7 Keys to Successful Law Firm Marketing in [2021]

7 Keys to Successful Law Firm Marketing in [2021]

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
August 30, 2021

Twenty years ago, marketing a legal firm appeared to be a simple undertaking. Previously, airing a TV ad or radio spot and publishing contact information in a directory would suffice. On billboards and in newspapers, ads emerged asking if you wanted a lawyer. Their purpose was to raise widespread awareness. If a business is lucky, its advertisements will leave a lasting impression on potential clients, encouraging them to seek legal assistance from it in the future. The contemporary era, however, has brought about a shift in the situation. One of the most over-saturated professions in the world is the law.

With more attorneys than ever before, the competition for business is increasingly fierce than ever. Law firm marketing techniques that reach your clients at the exact moment they need you, and the services you provide are essential in the digital age. Marketing is a very fast-paced field. New strategies are being tested all the time, and announcements are being made. We at 247 legal assist understand the importance of marketing and that what worked last month might not work today. So, how should a law firm market itself?

7 Keys to Successful Law Firm Marketing in [2021]

So, to stand out and attract clients, law firms must do more than before. All in all, you’ll need future-proof law firm marketing methods that have a meaningful impact. So, here are best modern-day tactics for law firm marketing below;

  • Google-Verified Program That Comes With a Money-Back Guarantee

It’s no surprise that Google is our first choice when we need to do a search. It symbolizes the significance of Google and how important it is to be on Google. Law companies and financial planning experts can now use the Google Screened Program. The goal of Google Screened is to improve the trustworthiness of local service listings.

Suppose a law firm passes thorough background and license checks. In that case, Google will add a “verified” icon to their Google My Business listing (just like Twitter’s verified accounts). Local listings with Google Screened may receive greater visibility in Local Ads and become eligible for Admission to Guaranteed Ads. To get started, go to Google’s signup page and check your availability.

  • Each Of Your Services Should Have Its Specific Web Page

This suggestion is aimed at law businesses that provide various legal services, so it may not be as valuable if you’re a specialist practice. This is a simple idea that will make the experience for potential clients much easier. It will require a little more time while developing your website, but it will be well worth it.

Let’s imagine you’re a family law company specializing in resolving divorces, drafting prenuptial agreements, and managing custody agreements. You can construct distinct pages for each of those services, outlining which lawyers handle which types of cases, posting testimonials particular to that specialty, listing your price, and so on, rather than having a single generic one that covers all of those services.

By doing so, you enable potential customers to understand what you’ve got to offer, how you deliver it, and what they can expect from you.

  • Opt-In For Gated Content

This is a digital marketing strategy that has gained traction across almost all industries. Freemium content, often known as gated content, is content that people can access for free in exchange for registering with your site and signing up for an email list. Many law firms are currently employing this strategy.

It’s a fantastic approach to increase the size of your prospect and client list. Get their email address by providing a free guide they can use. Suppose you specialize in family law, for example. In that case, you can consider writing a brief guide on how to divorce a combative spouse. If you specialize in bankruptcy, you might create a handbook that explains how to rebuild credit following a bankruptcy. So, what guide would be most appealing to your target audience?

  • Hire An Expert Marketing Firm For Your Practice

It is important that you focus on managing your practice and winning cases for your clients. You can delegate all of your marketing responsibilities to the law firm’s marketing agency, allowing you to focus on your core law.

Let a professional team design and implement your digital marketing plan. Hire a digital marketing agency that will represent you to the rest of the world in a way that never introduces a prospect to litigate. An agency can help you market your law firm.  It can bring your ideas to life and develop strategies such as building an app that enables you to connect with customers, deliver relevant video content, and reach new customers on social media.

  • Do Voice Search Optimization To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Voice search is set to overtake text search as a key traffic source as more gadgets listen to customers’ questions out loud and respond with the information they need. You want to be the one to answer such questions. The next big thing in Internet marketing is voice search, and it’ll bring a whole new set of obstacles and opportunities.

In 2021 and beyond, rising to those obstacles and seizing the possibilities presented will be critical to ongoing success. Voice search will become increasingly crucial in law firm marketing methods as SEO for law firm websites becomes more vital. A person searching for “Do I need legal assistance to file articles of incorporation?” will find this answer. “Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or any smart assistant, who is the greatest lawyer near me?” or something similar. Voice search will become more critical for law firm SEO marketing in the near future; therefore, now is the time to be a pioneer and get ahead of the pack.

  • Make Your Information Available To Legal Directories

Legal directories are a fantastic resource for law firms looking to market themselves online. Legal directories attract millions of visits each month and rank highly in Google searches. You can benefit from the traffic on these sites by becoming featured on them. Citations heavily influence search engine results. Citations from trustworthy sites can help you improve your rank on Google and other search engines.

Legal directories are a low-cost internet marketing strategy for lawyers that can yield significant results. Other marketing possibilities, such as contributing to Q&A sections, are also available from some of them, allowing you to grow your brand further and demonstrate your competence.

  • Use Digital Public Relations To Generate Authority And Trust In Your Company

A legal firm must gain the trust of potential clients to succeed in the marketplace. A good digital public relations team can help a legal firm promote itself effectively. By building an online reputation, you can demonstrate to your community that you are a resource that can assist them in need.

A public relations person or team can write press releases that lead to local news outlets covering some of the feel-good cases you’ve won, or you can write guest articles for websites to advertise your knowledge and skills. Perhaps there’s anything in the local news that you can comment on; they’ll set you up with interviews so you can express yourself. These are just a few instances of how public relations may help legal firms advertise themselves.


The challenges of marketing a law firm are various, ranging from public skepticism of lawyers to competing in a crowded market. Your marketing agency is a partner in helping you grow your business. In your law firm marketing plan, you should include all of the effective marketing strategies.

You can ensure that your website is not only found in searches but also converts visitors into paying clients by following these principles. Law firms need to utilize all the tactics and strategies described above to keep up with the competitors. Law firm marketing includes a strong local focus and measurement, as well as making sure your site is mobile and voice search-friendly and that your keyword-optimized content ranks at the top of the SERPs.

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