How Modern Enterprises Boost Efficiency, Productivity, and Morale with Process Automation Platforms

How Modern Enterprises Boost Efficiency, Productivity, and Morale with Process Automation Platforms

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June 15, 2023
Last modified on August 7th, 2023

The value of process automation in the workplace has grown rapidly over the past few years. Now, Gartner estimates that businesses can lower operational costs by 30% thanks to redesigned operational processes facilitated by automation.

By implementing AI automation to handle once-manual processes, companies can reduce the burden on workers, eliminate human errors, and streamline efficiency to add value. However, not all process automation platforms are equal, and understanding the distinguishing features of an effective system is crucial for a successful implementation.

Choosing The Right Platform

At its core, a process automation platform creates a centralized view of business workflows, helping shed light on the systems that lack efficiency. Often the most complex processes are the ones with multiple productivity gaps—areas where humans have to handle a rote duty that should be automated.

Platforms that offer end-to-end automation across an entire technology stack allow users to see gains more rapidly. In contrast, software systems that only focus on one part of a given system can add value, but manual inefficiencies will remain without a holistic view. It’s important to utilize a platform that offers a single view of your business workflows.

Even so, some automation systems rely on large amounts of custom code to deliver solutions. These platforms create  inefficiencies by requiring experienced developers. A platform that offers a no-code solution to workflow automation delivers greater value—non-technical staff can create their  process automation instead.

This is virtually always the preferred solution, as nontechnical staff are the ones who understand their  workflows best, and can create the right automation to ensure ongoing productivity support. Better yet, IT teams can deliver point solutions directly to functional areas of a business, helping leaders realize business values faster for the enterprise.

Orchestration For Deeper Insights

The more you connect processes, systems, and events in your organization, the greater your chance to unlock new insights. These can be everything from new opportunities for cost savings to eliminable redundancies and other chances to save workers time.

With this level of oversight, each  event is an opportunity to analyze and mine data for opportunities. No code workflow designers make the process even simpler by providing a drag-and-drop interface to define the flow of tasks, approvals, and other decisions.

A centralized view of events shows you which workflows—including those that are already automated—are acting as breakpoints. This means that while a specific system may work well on its own, the connection to the larger organization is missing.

These kinds of gaps cause confusion among staff, who are left out of the system’s larger capabilities. Oftentimes these workflows are segmented because of a lack of scalability. The solution in place requires a significant investment to expand, and therefore company leaders leave this upgrade out of the budget.

Indeed, budgetary constraints hamper many automation endeavors. Scalability is key for a long-term automation solution that’s truly end-to-end. This not only allows employees throughout an organization to utilize the improvements but also ensures future workflow upgrades are deployed effectively, without creating knowledge gaps or bottlenecks.

Intelligent Automation With Put It Forward

A holistic approach to process automation requires a platform that’s truly connected and scalable. Orchestration Platform offers cross-functional support business leaders can use to streamline, simplify, and manage their business workflows.

Through low-value task automation and rules-based controls, company leaders can scale the execution of operations and reduce operational costs. The automation can be easily scaled to support the growing business needs and generate more productivity within and across departments.

Staff can get rid of repetitive tasks and offload tiresome work to the intelligent automation platform. With Put It Forward’s no-code approach, business professionals benefit from the facilitated engagement and sales operations and focus more on revenue generation activities.

Thanks to these and other best-in-class features, Put It Forward customers have achieved significant gains:

modern agencies

  • 70-80% sustained revenue gains thanks to a shorter sales cycle and access to new, high-value opportunities
  • 10x accuracy lift in decision-making through more connected data, preventing customer churn and revenue loss
  • 3-month ROI for most users, with budget savings from streamlined workflows and a faster-to-market delivery.

The competitive edge for business relies on data—not just in volume, but in how it’s connected and analyzed. If your team doesn’t have access to the right information, decision-making is delayed. And when data isn’t automatically synchronized, reported on, and leveraged at the right moment, significant time and money will be spent doing it manually.

Don’t let your business fall behind. Increase your automation success with Put It Forward and let your staff thrive with less rote, repetitive work. Explore the orchestration platform today to get started.

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