Everything To Know About http //fortnite.com/2fa

Everything To Know About http //fortnite.com/2fa

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May 13, 2023

Do you want to know how to activate two-factor authentication (2FA) for Fortnite? Then our detailed instructions will be of great use to you. 

If you enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Epic Games account, you’ll be able to perform the Boogie Down in Fortnite and be protected from hackers. In light of the recent V-Bucks fraud, the unique things you own, or just for peace of mind, enabling 2FA on your account may be the best course of action. Two-factor authentication is simple to implement and can be up and running in under five minutes. Learn how to activate 2FA for Fortnite below.

Exactly what is two-factor authentication in Fortnite?

Improve your account’s safety by using two-factor authentication. Enabling Fortnite two-factor authentication will protect your account from unauthorised access and keep your Fortnite skins safe. But how does it operate? If you try to log in from a different device after turning it on, you’ll be prompted to enter a code given to your registered email address, phone number, or an authentication app. Once that verification code is approved, you can add that computer to your trusted network.

Just how crucial is it to activate 2FA for Fortnite?

Of course, the added protection of your Epic Games account is the primary benefit of setting 2FA, but that’s not all. You must enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to participate in competitive Fortnite. Fortnite 2FA is also required to receive free in-store games and to send games as gifts to friends.

Can you get the boogie-down to emote by enabling Fortnite 2fa?

Epic Games rewarded players that turned on two-factor authentication (2FA) in Fortnite with a flashy new emote called the Boogie Down. It’s great news that the Boogie Down is still available after enabling Fortnite 2FA, even if it’s been a while since this flashy dance was launched.

How to enable two-factor authentication in Fortnite

Sign in to your Epic Games account on the main page to activate 2FA. To access your Fortnite account, click “Sign In” and then choose your preferred gaming system from the drop-down menu that appears:

  • Go to the page with your profile.
  • Now you have to select a Password & Security from left side.
  • Using Two-Step Verification, you can choose the best method for you.
  • To use an Authenticator App like Google Authenticator, you must first put it on your device and connect it to your account.
  • For SMS Authentication to work, you must give a real mobile phone number.
  • Email Authentication will use the email address linked to your account.
  • Once you choose one, every time you sign in from a new device, Fortnite will ask you for a code that you get through that means.
  • If you did those things, you should now be able to use two-factor security. With 2FA turned on, your account will be much safer, and the next time you start Fortnite, you’ll get the Boogie Down to emote..

Rewards For Two-Factor Authentication in Fortnight

If you enable 2FA in Fortnite, not only will your credentials be safer, but you’ll also be eligible for a reward from Epic Games. However, if you enable Fortnite 2FA, you will receive the Boogie Down emote in Battle Royale and 50 armory slots, 10 backpack slots, and one Legendary Troll Stash Llama in Save the World, which isn’t much to brag about.

When you enable 2FA on the Epic Games store, you’ll be able to do things like play Fortnite in a competitive setting, send gifts to your friends in the game, and even download free games. Considering how simple it is to activate Fortnite 2FA, why are you still reading this?

The Bottom Line

We advise using two-factor authentication for all your most-used online services, including games, applications, and accounts. It safeguards against malicious individuals who may obtain access to your accounts and sensitive information due to their technical expertise.  Once you’ve gotten used to the extra step of entering in a different code, you’ll never want to turn 2FA off, especially in this day when we’re more online than ever before, whether it’s a streaming service like Netflix or Disney Plus, or an online game like Fortnite or Final Fantasy 14.

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