4 Veterinary Medicine Technology Changing Pet Lives for the Better

4 Veterinary Medicine Technology Changing Pet Lives for the Better

Written by Alison Lurie, In Technology, Published On
April 19, 2023
Last modified on April 20th, 2023

Science constantly pushes the healthcare industry forward, with medical discoveries occurring daily! That includes veterinary medicine. Technological advancements in veterinary medicine mean that everyone’s beloved pets can enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life. Want to learn how that’s happening? Below are four veterinary medicine technologies that are improving pet lives.

4 Veterinary Medicine Technology Changing Pet Lives

Veterinary Medicine Technology Changing Pet Lives

  • Telemedicine

In previous years, any pet owner with a sick or injured pet needed to visit a vet clinic. Now, thanks to Telemedicine, appointments can be made virtually, which means pet owners can speak to a vet without leaving their homes. In non-emergency medical situations, this is excellent, as pet owners receive advice from the vet more efficiently, encouraging more to do so. It’s much simpler to schedule a virtual appointment than it is to travel to and from a vet clinic!

Keeping in touch with your pet’s vet is essential. To reduce costs, you should invest in dogs insurance uk. With a dog insurance plan, you can freely and easily make Telemedicine appointments without worrying about a sudden expensive vet bill, as the insurance will cover it. With pet insurance, you don’t have to consider your finances regarding your dog’s health. Instead, you can always put your four-legged friend’s well-being first.

  • 3D Printing

3D printing is an exceptional piece of technology that helps various industries, including healthcare. Thanks to 3D printing, vets can now 3D print medical devices unique for each pet when necessary. So, if your dog needs surgery, the vet will have the correct instrument to ensure the best possible outcome. On top of that, 3D printing can even print prosthetics for animals that have lost limbs!

  • Wearable Tech

Wearable tech expands further than Apple watches. Now, they are made specifically for pets, many of which improve a pet’s health. One of the most popular wearables for pets is GPS tracking, which means that if your cat or dog gets lost or stolen, you can track exactly where it is. Another wearable involves an RFID chip that stores all your pet’s health information, including vaccines and health conditions.

There’s also wearable tech made just for fun, such as a wearable camera that will show you exactly what your cat or dog sees when they’re out and about!

  • Cancer Vaccine

Did you know that your four-legged companion can be vaccinated against certain types of cancers? It’s true. Vets can administer vaccines that kill cancer cells and strengthen the immune system, ensuring those cancer cells do not spread in the future. Thanks to medical and technological advancements, this is possible.

Veterinary Technology is Always Evolving

Of course, this isn’t the end of veterinary technological advancements – far from it. It will only keep going. So far, the lifespan of dogs has doubled over the last forty years, with cats also living much longer. Who knows how much that will improve over time? Thanks to technology and science, pets can live much longer and happier lives.

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