Ifuntv: Why Do You Need To Use It?

Ifuntv: Why Do You Need To Use It?

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April 16, 2023

The Chinese telecommunications firm Ifuntv is available for no cost on Android handsets. Among the more than 900 channels accessible were some of the most popular series on Chinese public television and sports programming. Even the most riveting tales in 1080P and 720P are combined. You can observe them even if you don’t wish to participate! The ifuntv Android application package (apk) is available for download here.

IFUN Apk Details:

 Filename IFUN_TV_App.apk
Size 21.60MB*
Package Details: Zip Package
License Free Download
Dated: 3rd Sep 2022
FireDL Code: *069024
Firelinked code: *67817953

Can You Describe The Functions Of Ifun-tv?

Using Ifuntv online is simple and pleasant because of its numerous helpful features. Ifun tv offers several unique channels, allowing users to locate their desired programming quickly. Use bookmarks or a search engine to help you find what you need. Go to Comedy Channel for a wide selection of comedic and other programming. Other channels, such as those carried by China Central Television, can also be searched. You may use it to receive or send material through satellite, which will always be up-to-date.

In addition, Ifuntv comes with iFun Screen Recorder, a piece of Windows software that lets you record whatever part of the screen you choose and turn it into a video. With the right tools, recording is simple, and so is editing the content. Movies on ifun movie or ifun tv movies may be seen in various languages, including Chinese, English, and others, so you never have to leave the house to satisfy your movie-watching hankerings. These are some of the fun’s defining qualities. tv that excels in attracting consumers and satisfying their needs.

How Ifuntv App Is Growing Nowadays?


People used to watch several channels on TV, and they had to stick to specific hours and dates if they wanted to see their favourite shows. But, the ifun tv app allows you to watch dramas and movies at times that are convenient for you, so you no longer have to wait for time to connect with other hobbies. Everyone wants to use their free time as they see fit and enjoy themselves as much as possible. Hence, the ifun tv app gives you all these customizable features. You may use it to record various television shows, movies, and dramas. If you want your dreams to come true, you need to install the ifuntv apk, also known as the ifun tv app apk.

What Can You Expect From iFunTv?

For Chinese citizens residing in the United States, Europe, or the Middle East, iFunTV / iyf.TV is an online Chinese video content web application similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney, and Chrome Cast. The iFunTV app provides access to a wide variety of Chinese-language programming, including the year’s most recent blockbuster films and TV dramas, variety programs, cartoons, news, entertainment, life, fashion, and technology shows.

Is Anything Free In The App?

Free material is available on iyfTv, and a premium subscription can be purchased to remove restrictions. After 15–20 minutes of uninterrupted viewing, the free version automatically inserts non-skippable video commercials.

While after purchasing a premium membership, you will be able to view movies in high definition and without interruptions, thanks to the absence of advertisements. Prime-time shows that consistently receive high ratings can also be unlocked. Those paying for the premium service can watch high-definition movies offline and download episodes later. Please look down below; I appreciate the quick download time. From their homepage, you may choose between downloading the iyf.TV app or the iFuntv app.

Free iFunTV Users Can Get These Benefits:

  • You may stream Chinese dramas and news shows indefinitely online.
  • Many top video series and other television dramas are available for free online.
  • Favourite videos can be saved for later viewing.
  • Only 480p resolution videos are supported.
  • 15–20 minutes into the video, non-skippable commercials begin playing.
  • You can’t save movies to your device for later viewing.

Premium Access to If.TV and iFunTV:

  • Available video material may be viewed in resolutions up to 4k.
  • I’ve been watching web shows offline by downloading them.
  • Video requests can be made.
  • YouTube search
  • Hide your true self
  • Skip and filter commercials while on the go.
  • Superior resolution for videos
  • For just 15€/month, it won’t break the bank.
  • Please give your honest feedback about the show.


Does iFUN TV have an offline mode?

No, the iFunTv TV network is exclusively available online. Fortunately, you can record TV programmes and view them when you don’t have internet access.

Is there a foreign-language version of iFunTV?

It’s a website that caters only to Chinese speakers and only offers information in Chinese.

Is there no way for Chinese people living in other countries to view TV shows and movies in Chinese?

We’ve already described a superior option to iFun TV if you’re looking for Chinese language programming. The CCTV media network has been proven to be the finest option. In addition, iyf. Tv is a replica of the popular iFunTV.

Is there an iFunTV app on Google Play?

The iFunTV apk is available for download from other Android app stores. It used to be downloadable through the PlayStore and the iOS AppStore but has since been removed.


That’s what our technical staff divulged regarding iFunTV ratings and comments. The most excellent online Chinese TV service in recent days, nonetheless. But, as time has progressed, many prominent players have fared well. The ifunTv app is convenient and straightforward to operate. Enjoy Native Chinese TV programming on the go with the free downloadable ifunTv applications for several platforms from their website.

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