Fantastic Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd at Your Next Trade Show Exhibit Display

Fantastic Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd at Your Next Trade Show Exhibit Display

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In General, Published On
July 24, 2021

Your company has just paid serious money to register for an upcoming trade show, so how can you make the most of it?

Trade shows can be an amazing way to reach new customers, generate new leads, and build brand awareness. Unfortunately, most trade shows also have hundreds of other exhibitors, all competing for attention.

What can you do to make your trade show exhibit display get noticed? Don’t start planning your next trade show until you read these helpful tips for standing out in the crowd.

Stand Out From the Crowd at Your Next Trade Show Exhibit Display

Create Anticipation

If you want your trade show exhibit booths to get noticed, it’s all about creating a buzz and building up the hype—before the event even begins.

Anticipation is powerful, so you want to get attendees excited about what you’re going to offer—so that they make a beeline for your booth as soon as the conference opens.

How can you do this? Think about using email or social media to tease attendees, letting them know something amazing is coming—without giving too much away!

Remember that the best companies will start marketing their attendance long in advance. If you wait until the trade show has already started, you’ve missed out on a key opportunity.

Give Away Something Awesome

If there’s one thing attendees love about conferences and trade shows, it’s the free giveaways. It’s always fun to get something for free, but attendees aren’t going to be impressed with boring giveaways like a magnet or a keychain.

Instead, think of a unique gift idea that’s so amazing, everyone at the trade show will be talking about it. It helps to think of something that would be useful, like a portable phone charger or reusable bag.

That way, your gift will get used, rather than sitting on a shelf, collecting dust.

Giveaways are more than just fun promotional items—they’re also an effective marketing tool, so be sure your business name and logo are clearly printed on each item.

Be Personable

One of the best ways to get noticed at a trade show is simpler than you might think—be friendly! So many businesses have a serious approach to trade shows, focusing on networking and the hard sell.

Yes, that’s the reason you’re there, but remember that people can sell a salesman from a mile away. Often, one of the easiest ways to get remembered is by being genuine, friendly, funny, and laid-back.

After a long day of attending the trade show and speaking with a million salesmen, attendees are more likely to remember the person who treated them like a human, rather than a sales target.

Design a Unique Booth

Have you thought about custom trade show exhibits? They’re one of the most effective ways to create a difference between your company and the competition.

Most trade shows provide standard white booths and black and white signage. However, why not go for something unexpected and design your own booth?

It gives you complete control over the look, feel, colors, and usability of your booth, making it best work for your needs.

You can reuse your booth at the next tradeshow as well, lowering your cost per use.

In need of some inspiration? This link gives you some exhibit ideas that could work for any business—×20/.

Host a Contest

Holding a contest at your booth can accomplish two great things—increase interest in your stall and also generate a lot of free social media coverage.

For example, why not design a fun photo booth as part of your exhibit where attendees can take a selfie. Come up with a special social media hashtag for your brand and ask attendees to post it on their accounts, using your hashtag.

Then, after the trade show ends, randomly pick a winner and mail them an amazing prize. Most everyone is willing to share a photo if there’s a chance of winning something, but even better, your company reaches a whole new audience via social media.

However, there are plenty of ways to hold a contest—even something as simple as collecting business cards in a fishbowl and pulling out a winner can also be effective.

Follow Up With Attendees

Ideally, your trade show should be collecting details from everyone who stops by your booth, such as an email address. But what do you do with all of them?

Remember to always follow up after the event—this is key to building relationships. It’s estimated that 40% of exhibitors wait 3-5 days after the show to follow up, but why wait that long?

You want to strike while the iron’s hot—and while your company is fresh on the minds of attendees. Why not send an introductory email the day after—or even a Linkedin connection?

You want to foster your connections right away, which will help your business grow.

Make the Most of Your Trade Show Exhibit With These Tips

Whether you’re brand-new to trade shows or an old hand, you want to maximize every opportunity. These trade show exhibit display tips should help you design an irresistible booth that attendees are sure to love—and want to tell their colleagues about!

Using the ideas above, start brainstorming ideas for your next event. Planning and design can take some time, especially with custom booths, so it’s a good idea to get started as far in advance as you can.

Your hard work is sure to pay off once you see the look on attendee’s faces as they approach your amazing trade show booth!

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