Choosing the Best Mattress for Optimal Sleep with the Sleepwell Nexa Range

Choosing the Best Mattress for Optimal Sleep with the Sleepwell Nexa Range

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May 9th, 2024

Sleep survey reports show that about 70% of adults get insufficient sleep monthly and 11% nightly. Although getting minimal sleep is not a big deal at some point in life, frequent poor sleep can lead to impaired cognitive function.

However, sleep quality often takes a back seat to busy schedules. If you find it difficult to relax and fall into slumber, it’s time to consider buying a new mattress. At the same time, many top brands, like Sleepwell, Kurl-On, Peps, Emma, etc., offer the best mattress technology.

The Nexa range of mattresses from Sleepwell leads the market with its innovative mattress science and technology integration, promoting luxury comfort and easy sleep. Learn about the Nexa mattress range in this guide to choose the right mattress to improve sleep quality.

Essentiality of investing in a new mattress

Your mattress can have a significant impact on your sleep quality. If it lacks support or is an old or worn-out mattress, it can be painful and uncomfortable, causing sagging areas that don’t adequately support your spine and joints. An easy way to determine if your mattress is causing you sleep trouble is when you wake up feeling refreshed without any pain or discomfort sleeping on the floor or sofa, not your bedding.

This can interfere with your circadian rhythm and keep you from entering more restorative sleep phases. Furthermore, an uncomfortable mattress can worsen pre-existing conditions like sleeplessness, neck discomfort, and back pain. Incorrect alignment and support of your body when you sleep can put pressure on sensitive regions, resulting in pain and discomfort. The cycle of pain can cause sleep disruption and lower your sleep quality even when you spend hours in bed, making you feel unrested.

When you learn that your mattress is one of the key reasons your sleep quality is affected, it is a much better, more cost-efficient option to replace your current mattress rather than temporarily adjust the firmness with a mattress topper. The best quality mattress will be cost-efficient in the long run as it lasts long and improves overall well-being. It will ensure proper spine alignment and support your joints and muscles to prevent pressure buildups. So you will wake up refreshed and feel rejuvenated.

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Mattress choices to overcome sleep problems

Sleepwell Nexa Range

There are various sleep innovations and mattress ranges available on the market. So, choosing the mattress that meets your needs to manage your sleeping condition and alleviate its symptoms would be best. Here are the mattress types you can consider to overcome your common sleep problems:

  • Back pain mattress

Memory foam mattresses are the best solution for offering superior back support throughout the night and precisely conforming to the body’s curves. The open cell structures of foam material provide adequate ventilation to reduce heat buildup. Aress is ideal for people with back pain and other associated issues as it eases pressure points.

You should select a medium-firm mattress, as a mattress with a too-soft firmness level won’t support the spine, and a mattress that is too firm can cause pain unless your health practitioner has prescribed or recommended it. The mattress should have support zoning and custom support for the joints, muscles, and lumbar region.

  • Hot sleeper mattress

Spending on a comfy mattress is essential if you sweat frequently at night as your body temperature rises. The best type of mattress for hot sleepers is made of breathable material.

They include latex or gel-infused memory foam layers in mattresses prepared with cooling technology, such as gel-infused layers, that can regulate body temperature and absorb body heat to create a comfortable and refreshing sleep environment. Besides foam, hybrid mattresses with pocketed wire coil layers can improve heat ventilation and reduce body heat temperature.

  • Spinal alignment or sleep position support mattress

If you want to prevent pain and stiffness in your body by morning, spinal alignment is essential to get a restful night’s sleep, and this depends on your sleeping position.

A gentle, plush-feeling mattress would benefit side sleepers, but a medium-firm mattress is crucial for back and stomach sleepers. Select mattresses with contouring materials like latex or memory foam that adjust firmness levels per your body shape and offer specific support zones.

  • Light sleeper mattress

Light sleepers find it difficult to stay asleep during the night as they are sensitive to any movement or noise in their sleeping environment, which instantly wakes them up.

Consider spending on a mattress that offers a peaceful sleeping environment. Features like motion isolation reduce motion transfer to the other side of the bed and are made of noise-cancelling material.

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Introducing luxurious comfort Sleepwell Nexa Range

Among India’s top sleeping mattress brands, people prefer Sleepwell, particularly its Nexa selections. Mattresses in the Nexa range are valued for their quality and luxury comfort. As people prioritise quality over cost, Sleepwell Nexa mattress price is cost-efficient in the long run, making it the best seller.

All mattresses in the Nexa range provide a perfect balance between superior quality and affordability, suited to diverse budgets and comfort preferences. Check out how the Nexa range offers innovative designs, customised support, and durability for your mattress.

  • Sleepwell Nexa Mattress

One of the top purchases in the Nexa range is the Nexa Mattress, which is the finest making of Sleepwell to offer unmatched luxury comfort. Its plush and airy feel can add the ultimate luxury to your room with a starting price of ₹61,000. As per your choice of size and thickness layer preferences, the cost can come up to ₹44,000.

If you want to experience the best mattress for the best sleep, then the Sleepwell Nexa mattress can be your best choice. In its 15 cm thickness, you can expect a gentle feel due to the enhanced plushness of the advanced layers. Luxurious and long-lasting European knitted cloth is used in its construction. Bright recovery memory foam, such as the Sleepwell Nexa® foam layer, can boost ventilation and comfort as it is custom-configured to your body shape. The addition of Sleepwell Resitec foam cosiness will get you relaxed and help you fall asleep quickly. As the profiled contouring material is produced with superior CNC machinery, no matter your body weight, the Nexa mattress can support your needs. Moreover, it offers comfortable edge sitting with sidewall technology. No matter how much you move, the anti-skin bottom will keep the bedding sturdy.

  • Sleepwell Pro Nexa Classic Mattress

If you want your mattress to offer easy body movement with sleep and body rejuvenation, then the Sleepwell Pro Nexa Classic mattress is the one for you. This mattress is affordable for people with a limited budget, offering a gentle feel with the price starting from ₹20,000. Pro Nexa Classic is ideal for side and stomach sleepers as it provides superior support. This mattress also uses European knit fabric for a soft, smooth, resilient fabric. The Quiltec® quilting and Sleepwell Pro Nexa® foam layers offer a responsive and opulent surface.

You can add the Resitec foam layers to feel its medium-firmness for the best support and fun bounce. With its 3-zoned Resitec profiling system and contouring technology, the ContourPro+ mattress layer offers superior ventilation and support. This mattress is beneficial for combating humid conditions with its Air-O-Fresh® foam layer that promotes air circulation to improve dryness in the sleeping environment.

  • Sleepwell Pro Nexa Premium Mattress

The Pro Nexa Premium mattress is an excellent deal for enhancing comfort and body recovery, and it will cost you below 15K. This premium mattress makes body movement effortless and increases comfort. Its 3-zone contour cut profile, soft top feel and excellent air circulation make sleeping easier.

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Due to the quilting of Quiltec® and Sleepwell Pro Nexa® foam, it responds to the body more. Pro Nexa® technology enables 32% greater pressure relief, improved body conformity, and fast heat dissipation compared to others in the Pro Nexa range. It also includes side wall technology to make edge sitting comfortable and ensure enhanced durability of the mattress to keep its form for a long time.

  • Sleepwell Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress

As the name suggests, the Sleepwell Pro Nexa Luxury mattress offers superior support and a plush feel in the thickness range of 17.5cm. Its luxurious feel is worth its price range, starting from ₹40K. The Pro Nexa Luxury mattress has impressive European knitted fabric and a Euro-top finish, giving a smooth feel and high resilience.

Sleepwell Pro Nexa and Quiltec® foam layers give the mattress responsiveness. The intelligent recovery Pro Nexa® technology ensures 67% higher body conformance and 27% fast heat dissipation.  Moreover, the Resitec foam, ContourPro+ contouring technology and the 3-zoned Resitec profiling system make up its Acuprofile support layer to give a rejuvenating sleep experience.

Final Words:

Getting a good night’s sleep is never about the long duration you spend sleeping; it is about the quality of rest you get while sleeping. If you want your mattress to ensure a luxury comfort sleep, it must prioritise comfort, support, and quality first. The Sleepwell Nexa range mattresses tick up all that and more with innovative mattress technologies that will put you into a relaxing slumber fit. Your sleeping schedules won’t go to waste, as the Nexa mattress will provide you with a revitalising experience that will end your restless night and start a refreshing tomorrow.

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