7 Effective Tips for Getting More Likes on Instagram

7 Effective Tips for Getting More Likes on Instagram

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
September 8, 2021

With over a billion users on its platform, getting more likes on Instagram can sometimes seem like an impossible task. There’s always competition, and always lots of people producing the same content you are.

However, it’s far from impossible — you just need to know how to do it.

These are the best tips for racking up those likes on Instagram

How to get instagram followers

  • Hashtags

Utilizing hashtags is one of the best Instagram tips for getting more likes.

There’s no limit to the number of hashtags you can use on your posts, so make sure you pick the best in relation to the subject matter and use them.

  • Engage

Engaging with your followers is very important. Make them feel valued in your space!

When using Instagram, it’s key to remember it’s a community of people. If people are commenting on your posts, reply. Make sure you let people know that you love their engagement, and it will keep them coming back and liking your posts.

You can even ask questions in your captions to encourage people to comment on your posts.

  • Use an Extension

There are often apps or internet extensions where you can get real likes for Instagram in exchange for a fee. These can be great for building engagement, as it adds credibility to your account — especially on Instagram for beginners, who may not have built up their likes yet.

  • Follow Like-Minded Accounts

Look for the best Instagram profile in your field, whether that’s pets, beauty, or something else entirely. Look at who they’re following and engaging with.

By following other people in the space and slowly branching out, you’ll make friends and network.

  • Be Consistent

You should be consistent with your posting schedule. People will unfollow you if you keep going inactive for periods of time.

Remember to take the account seriously and give people something often.

  • Don’t Spam

At the same time, it’s important for Instagram advice to avoid spam. Don’t post five pictures a day on your profile. People will get sick of seeing them and unfollow!

Once a day is a plenty at the maximum, and you can always post more on your story.

  • Edit

Editing your pictures beyond a simple filter is also a good idea. On other apps, you can find more unusual filters and adjust the contrast, brightness, and more, to make sure your pictures look the best they possibly can.

You can also make them look consistent this way, giving your whole profile a solid theme.

If they stand out against other people’s and look visually appealing, people are more likely to double-tap.

This Is the Secret to Getting More Likes on Instagram

If you follow these tips, you should notice that you’re getting more likes on Instagram pretty quickly. Be patient, as growth can take a while, but that steady progress should keep you motivated if you’re doing all the right things to get there.

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