not in use
Noise ReductionSignificantly reduces outdoor noise with foam cushioning and minimises air leakage.
Energy EfficiencyEnergy-efficient operation, providing cooling even on hot days
CompatibilityConnects with smart home devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa; controlled via a smartphone app
Security ConcernsLack of two-factor authentication in the Midea app; users are advised to use strong passwords and backup email for account security
PricingPrices range from $399 to $449 depending on the model’s size and the retailer.
AvailabilityAvailable online through various retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and large-chain retailers.

New Idea That Disrupts the Market

The Midea’s glass retracts into the unit because of its unique U-shaped design, significantly reducing gaps. This arrangement effectively blocks out both the hot air and the continuous buzz of the street.

The Challenge and Victory of Installation

Even with its many capabilities, the Midea U-shaped air Conditioner was a pain to install, primarily due to the ironically unclear instruction manual that was included. I chose to follow the detailed YouTube tutorial that Midea provided. Though it took longer than standard models, it simplified and made the installation process manageable. Given the gadget’s weight, I recommend having someone else attach it, even if I could do it alone. Check your windows’ measurements, as Midea advises this kind for windows that are 22–36 inches wide and have a minimum opening of about 14 inches. Safe installation of the unit requires the use of a bracket, which has to be screwed in place to ensure stability of the gadget.

Maximum Production with the Least Background Noise

Apart from enabling a partial window closure, the U-shaped design enhances the efficiency and soundproofing of the unit by minimizing the areas around it where air can enter or exit. Midea is well cushioned with foam to ensure a tight fit and to fill any remaining gaps. Though I do hear some street noise, the noise level is far lower than with my previous air conditioner. The Midea’s quiet inner mechanisms considerably raise the comfort level in my flat.

Applications and Connection to Smart Home Systems

Midea U-Shaped Air Conditioner mode

Its design allows us to open the window on colder days without worrying about it falling out, which is ideal for those who like to let in some fresh air without having to haul out the large air conditioner. This is an excellent choice for someone like me who only has a little space for storage or wishes to carry bulky items around ineffectively.

I have a 450-square-foot area that needs more cooling than the 8,000 Btu Midea U-shaped air conditioner. A 10,000 Btu unit certified by Energy Star is perfect for this location. The 8,000 BTU version quickly cools the space to a comfortable 77 degrees, even on hot 98-degree days. The gadget has several fan speeds, a timer, and settings, including sleep and eco, centred around a readily legible LED display. If you decide the screen is too bright to use at night, you can turn it off.

One further benefit of the system’s connectivity with smart home devices like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa is the option to switch on the air conditioning before you arrive home. Although it isn’t compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, the accompanying remote and a stylish smartphone app help you control every aspect of the air conditioner and maintain it in good operating order (including scheduling filter cleaning reminders).

App security and dependability

The Midea app does not support two-factor authentication, which can compromise users’ privacy and safety. To ensure security, users should use a strong password and a backup email.

How easy is installing the Midea U-shaped air conditioner?

Midea U-Shaped Air Conditioner mode

The drawback is that installation of this Midea device takes some time. It is large and weighs less than 59 pounds. But installing the brackets takes the longest. First, modify the bracket’s arm length to suit the width of the window; there are two sizes of brackets included in the package to fit various window sizes. Screwing the bracket into the window jamb is only possible after confirming that its feet are at the right angle.

When the bracket is in place, you may place the unit on top and secure it with two offset brackets. Putting two retention arms into the grooves in the window jamb comes next. This produces a tight and challenging installation. The almost closed glass and the support bracket make this the safest window air conditioner installation I have ever completed. The last step is to trim foam pieces to size and place them beneath the window sashes on either side of the air conditioner. The package includes enough foam for this stage, which takes time and endurance.

Would a U-shaped air conditioner from Midea suit you well?

Almost everyone would find this Midea unit ideal. Its qualities include strength, quiet, safety, and ease of use. It is not as loud as other window air conditioners, so you won’t have problems hearing the TV or conversing in the living room. Big offices that utilize phone and conference calls also find it compelling. Some may discover that other options to the Midea work better. A more powerful model, such as the Hisense 8,000-BTU window air conditioner I previously reviewed, would suit those looking for a more audible solution for bedroom white noise. If you are too weak physically to lift and assemble a model this size, you should look elsewhere.

Being hefty, the device needs much strength to be lifted into a window. For such folks, a rolling portable air conditioner could be more appropriate. Anybody looking for a powerful, quiet air conditioner with all the bells and whistles should seriously consider the Midea U-shaped air conditioner. It is the most peaceful and safest air conditioner I have ever tested, and it works great with my phone and Google Assistant. The weight and bracket tweaking are well worth the finished result.

Pros And Cons of Midea U-Shaped Air Conditioner

Innovative U-Shaped DesignComplex Installation
Effective Noise ReductionNo Apple HomeKit Support
Easy Window FunctionalitySecurity Concerns with the App
Energy Efficiency


The Midea U-Shaped Air Conditioner significantly outperforms the previous window units regarding energy efficiency, noise reduction, and installation simplicity. It provides excellent value at a reasonable cost for city people like myself who want to escape the heat without coping with the stress of noise and security. Those seeking a quieter, more relaxed house with a compatible window should consider this gadget seriously.


How can the U-shaped design benefit me personally?

Thanks to its U-shaped design, which minimizes air leakage and noise, you may partially close the window yet still open it when the air conditioner is not in use.

Could I install the Midea U-shaped air conditioner myself?

While it can be installed by yourself, you are advised to have assistance because the equipment is bulky and the installation procedure is difficult.

Could a huge space use the Midea U-shaped Air Conditioner?

The size of your room will determine which BTU model Midea offers. The right size must be chosen based on the Energy Star program’s guidelines.

How may the Midea app compromise user security?

The primary concern is that, without two-factor authentication, your account may be vulnerable to unwanted access. A strong, original password and a backup email can help to lessen this risk.

Where and how much is a Midea U-shaped air conditioner?

The air conditioner is available online at sites like Amazon, Walmart, or Home Depot and at any of the large chain retailers. Prices range from $399 to $449, depending on the retailer and the model’s size.

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