Make Your Home Diwali-Ready with Home Decor Ideas

Make Your Home Diwali-Ready with Home Decor Ideas

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November 15, 2023

With Diwali not even a month away, we are sure that the preparation for the festival of lights must have started at your home in full swing. But for others, time might be a crunch when they consider decorating their place. So, we have compiled this list of some easy and last-moment Diwali decoration ideas that can be easily incorporated at the last minute. Who says you can’t add bling and sophistication to your place even if you are short on time?

Home Decor Ideas

Home Diwali-Ready with Home Decor Ideas

Celebrate the festival of lights by using beautiful Diwali decoration ideas that are easy to execute and, at the same time, environment-friendly. Read on and go through this final checklist; we can assure you that by following these easy ideas, you can execute the ideas and make your house Diwali-ready.

Light up the rooms with candles

While decorating the verandahs and balconies with the traditional diyas is one thing which will always be synonymous with Diwali decorations, it is time to amp up this decoration idea by adding candles to the decoration mix.  You can stick to the traditional diyas to light up your home interiors and be the hero of Diwali decoration. You can also include scented and different-shaped candles as a popular choice for decorating the home’s interiors and exteriors.

These captivating candles, with their alluring fragrances, will brighten up the space. Some of the candle options that you can pick for implementing Diwali decoration ideas are T-light candles, pillar candles, glass candles, wax-filled jars, leather-filled jars, hammered candles, and taper candles; these candles are available in different colours and designs. If you are environment-conscious, you can even purchase LED realistic flame candles to get the feel of a real candle without actually lighting one.

Add to the bling with lamps and hurricanes

Home Diwali-Ready with Home Decor Ideas

Brighten your home in style by bringing home a unique hurricane or an antique-looking lampshade that can be displayed as a centrepiece. These hurricanes and lampshades are available in wonderful patterns and colours. There is a diversity of sizes available, which makes it approach to decorating the home for Diwali with paper lampshades. They come in wonderful patterns and colours and are simple to purchase. The diversity of sizes they come in also allows you to design the house however you choose.

Adding a Floral Touch

Let us move to the next convenient piece of home decor – artificial flowers. We can’t talk about Diwali decoration ideas and not talk about flowers, right? But why go the traditional way and decorate your space with real flowers when you know that they will wither away in a few days, leaving your space to look dull and lifeless? The solution is to go for artificial flowers. Be it a faux flower stem, a grass ball, or a dry stem, these unique flower arrangements will add a never-fading elegance to your home. These artificial flowers are made of polyester and, thus, stay the same for a long time, so their beauty never fades away. Artificial flowers are a must-have when considering decorating your abode with easy Diwali decoration ideas. These flowers are low maintenance and are an easy way to enhance the visual appeal of the space.

So, we suggest you grab some bundles of these faux stems or flowers and decorate your entryways with them! You can also choose to have such a floral arrangement on your dining table, accompanied by sweets and namkeens. Let us leave the rest to your imagination as to how to use artificial flowers as a home decoration prop.

Deck up the door with artificial floral garlands

Home Diwali-Ready with Home Decor Ideas

Fairy lights, garlands made of fresh flowers, and diya are a must-have when you are considering Diwali decoration ideas. But if you think you are forgetting something, you are right – you missed out on artificial floral garlands. These artificial floral garlands can be used to decorate and welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

While at it, remember to get your hands on some pretty torans, typically available in various shapes and sizes. Torans usually decorate the main door to welcome guests and Goddess Lakshmi with colour and happiness. Or if you are facing difficulty buying a readymade toran, you can even make one by arranging the artificial flowers in specific patterns. The best part is that you can keep these hanging even after the festivities, making your home look welcoming throughout the year.


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