How to Renovate an Old House

How to Renovate an Old House

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Home Decor, Published On
June 2, 2021

We bought a country house that actually had one large room. The previous owners used to block it in an old-fashioned way – with chintz curtains. I liked to have the option of a more familiar room with isolated rooms, so the old house needs to be renewed.

We decided to divide the large room space with internal walls. However, on this way, a significant obstacle awaited us in the form of a single stove, which heated the whole house. Solid walls inevitably gave rise to two new problems; it was necessary to put in another stove or accept the fact that it would be cold in some of the rooms in the autumn-winter period.

Another thing that we needed to renew the old house was rubbing or sanding the floor with a team of professionals. We found a good group, Sablage de plancher sans poussière, and did the sanding in our whole house floor without making any dust or debris, thanks to this group for that. You can also use their service using the link above. Let’s resume where we left.

As a result, a non-standard solution was found – to install partitions that allow air to circulate freely throughout the house. This is achieved by the fact that at the top and bottom they are not solid, but “full of holes”.

Accordingly, the cold air does not stagnate, but, coming into contact with the stove, rises up, flowing from room to room. In winter, after one time of heating, the temperature in the house is constantly 25 degrees.

Thus, we divided a hall with a bedroom and a bedroom with a nursery. The partition was not placed between the hallway and the hall at all, replacing it with a lattice structure from floor to ceiling. Visually, it creates the effect of fencing off, but not isolation. In addition to the structural (connecting) function, the horizontal bars also have a decorative function – they can be used to hang flower pots, etc. The partition fastening technology is very simple. Vertical bars at the bottom and top are squeezed into a “rut” from the plinth. Crossbars give the structure the necessary rigidity and reliability.

Some Suggestions to Renovate Your House Safely

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