Everything you Needed to know about Brand Marketing

Everything you Needed to know about Brand Marketing

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Marketing, Published On
December 10, 2020
Last modified on December 14th, 2021

Brand marketing tells the story of your business by emphasizing what it stands for. It is the way to promote your service/product as a whole. It doesn’t just establish the brand but makes sure it reaches your target audience. Let’s learn more and have detailed thinking over how you can improve your marketing if you think like a branding design agency.

Branding or Marketing in Branding Design Agency, which comes first?

You must understand the difference between the two so you can use them together efficiently. In its bare essence, marketing is all about how you build brand awareness and generate sales. Whereas branding is establishing what a business is all about and who it caters to.

Marketing is the business generating tool-kit and branding is the approach to reach the target audience. Branding is the building block for any business which is why it should always come first. For example, if your brand is fried chicken then the branding would be the secret spices and herbs and the marketing execution would focus on getting customers excited about your product by placing ads everywhere. Hence, regardless of your industry, you first need to establish your business as a brand before creating a marketing plan.

Establishing a brand guide

The brand guide is all about identifying the company’s personality. This is where you define your brand. You carefully choose your logo, illustrations, business colours and typography to embody your brand values.  For example, a ‘sophisticated brand’ will be all about muted colour palettes and traditional font choices for email templates and websites. These design choices make up the foundation for your marketing strategy.

When is brand marketing successful?

Effective brand marketing is sustainable for the long run. It works best when your goal is to get repeat buyers who come for everyday products and even to connect with buyers who are coming to make an expensive long term purchase like a vehicle. A strong brand creates recognition and creates a distinct feeling that will be embedded forever in the minds of your audience. For example, everybody now knows that the brand Colgate will keep their teeth clean. Over the years, Colgate has been unique in its brand marketing approach by educating its audience than by simply just pushing them to buy its products. They keep showing videos about oral hygiene and facts about how users can care for their teeth.

Brand marketing does not need to be only reserved for the big names in the industry like KFC, Adidas and Apple.

Any brand, big or small can pull off-brand marketing by following the given steps.

Understand the purpose of your brand

Understanding the purpose of your brand is of utmost importance. Ask yourself why your brand exists to nail the brand purpose. Make a list- who’s your target audience, why would they trust you in the first place? What challenges do you aim to solve? who are your brand competitors? How did your brand come about and why was it created?

Creating the look and feel

After this, you need to define how your brand will look and feel. This means choosing the typography, imagery and brand colour palette. Get a branding design agency like PitchWorx  to help you build your brand persona through excellent visual design choices. With their help, you can design a logo, get expert font choices and visual design styles.

Research your target market

You can understand your customer by creating customer personas. A customer persona is a comprehensive picture of your perfect buyer. This picture will help you develop an emotional connection with your target audience. Ask questions such as- how old is the target customer, is he/she married, what is the job profile, daily routine, educational background, what do they like to shop for, what’s their most recent purchase? What do they care about? What do they need from your product/service?

A clear vision of your ideal customer will guide everything from your business name to the style for your logo.

Sell your story

The right message can sell your brand’s story. The story you craft will connect with your brand and target audience and encourage brand recall and loyalty. Hence it is of utmost importance to take and develop an engaging story that has a good number of characters, a conflict and the final resolution in the form of your brand. You need to capture your market’s attention with a great story and then let them become a part of your story as they go on about interacting with your brand.

See what your competitors are doing

Just like knowing your audience is of utmost importance, it’s equally important to know the people you’re competing against. Research about them, determine what sets you apart from them, then focus on your brand marketing message. If your competitor’s USP is offering the lowest rates in the market, your campaign can focus on why quality is important in the long run.

To conclude:

A branding design agency will help you get thorough with your brand marketing strategy and increase the likelihood of your business thriving upon execution. When you invest in a solid brand marketing strategy, your future marketing campaigns will become easier and more effective when you will use these tactics as used by various branding design agency.

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