Celebrate eco-friendly Diwali this time for our own benefit

Celebrate eco-friendly Diwali this time for our own benefit

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December 14th, 2021

If we want to live in a clean environment, then no one is going to clean it for us. We can’t expect that someone does things for us? For example, people expect governments to enact stringent laws for decreasing environmental pollution, but we should not solely depend on authorities to do all things. We can not simply blame the governments for everything happening in a country. No doubt governments can put a ban on certain products and take certain actions, but there are certain things which are in our hands. It’s rightly said that prevention is better than cure.

Therefore we can stop creating pollution instead of finding solutions for it. We should stop using non-biodegradable products and things which create pollution. Diwali has become a cause for increasing pollution for many years because every Indian used to burst crackers on this day. Now, people have declined burning firecrackers, and some have even completely stopped, which can be evident from the past few years. We can take this a step ahead by celebrating eco-friendly Diwali this time. By doing the following mentioned things, we can celebrate Diwali along with taking care of the environment.

Follow These Things For Eco-Friendly Diwali –

Do eco-friendly decorations

This Diwali, you can do decorations using flowers, which can be decomposed off easily. It has become a trend of using light bulbs in place of burning candles and earthen lamps. These light bulbs are non-biodegradable, and mercury present in these bulbs can be harmful to us. These can be recycled, but what is the point of wasting time and energy on recycling these when we can stop using them. Decorative items made of colorful paper are also used to beautify many places. The less number of trees would be cut down if the use of plastic would be limited to crucial works only.

Hence, we should stop using light bulbs and paper decorations. People enlighten the clay lamps as it is a part of rituals of Diwali and lit candles, which is the modern addition to the same ritual. If more count of candles and Diyas will be enlightened, then this can be the reason for pollution. Thus, it is better to use fewer candies and Diyas for the purpose of performing tradition only. Along with beautifying your place, flowers can provide lovely aromas that can improve the mood of a person. Flowers are scientifically proven to bring a genuine smile on the face of a person. 

Give eco-friendly gifts

You can give the gift of plants to your friends and relatives. The plants can remain with them for a long time and can help them recall their memories. If you want to give something more valuable, then you can give expensive plants like bonsai. It has also become a trend of celebrating Green Diwali for which people are asked to grow trees and plants. If you give the gift of plants, then it can encourage others as well to give the presents of plants and grow more plants. Moreover, a bouquet of flowers can be an environmentally friendly present as these are biodegradable. So send your wishes to your near and dear ones on this Diwali by sending Send Diwali flowers online. Gifts can mow them feel important, especially the surprise gifts. It would be better if you send the gift according to his or her choice.

Hold eco-friendly parties

You should use environmentally friendly products if you want to throw a Diwali party for your friends. Avoid the use of speakers and use headphones instead. There is also a trend of headphones parties where they do silent parties using headphones. You should do decorations with environmentally friendly products and give presents of plants or things which are good for the environment. 

Do eco-friendly shopping

More number of vehicles on roads create traffic jams and pollution problems. You can add more traffic and pollution by bringing your own vehicle on the road. You make this excuse that you will have to go shopping but not this time. With the advancement in technology, almost everything can be done while sitting at home and so shopping. Your time can be wasted if you are stuck in a traffic jam, and there will be traveling expenses as well for visiting different markets and shops. With the help of online shopping, you can make purchases from any city as you can order Diwali gifts in Chandigarh, Jammu, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Amritsar, Ludhiana, etc. 

Go to eco-friendly restaurants

You should prefer going to restaurants which use only those goods which are not harmful to the environment. In this way, you can promote these kinds of restaurants. 

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