Why Are Custom Jigsaw Puzzles a Good Gift Option?

Why Are Custom Jigsaw Puzzles a Good Gift Option?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Games, Published On
August 26, 2021

Jigsaw puzzles are a classic activity for you and your family when you want to relax inside your home. They bring the family members together and involve them in a common task. Meanwhile, you can find jigsaw puzzles in all shapes, sizes, and piece counts.

The most important part of a jigsaw puzzle is the image you are building, and it becomes even more special when you have custom jigsaw puzzles, and they can be made from a single photo or a photo collage. Your family will become more interactive and collaborative with them while the bonds between family members get strengthened.

How Jigsaw Puzzles Entertain Your Family

Jigsaw Puzzles

Better Family Time

When the entire family stays indoors, it becomes a unique opportunity to spend some quality time together. So, make use of the opportunity and bond further by solving a jigsaw puzzle. This way, there will be fun, laughter, and cheer, which stays in your heart for a long time.

Bring Back Memories

By customizing the image on the puzzle, you can bring back some good old memories. With this, you get a chance to experience those memorable moments again and make them more special by sharing your thoughts. So, enjoy the time by fitting the pieces of the memory through a jigsaw puzzle.

Make Old People Happy

Jigsaw puzzles are for people of all ages. But, you can especially surprise and delight the old people in your home by giving them a jigsaw puzzle with a customized photo as the image on it. With them, they can relax by figuring out the pieces to complete the puzzle, and the completed piece will always have a special place in their hearts.

Important Features of a Quality Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles

Quality Image

When the jigsaw puzzle is customized, it is vital to have a good quality image on it. For this, you should consider the lighting, focus, and overall picture quality. The picture should have a high resolution so that even when it is made bigger to fit the size of the puzzle, it will be clear.


The printing method used is critical for a good-quality jigsaw puzzle. Quality jigsaw puzzles have accurate colors printed on water-resistant paper, and they do not fade easily. On the other hand, cheap jigsaw puzzles are printed using standard inkjet or laser printers, and they fade quickly in a short time.

Puzzle Cutting

Quality of cutting is very important in a jigsaw puzzle. And the quality and fit of the puzzle pieces depend upon the quality of the die used for cutting the pieces. Hence, the die should be sharp so that the pieces separate easily without tearing or chipping.

Puzzle Adhesive

The quality of glue used to stick the picture to the pieces should be good. Moreover, the glue should have a very low water content to prevent it from peeling off from the cardboard or wooden backing over time, and a non-toxic standard latex-based adhesive is an excellent choice.

Cardboard Quality

Quality of cardboard used to make the jigsaw puzzle should be good. If the cardboard quality is low, it will become floppy and break easily. Moreover, it should be hard and good enough not to absorb moisture easily. Meanwhile, higher-quality customized jigsaw puzzles use birch wood instead of cardboard.

Custom jigsaw puzzles are wonderful gifts for your friends and family on special occasions, and any photo can be used as an image on them. Besides photos, you can choose any other image to make the puzzle unique and delight people who receive it as a gift.

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