7 Boss Tips for Boosting Sales Productivity

7 Boss Tips for Boosting Sales Productivity

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Updated On
December 14th, 2021

Around 47% of industries operating across the Indian subcontinent face some common problems. The hurdle of boosting sales was crowned the winner amid other issues like converting leads into clients, retaining customers, resolving complaints, and more. Boosting sales productivity, on an honest note, is a bigger problem for established brands in the market. Times are changing and outsmarting customers is not a cakewalk. Before they purchase a product or avail a service, a thorough market search is conducted. Hence, selling a product/service becomes a tough job in a competitive market. Don’t you agree?

Improving sales, especially for all companies offering website development solutions, is quite daunting. It’s not just that you got to identify & fix the loopholes, but motivate the team players to ooze the proficiency. Doing the sweet-talking and motivating is a must for all, but practically, it doesn’t last long- the real truth. Hence, talk business with the team players to conceive a practically implementable stratagem. It would definitely push the team to do better. In this write-up, you’ll come across some worthy tips that will upsurge the sales. No sweet-talking, just practicality. Dive in!

But What EXACTLY is Sales Productivity?

Even the connoisseurs, regardless of the industry, find it hard to define sales productivity. But that doesn’t mean your immediate senior is also from the same barn! He/she might know more. So, sales productivity means maximizing sales results without expanding existing resources or using surplus resources. From cost to time, resources can be ANYTHING. But, the best part of sales productivity is that it can be measured. The single-line answer goes like this- when an employee gives the best output through the best inputs that boost sales/generate revenue for a brand.

Factors That Distort Sales Productivity

The identification of a flaw is essential to fix it permanently. There are multiple factors responsible for inefficient sales. When the loophole is fixed, accomplishing milestones becomes a habit.

Take a look at some key factors that distort sales productivity:

  • Pressurized environment & tight deadlines
  • Superfluous goals
  • Inconsistent strategies
  • Inadequate training sessions for understanding new techniques
  • Improper grapevine communication

Sure-fire Ways for Boosting Sales Productivity

There’s a solution to every problem. If your brand is facing inefficient sales productivity, try to implement the below-listed strategies and you will witness tremendous results.

Set Up Goals

People are familiar with the essentiality of setting up goals. Without setting goals, accomplishing a milestone will land you in dire straits. To boost sales productivity, setting up daily, weekly, and monthly goals would surely bring the best results for you. Here’s how:


By setting up daily goals, mapping the road to future benefits can become a cakewalk. Creating daily goals isn’t tough but a key necessity to flourish for boosting sales productivity.


Move a step further and set up weekly goals. These are set up based on daily goal metrics for sales improvement. For setting up weekly goals, accumulate the apt skills for reaching the target that you’ve set.


Largest of the pack, monthly goals require extraordinary efforts to bear the fruit. Prioritize everything that contributes to the success of a plan. Doing this will surely display scalable sales productivity.

A Clocked Routine

A prominent reason why sales productivity stoops in companies are the lack of a clocked schedule. Having a schedule is the perfect way of prioritizing all plans that need to be executed on time for boosting sales productivity. The right structure of holding team meetings & discussing possible outcomes, revising plans, analyzing reports, catching up with clients, etc. Now, the main question- how to do this? It can be achieved in simple 4 steps:

Rhythmically move toward every task

  1. Calendar the schedule & meet all deadlines
  2. Craft time blocks defined for specific tasks
  3. Stay atop emails

Communication is The Key

When you’re in the sales department, communicating with teammates is also essential. It is common to work in tight schedules where communicating gets hard, hence, most of the talking is done via texting or on the phone. Just don’t coordinate about how the project is going, but keep an eye on the additional requirements of the team.

Avoid being bossy and ask:

  • What kind of meeting do they need to have?
  • Frequency of interaction i.e. daily or weekly
  • The type of feedback preferred
  • Is anything (usually the client) getting on nerves

This will definitely break the ice and speed up the work. At times, giving your team some space to breathe can save time. With adequate inputs and efforts, a boost in sales productivity is guaranteed!

Not All Leads Are Worthy

When you’re heading a team, it is essential to ensure that they do not waste their energy on worthless leads. A qualified lead will have a goal, budget, and take the right action to get converted into a client. On the other hand, a worthless lead will just squeeze out agility. Hence, it is essential to categorize the value of leads by understanding their interest in your products or services.

Batch Work Technique

It isn’t a technology, but a module that helps in maintaining synchronization in work. This module is neither continuous nor discrete but carries traits of both. Implement this module for grouping the same tasks together and not moving to the next step until those tasks get finished. For example- make ten calls, perform the data entry, and then take the follow-up of those ten calls.

Keep Learning to Develop

Two big reasons support this:

1) The world of sales sustains around evolution. Companies & solution providers think out-of-the-box to influence and upsurge sales. Hence, keeping yourself updated with emerging and on-going trends is essential.

2) Understand consumer behavior & needs. It isn’t necessary that 2 prospects look at your product in the same manner. Understand their requirement and catch the points that tick them. Plan a strategy for it and witness the graph of sales productivity

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Alright, no rocket science is required to celebrate a “Cheers! We did it flawlessly”. Whenever your team surpasses a benchmark, it should be celebrated. Such celebrations are a great way to strengthen the bond and break the ice.

Here’s how it can be done, but again, not a rocket-science:

  • Group outings
  • The weekend trip out of the city
  • Cash rewards
  • A team lunch/dinner date
  • A full day off
  • Or something else if you’re too generous


Giving the push to someone can be daunting, especially at professional a level. However, implementing things that talk business will definitely boost the morale of team players and boost sales productivity. It’s all about doing things systematically.

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