Blind Spots Kill Motorcyclists

Blind Spots Kill Motorcyclists

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In General, Published On
August 3, 2023

Summertime is here, meaning more motorcycles are buzzing on our highways and roadways. The arrival of warmer weather instinctively entices individuals to hit the road, which is remarkably accurate for motorcycle enthusiasts. Unfortunately, this is when motorcycle accidents reach their highest point annually, with blind spots emerging as one of the primary contributors to these incidents.

In 2019, TXDOT reported 410 motorcyclist operatos and passengers were killed, and 45% of those killed were not wearing a helmet at the time of the fatal accident. The Share, the Road initiative by TXDOT commences its annual campaign, “Look Twice for Motorcycles,” during April or May. This statewide effort aims to enhance safety awareness and public consciousness, urging drivers to exercise extra caution by taking a second look for motorcycles in traffic, particularly at intersections, the primary locations for motorcycle accidents.

Blind spots, which arise when motorcycles are not visible in standard rearview mirrors, are the primary factor behind motorcycle collisions involving other vehicles. To significantly reduce such accidents, car and truck drivers can effectively enhance their prevention efforts by installing “blind spot mirrors” onto the side rear mirrors of their vehicle’s front doors.

This gives drivers a much more comprehensive rear view. You can also find blind spot mirrors with an embedded video display. The device helps drivers see people or objects in their blind spots using a tiny camera mounted to the back of the car. It is worth researching to learn about the best mirrors available to help with deadly blind spots.

Driving Safely Alongside Motorcyclists

Lethal motorcycle accidents stem from collisions involving other vehicles. Drivers can only sometimes see the motorcycle or can misjudge their distance and speed. The motorcycle might give the impression of being more distant than its actual proximity. The combination of congested roads, driver distraction, and the challenge of motorcycle visibility has contributed to numerous avoidable fatalities annually.

Practical safety guidelines for sharing the road with motorcycles:

  • Remember to double-check for motorcycles, especially at intersections.
  • Be aware that motorcycles are nearer than they seem due to their compact size.
  • Prevent making a turn in the path of an approaching motorcycle.
  • Always use the turn signal and turn only after looking both ways twice in front and back.
  • Don’t follow too closely behind a motorcycle
  • Give motorcyclists an entire lane when possible
  • Honor speed limits

As for the motorcyclist, wear a properly fitting safety helmet and colorful, bright clothing so your head will be protected and you will be more visible to drivers in traffic. Furthermore, adopting a practice of alternating between the right and left sides of your lane to ensure visibility in the blind spots of the driver ahead can significantly contribute to crash prevention.

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