Everything About Web Writing And Copywriting

Everything About Web Writing And Copywriting

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
February 8, 2021
Last modified on December 21st, 2021

I discovered web writing several months after launching my platform… A friend who had the opportunity to work in a web marketing agency in China offered me his help. He was the one who gave me my first knowledge of natural referencing (SEO).

The first thing I remembered is that I absolutely had to write and maintain a blog – but I did not quite understand how I should write my articles

It took me a few months to understand the exercise. Then later I discovered copywriting and I became a freelance web writer. You may also become a professional copywriter by taking tips from our best copywriting course.

Now that I sell this type of service to my clients, I realize that the two disciplines are very often confused. I would like us to put things in order.

What is web writing?

By definition, web writing is writing for the Internet – that’s definition, I know

A web editor therefore mainly writes blog articles and the texts of a web page. Until then all is well!

But the copywriter’s real mission in all of this is to improve the SEO of the site for which he writes.

This makes sense since the text allows you to insert keywords on the pages. Thanks to them, the search engine robots will understand what the page is about and they will reference it in their results – in the 1st preference positions 😜- when it answers a question from an Internet user.

What you must remember:

The web editor is linked to natural referencing (SEO). He writes primarily for search engine robots because his primary mission is to improve the positioning of the site for which he writes.

This is also why the profession of freelance web copywriter is in vogue: faced with competition and improvements in Google’s algorithm, sites need content more than ever!

It is then time to ask ourselves a crucial question: what if the editor has done a great job of SEO optimization to reference his article but the text is poorly written?

Personally, I have a lot of trouble getting this to clients who are looking above all to buy a price rather than a qualitative service…

Warning! We must not confuse the two points of view that can judge the quality of a text:

There is the technical point of view which refers to SEO optimization;

And the reader’s point of view which refers to the quality of the writing, that is, whether the text is catchy and reads easily.

So what if the text is poorly written from a reader’s point of view?

👉The user will simply not make any effort to read the entire page or article.

If this happens, search engine bots will notice it and it will impact the page’s positioning in search results.

You can also follow this via the bounce rate displayed in your Google Analytics interface.

So here we remember that in addition to being optimized for SEO, the text must also be light and catchy so that the reader does not get caught up in the first few lines…

What is copywriting?

This last point brings me to talk about copywriting.

If you speak English, you can easily understand that this term is referencing in writing. Whoever says “advertising writing” necessarily means marketing!

In this case, the objective of copywriting will be to capture the reader’s attention to build loyalty or lead them to carry out an action – a registration, a purchase, etc. – depending on the case. We sometimes even speak of “hypnotic writing” – no less!

Moreover, copywriting as we know it on the web is only an evolution and an adaptation of the profession of copywriter that we find in advertising agencies. These people are the creatives who produce the catchphrases for advertisements such as “Nike, Do It Yourself” or “McDonald, Come as You Are”.

So, with copywriting, we are no longer at all in the technical aspect of the web and the search engines.

Here we are in a pure marketing approach in which the human – or rather the persona – is at the center.

Why do I say that many people – freelancers included – confuse web copywriter and copywriter? Because they tend to reduce copywriting to writing

However, the copywriter does much more than write! He sends a message and plants a little seed in the reader’s head. He writes to achieve a conversion goal.

Let me explain by giving some examples

To make it even more concrete, here are the scenarios in which we will seek a copywriter:

For writing a sales page;

For writing the text that accompanies a Facebook ad – infopreneurs being the kings of what I call “aggressive copywriting”;

For the title of an article to make Internet users click – this is called “the click whore”;

For the creation of an e-mail chain.

What to remember from the differences between web writing and copywriting

As soon as there is a conversion issue, we will systematically speak of “copywriting”.

A copywriter uses very different writing methods than a web editor. This makes sense since he must appeal to feelings and human psychology to write marketing texts.

As soon as there is an issue of traffic and optimization, we will always talk about web writing. A web editor uses copywriting methods and knows how to use HMTL tags to optimize text for SEO.


Writing for the Internet is a necessity. Yes.

Without content, your site will be almost nonexistent. You will not be able to communicate, nor convince your prospects or create a community. We also provide best writing services for you.

Writing: a necessity for natural referencing (SEO)

Writing content today is one of the only really effective techniques to improve your positioning in search engines and acquire natural traffic – that is, for free, without having to pay for advertising.

Why? Because websites are growing like mushrooms and Google has no other choice but to judge the quality of the content to decide between these little people.

I mention Google rather than “search engines” for a reason: being a leader, it is he who dictates the rules of SEO. So to please him is also to please his competitors

Of course, Google has other criteria in reserve such as the loading speed for example. But it pays more and more attention to the content because it is positioned today as a driver of responses.

This clearly announces the color: on Google we CANNOT find THE ANSWER to our questions. So for him to have you looking good, you have to prove to him that the best answer is on your site

And what better than long blog posts with high added value to prove it to him? – If you find better, tell me in the comments

Writing: a necessity to create and convert an audience

Are there not brands that you follow because you love the universe they give off? Yes? It is only through the efforts that they put into creating their content.

How do we communicate on the Internet? Via text – articles, publications – and videos. And here’s the magic equation that will make your content perform well on all counts:

  • Knowledge of its audience and the people who compose it (persona)
  • + Content creation aligned with the expectations of these people
  • + Good words, good copywriting
  • + Optimization to be naturally visible on the right platforms
  • = amazing digital marketing and the creation of a universe that builds loyalty

This is how all these brands with finely crafted digital marketing manage to build communities, communicate and sell.

What to remember now: it is thanks to a suitable speech that you will be able to build and attract your audience and be successful.


Well, I think you are now convinced that you have to start writing for the web at all costs. There are two ways to do this: either entrust this task to a copywriter or copywriter according to your needs, or to write your content yourself.

Whether you are in the first or the second, here are some tips that might help you.

Learn to write for the web

Before you start, you should know that there are techniques and rules to follow – whether for SEO optimization or for marketing optimization.

If you are in a web writing process, you must know the basics of natural referencing (SEO) and know how a text is optimized for SEO. Without it, you’ll waste time writing articles that ultimately won’t help.

The SEO optimization of text is not as complicated as that! You just have to know what to do.

Work with a web editor or with a freelance copywriter

If you have a budget to outsource the production of your content to a web editor or freelance copywriter, you should be aware that the provider will need certain information to be able to work properly – and meet your expectations. Goes without saying.

And yes, it is not because we pay for a service that we must expect the service provider to manage everything, all alone from A to Z… If you want him to work properly, you must contribute to the minimum in him providing certain information.

If you want to work with a freelance web writer, you must communicate instructions that will allow him to improve your natural referencing: keywords, articles or links to net linking, the number of words desired, your expectations regarding your collaboration.

You can also communicate information about your editorial line so that the text produced respects the spirit of those who are already online.

If you want to work with a freelance copywriter, you will need to communicate information about your audience and your persona.

You should also let him know your goals and other means you want to implement so that he understands the role he has to play in your strategy.

Finally, listen to your service providers and the advice they can give you. For example, it may be that one of your requests is not feasible for X reasons that have escaped you.

Listen to what he explains to you and what he recommends to you. Working for clients other than you, he will have the experience to bring out new ideas

If you are looking for a freelance copywriter or copywriter, you can contact me right here. For more tips on how to write for the web, you can join my free training by clicking right here.

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