Questions You Need Answered Before Buying a New Garden Shed

Questions You Need Answered Before Buying a New Garden Shed

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August 18, 2023

Would you like to get a new shed for the garden? This is going to be the perfect place to store all your tools and summer furniture. You can know that it is protected during the winter and it keeps your outdoor space neat and tidy.

But, before you can get to this part, you have to choose a new garden shed. This is something that sounds straightforward. Yet, it can be a difficult task. There are many garden buildings you can buy. You want to ensure you get a stylish one and have a practical addition to your outdoor space. Here are some questions you need to have answered before buying a new garden shed.

What is the Garden Shed Made From?

New Garden Shed

You always want to know more about what materials the garden shed is made from. Yes, most of the time, this is going to be timber. But, you also want to ensure that it is pressure-treated timber. This is going to be the most durable and ensure that the garden shed is able to deal with British weather. After all, this country gets a lot of rain and varying temperatures. You want to ensure you are buying quality timber that is going to be able to cope with this. Avoid anything that you see with a sterling board or chipboard.

Therefore, ensure your first question is about the materials of the garden shed. Avoid any timber that is not pressure treated. The more information you can gain about the materials, the better the garden-building company is, and the more you can trust them. Head to to see a variety of shed designs. The team is available to answer any questions you have, plus you can pop into the showroom and find out more information.

What are the Windows Constructed From?

Most garden sheds will feature at least one window. But, you will find that some companies make them cheaply and the window itself is constructed from plastic. This is something you want to avoid since it is not going to be strong or durable. It can also discolor over time. Instead, you want to choose toughened glass. Just as it sounds, this is going to be durable and sturdy for your garden shed. It will age much better and ensure a solid construction for this outdoor building. It will also be more secure.

Asking about the windows should be your next question. This is going to ensure that you are buying a shed that is the same quality as the price you are paying. Opting for toughened glass is recommended for security and longevity. Note that this might be slightly more expensive than plastic. But, it is usually worth paying a little bit more.

Do You Have a Showroom I Can Visit?

Nowadays, most people shop for a garden shed online. You have access to more sizes, designs, and colors. While this is great and you can secure a good deal on the internet, you can still feel anxious about what the garden shed will look like when it arrives. Most people want to see the building beforehand to ensure they get the right one.

This is why you should ask the company in advance about a showroom. You can shop online and find the design you like. Then, you can visit the showroom and make sure this is the right decision. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that the garden shed is perfect for your home and what you need.

Is an Installation Service Available?

Some people love DIY, and they have all the right tools. Getting a new garden shed can be a fun task to complete. This type of activity is not appealing to others, and they are not very good at building things. Indeed, you do not want to make a mistake with the new building, as this can jeopardize storage. You can end up jeopardizing your storage space and can end up with a garden shed that looks strange.

So, another question you want to ask is whether an installation service is available. This is going to allow you to hire someone to install the garden shed so it is done correctly. After delivery, the team will come and install the shed on the right base and put all of the materials together. It makes your life a lot easier and ensures quality and a long-lasting outdoor garden building.

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