Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps

Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps

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January 14, 2021
Last modified on July 27th, 2022

Fantasy cricket Application is a growing business with hundreds of applications coming out every month but not every single application could survive the competition. Only a few applications have successfully overcome all the challenges and are currently popular among fantasy game players. Here are the Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps. If you are a football lover, you must check out for the same.

Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps

Dream 11 – 1st From The Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps


Probably, the biggest and the best of all, Dream 11 has been around for a long time now, and their inspiring path is more like a study material for most of the fantasy cricket applications today. The App has the best user interface, a lot of contests with a huge pool of cash prizes. The process is smooth and is very attractive.

Founded in 2008, Dream 11 has more than 10 crore users, and they recently went on to sponsor the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League.

Referral Bonus: You can earn Rs 100 every time you successfully refer Dream 11 to a friend. There is also a Sign-up bonus which varies time-to-time.

My Circle 11: 2nd From The Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps


My Circle entered the fantasy world only recently but is already a big competitor to Dream 11. My Circle has made a few innovations to the traditional fantasy game which became a big hit. Also, the App had roped in marquee cricketers like Sourav Ganguly, Rashid Khan, and Shane Watson who has played a major role in the rise of the popularity.

Talking about the innovations, My Circle 11, unlike Dream 11, has minimum restrictions when it comes to team selection. In Dream 11, one must have three batsmen and three bowlers in the team combination, but in My Circle 11, the minimum pick starts from 1. Also, the App has a game mode called “Beat the expert” where you will go head to head with the cricketer’s team.

Referral Bonus: The App offers Rs 500 for every successful referral and also provides a cash bonus for new sign-up.

My Team 11: 3rd From The Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps

My Team 11

Founded in 2016, My Team 11 is constantly on the rise. They have grown well in recent times and even went on to sponsor for India-West Indies series in 2019. The application has more than 15 million users currently.

The best part of the application is their customer service. Apart from that, the app offers a dual-language model, which has made the App even more addictive. The user interface is brilliant, and the App provides two different methods of play- Regular and Safe mode.

Referral Bonus: You will get Rs 1000 and your friend will get Rs 100 for every successful referral.

Ballebaazi: 4th From The Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps


One of the most recently founded Apps, Ballebaazi currently has more than a million users. The stand-out feature of the App is the different fantasy contests they provide. There are “Batting fantasy” and “Bowling fantasy” apart from regular fantasy cricket.

In the Batting Fantasy, you will be selecting 5 players within a budget of 45. The points will be provided based on the batting performance of the players.

The Bowling fantasy is the same as the Batting Fantasy, but here, the points will be provided based on the bowling performance of the players.

Referral Bonus: You will earn Rs 50 for every successful referral. Also, by using the code FREE100, you will get a signup bonus of Rs 100.

Nostragamus: 5th From The Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps


Founded in 2015, Nostagamus is known for the variety of sports they provide including Tennis and Table Tennis. The App speed is quick and the interface is easy as well.

Another major feature of the App is the Prediction game apart from the normal fantasy cricket sites. In the Prediction Game, you will be asked to answer simple multiple-choice questions like “Who will score more?”, “Number of boundaries that will be scored in the match”, etc. There will be 12 questions, and you will be awarded points based on the right answer. The game is pretty addictive compared to the normal fantasy game.

Referral Bonus: You will get Rs 50 with every successful Sign-up.

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