How To Make Video Documentation Using AI?

How To Make Video Documentation Using AI?

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October 28, 2023
Last modified on October 30th, 2023

What exactly are lights, cameras, AI, and AI video creation combines AI and video production. It revolutionizes video production by automating and streamlining processes with clever algorithms. AI shines at ideation, scriptwriting, editing, and special effects. Even beginners can make captivating videos with AI tools.

Which AI video generator is the best?

The top AI video-making tools boost production quantity and value without increasing work time. Templates, editing tools, and audio and video polishing shortcuts speed up the script-to-final outcome.

This list has three main categories

  • Video editors with AI editing tools to speed up editing
  • Text-to-video programs that generate videos from your prompts
  • Video productivity tools that employ AI to speed up content creation for numerous marketing channels

Each app uses AI to power its features

The 10 Best & Free Animated Lyric Video Makers Online

  1. High-quality video: These programs should export video that works well on small and large screens. All apps on this list export to 720p or 4K in various aspect ratios.
  2. Customization: Add your own content? You can customize how much. Can adjustments be made easily?
  3. Support and usability: Since AI video editing is new, I looked for tools that beginners could use and offered content to help them maximize their potential.
  4. A unique trait: Some apps add their own flavor to videomaking or boost productivity or production value.

I tested these apps for a week. I used themes, uploaded my own material, used stock video and image libraries, and adjusted visuals using timeline-based editors or simpler interfaces, depending on the app.

The limits of AI video creation

AI video creation is revolutionary, but its limitations must be acknowledged. AI is smart but not creative yet. Complex storytelling and human-like intuition may challenge it, but repetitive jobs and data-driven decision-making are its strengths. Using AI as a powerful assistant while retaining your creativity is essential. Thinking of AI as your video assistant is the best way to succeed with AI video (for now). We propose checking AI-generated scripts for correctness and adding your brand’s tone of voice. Consider an AI-generated video your first draft. To make your film feel natural and brand-appropriate, tweak the language and pictures with your humanity.

How to produce video ideas with AI

AI Video Creator Software d

Coming up with intriguing video ideas might be difficult. That’s where AI helps. How to produce video ideas with AI:

Go to ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a free, all-knowing AI chatbot. ChatGPT saves your chats so you can review them later. Sign up if you haven’t already.

 Ask ChatGPT for ideas

Give ChatGPT some information about your message and audience to get a list of ideas. Offering more information is excellent.

Consider adding

  1. Your company or industry
  2. Who do you want to reach?
  3. You want to accomplish
  4. Anything to exclude?

You may even request SEO-optimized ideas to improve ranking. When you have a long list of video ideas and are ready to script, turn to AI, your new best friend.

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How to make videos using AI?

AI Video Creator Software
  1. Choose your video type

Understand the video you want to develop to make the following choices: explainer video, product demo, tutorial, etc.

  1. Select an AI video maker

Synesthesia, Lumen5, Vidyard, and others are AI video creation tools. Research and choose a device that fits your demands and budget.

  1. Gather supplies

Gather text, graphics, audio, and other resources for your video type.

  1. AI video creation tool input resources

After gathering materials, feed them to your AI tool. Most tools require you to choose a video template, so it’s not random.

  1. Preview and edit the video

Preview your video to ensure it looks and sounds good. Edit the video to improve the final output.

  1. Export and share videos

Export your video to your preferred format and distribute it on your website, social media, or other platforms.

Top AI video tools for creators and designers

AI Video Creator Software
AI video tool Best For Price G2 Rating Converting scripts into videos Starts at $0/mo 4.6/5 Editing videos for professionals Starts at $24/month 4.1/5 Cutting down and redistributing feature-length videos Starts at $15/month N/A
VEGAS Pro Video editing for pro Starts at $199.99/month 4.3/5
D-ID Making animated videos and characters Starts at $5.99/month 3.8/5
Synthesia Avatar-based video editing Starts at $22.50/mo 4.8/5

Writing a video script with AI

AI-Driven Video Campaigns

Writing an engaging video script is essential for effective communication. Here are our top tips for using AI scripts to write interesting video scripts. ChatGPT and other AI-powered tools can create video outlines and scripts.

Give the AI (we recommend ChatGPT) any pertinent data. A good start:

  1. Video length
  2. The video style—voice-over, on-screen text, or footage?
  3. Your message or topic
  4. Helpful message or subject information
  5. The video’s goal and audience

If you’re unsure where to start, ask ChatGPT. If you’re not receiving what you want, assist the AI with follow-up prompts—ChatGPT is great at adjusting to input. Talk to the AI like a coworker—explain what you want or want to alter.

AI-create beautiful videos

AI video creation is helping pros and beginners create appealing content. AI solutions like Biteable’s AVA can automate many video-producing tasks, but don’t forget to express your creativity and style. Release your inner Spielberg and let AI be your ideal video-making collaborator.

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