Wedding Season With Flowers

Wedding Season With Flowers

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April 21st, 2024

Imagine it’s the most important day of your life. A day you’ve been waiting for almost half of your life. And there’s not a single flower at your wedding. How does it look? It’s next to impossible. Flowers are the second most integral part of a wedding. First is the bride and the groom.

Choosing flowers for your wedding could be challenging. Picking flowers that suit your style and aesthetic from hundreds of options is a tough grind. It’s stressful to look amongst all those options, which is tiring.

But worry not; we have got you covered.

Before choosing flowers for your wedding, choose a theme and aesthetic. The groom and bride’s attire and flowers must blend with that aesthetic. I have categorized flowers according to aesthetics to narrow down your list. Let’s dig in.

Types of Flowers Used in Weddings



Pink has long been associated with femininity, tenderness, and romance. It comes in almost 12 shades, which might confuse you when choosing which flower to use in the setting. It’s essential to look amongst the best from the wide range available.

November Chrysanthemums –

November Chrysanthemums

They have long been reputed for being flowers of long life and joy. They come in wide shades, but the November chrysanthemums are perfect as they seamlessly blend with the pink aesthetic.

Pastel -Pink roses –

Pastel -Pink roses

Roses are the ‘queen of the wedding season.’ No matter the aesthetic, they blend in flawlessly and fill the surroundings with fragrance. Pastel-pink roses are a wise and safe choice for weddings.

Pink freesias –

Pink freesias

Freesias are an ideal choice for weddings. They are long-lasting and have a mild fragrance. Pink freesias symbolize femininity and love. They are inexpensive and look flawless with flowers like roses, lilies, and daisies.

Fuschia tulips  –

Fuschia tulips

These bulb-shaped flowers are the top choice for wedding decorations. They are known for care and affection. Like red roses, red tulips signify passionate love.

The tulip is the official flower for an 11th wedding anniversary, so Fuschia pink tulips could instantly enhance the beauty of your wedding.

Asiatic pink lilies –

Asiatic pink lilies

You can’t miss lilies while talking about weddings. Pink lily flowers are pretty significant as they have layers of meaning compared to even other colours of lilies. These flowers are comparatively inexpensive and have a pleasant fragrance. They are a popular choice for beginning a new phase of life. Pink Asiatic lilies symbolize healing, romance, and tenderness.

Priceless pink Dahlia –

pink Dahlia

These overlapped flowers look fabulous in a wedding bouquet and decorations. Due to their distinctive characteristics, dahlias have long been ignored for wedding decorations in India, but they have been around for a long time in countries like England. Dahlias symbolize a long-life commitment between two people.


Red is considered sacred in India and the quintessential colour for Indian weddings. As per Indian tradition, the Red colour alludes to the rising sun. It also signifies prosperity and fertility. Indian weddings seem to be bleak without red colour. It must be there. That’s the norm. In India, a wedding is renowned for its vibrant and bright colours. Red is the colour that upholds a lot of importance in weddings. To match the milieu, decoration must also be in the same hue. Here are some flowers you could use

Red rose –

From the entrance to bed, an Indian wedding is incomplete without a red rose. This tender-petalled flower has long been known for its importance in Indian weddings. Red roses go perfectly with any aesthetic, but they are especially eye-catching when it comes to the red aesthetic.

Red Gerbera Daisy-

This popping red flower with captivating characteristics is astounding. It looks fantastic when combined with lilies and flowers in a white hue. It could also be used over a black background, which makes its colour pop out.

Red Dahlia –

They uphold significant meaning not just in terms of characteristics but also symbolically. Red Dahlia symbolizes a long-lasting bond and lifelong commitment between two people. Due to their rufous red color, they look outstanding as a wedding must.

Red Lilium –

lilies signify passion and perfect marriage. It’s an ideal choice to gift someone you love. It has been used as a wedding bouquet for quite some time to symbolize a perfect marriage. In terms of wedding decoration, they look stunning when combined with white flowers on any background. This popping bright red colour arrangement is a visual treat for anyone.

Red-orange carnations-

These overlapped flowers symbolize love and affection. This dark red with a shade of orange looks terrific with any flower. They could also be combined with other carnations, like white, pink, and even yellow, to make a colorful combination.

Flowers are the spotlight of any wedding. Without them, weddings are incomplete. No one would want a bleak wedding without flowers and fragrances. Bloom your wedding like these fantastic and astounding flowers. Let’s not forget you only get married once! Make it worth a while.

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