6 best prank websites on the Internet

6 best prank websites on the Internet

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May 14, 2021

All of us today are trapped in our own houses. Quarantine has forced us to stay inwards. We lack activity and fun in our lives now. The fun time we would have with our friends is long gone. Pranking is a fun activity to kill boredom and laugh and make others fool and laugh at the same time. In today’s fast and hectic life, everyone needs refreshment and enjoyment, and pranking is a very good idea to change a person’s mood.

To prank with a family member or friends is great fun and to see the reactions is a laughter dose. You just need to be a little smarter than the person you are going to prank. Now, we know how it feels to prank or get pranked, but what if you can technologically prank someone, like you know, anonymously? It becomes more interesting. So here are some best prank websites on the Internet that will help you to prank someone

Let’s get started with some of the best prank websites

1.Google Terminal

google terminal

The number one on our best prank websites list is this; Google Terminal. Today when we look Back in the ’80s and ’90s, the trends, styles, gadgets at that time, we get curious to know how people used to live at that time, how interesting were the means of transport and there was not as much technology as we have today. This is the best prank website as it is as interesting as things were in the ‘90s as it has been made to show the style of Google in the ’90s. When we go to this website and search for any query on it, it will give results in the Terminal, and it feels like we are back in the ’90s. This is an amazing website that shows query results in the 90’s style. So let everyone explore the era of the ’90s with this amazing website which can also be termed as one of the best prank websites.

2. Hackertyper

hacker typer

Hacking is evolving these days, and there are pros and cons, positive and negative sides of it. Also, someone who knows even a little bit of hacking considers himself/herself as great. So this website will make you feel great as it can be used to type like a hacker, and after showing this to a person, it can easily be believed that you are a pro hacker. So here we bring you the best prank website to be a fake hacker and prank someone who might feel insecure with you after knowing this. As people keep their personal and professional information on the phone and get frightened after knowing that they know to hack. It is among the best prank websites.

3. Fake Whatsapp Messages


Now, all of us share screenshots of our messages with our besties. What about sending something which did not happen? Astonished? You can make a fake Whatsapp Messenger screenshot with customized name, profile picture, font, and status bar settings and leave in friend awestruck with the help of the websites available for this. You can create a phony proposal screenshot and give your friend that little glimpse of happiness or a fake breakup screenshot and get tomatoes on your face. XD

You can surf through the internet and find various sites that will help you generate fake WhatsApp chats via some best prank websites.

4. Crashsafari


The crash is not always painful, and sometimes it can turn funny or annoying too. With one of the best prank website, you can crash any web browser, PC, or mobile by just sending them the website link . when you send crashsafari.com to anyone, and the moment they open the link, their phone or PC, whatever they are using will get hang, and it needs to restart to get back to normal. It can make someone panic unless you tell them that it was a prank you took from the best prank website as people keep so much data on their phone or PC, and hanging their device suddenly will make them worried. You can use this prank on someone always busy with a phone or laptop.

5. Create Fake Facebook Status

Create Fake Facebook Status

We are in the 21st century, and social media has spread its wings everywhere, and it can not be denied that this is the age of likes, comments, followers. People sometimes go out of their

comfort zone or do unique things just for likes, comments. This one of the best prank websites is an alternative if you want to show off, as with the help of this website, you can create a fake Facebook post with unlimited likes, and it looks real. So, use this best prank website and show off as much as you always wanted to and be the king or queen of social media and let everyone wonder how it is possible to gain these unlimited likes.

6.Blow Up The Phone


What if your phone starts ringing repeatedly and each time the number is different, or if you get different texts from different numbers and your phone is continuously sounding with notifications and phone calls. This is the best prank website that does the same. You can blow up anyone’s phone with anonymous texts and calls. So use this website and prank differently and enjoy. It can make someone worried, and you can enjoy it as this is very funny to see someone’s phone ringing continuously. It seems so real that no one can ever think that this might be a prank, and people start thinking about who is calling and from where they get my number.

These were some of the best prank websites that you can try on your friends, to scare them, to have some fun with them, and to reconnect with them!

My job was to introduce these amusing sites to you, but your job is to use them wisely and adequately.

Always take care of some important things while using these type of Sites:

  • These sites are for fun; never use them to hurt someone’s sentiments or feelings.
  • Never target a mob using these sites; it could be harmful; always try to use these services to have fun with your few friends.
  • Always double-check the link before sending it to someone.
  • Never use these services to deal with your haters.
  • Always reveal your pranks after a certain amount of time.

Enjoy, and let us know how the pranks went for you and your friend and how much you liked our collection of best prank websites and enjoy it and you can visit https://www.techwhoop.com/prank-websites/ for more of them..

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