Is Quantum AI Trading Platform Costly?

Is Quantum AI Trading Platform Costly?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Crypto, Technology, Published On
July 6, 2022
Last modified on March 29th, 2023

The Quantum AI platform claims to be a revolutionary trading system for cryptocurrencies and stocks, boasting that its trading platform is much more sophisticated than the average stock or cryptocurrency trading platform in the market. However, some question the effectiveness of this robotic system, as not all experts are convinced. Some predict that it could be too expensive for ordinary people to use. If its customers believe they can easily make a significant profit while trading on Quantum AI’s automated trading system, they would have to pay a hefty price. The company has released few details about its service fees with only general statements such as “the fees will be less than those charged by traditional brokerage firms.” Some websites also report that “the fees are based upon their performance.”

Is Quantum AI Trading Platform Costly?

  • According to their official website, they have several accounts, including a basic understanding, a professional performance, and an institutional account. With the primary account, you can trade any cryptocurrency and stocks, while the professional and institutional are for experienced traders to trade various cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities.

Currently, trading fees for each type of account are as follows:

For example, for the primary account, you must pay 1% on any trades over $1 million or 100 basis points (BP) per trade of their basket currencies: US dollar, Australian dollar, Swiss franc, British pound sterling, and euro. The BP is the spread between the bid (buy) price and the ask (sell) price. That means if the current bid price is $0.50 and the asking price is $0.51, the spread would be 1 BP.

For example, to pay 100 BP, you will have to buy at $0.50 and sell at $0.51. However, trading fees are not fixed for some time, and it depends on their performance, so it could cost you more than 1% or 100 BP in some months, while it could cost less in others months, depending on how well the company performs.


  • Quantique, the company that developed the Quantum AI trading platform, has a team of experts with experience in quantum physics, complex mathematics, and machine learning technology. The three co-founders of Quantique are Martin Czellar, Roger Melko and Amitabh Saxena. Each holds impressive background credentials.

According to their website, Martin Cellar has over 30 years of research experience and is listed as one of the world’s top 1% most cited physicists Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators – top 1%. Roger Melko is listed as one of the world’s 25 most influential researchers in quantum computing Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators – top 0.01%. Amitabh Saxena is listed as one of the world’s 1% most cited computer scientists Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators – top 1%.

  • One of the advantages of the Quantum AI trading system is that it provides you with a quantum computer, which they claim has a processing speed and power that is way faster than any existing supercomputers. Their quantum computing engine can process much more extensive data sets and calculate possible scenarios in seconds, while a typical system would take days or weeks. With this capability, Quantum AI traders who use the platform can speculate on future changes in price movements before other traders have time to react.
  • Is Quantum AI Trading Platform Costly? It seems like Quantique is prepared for the negative comments about their trading platform being too costly. They don’t seem to care about the unavoidable high market risk of cryptocurrency and stock trading. In a recent article published by Forbes magazine on January 19, 2017, one of the co-founders, Roger Melko, was quoted saying: “We’re not here to make friends. We’re here to make money”, indicating that their main focus is indeed to generate profit for themselves. It doesn’t matter if people think their pricing model is high.

Is quantum ai legit? The company’s cryptocurrency hedge fund will be available to the general public after ensuring that this investment opportunity works according to their expectation. It could take some time before they release the details of this upcoming crypto hedge fund for sale, as it has not even started yet.

Based on our analysis, we conclude that Quantum AI is not a scam. To make profitable trades in the cryptocurrency market, you need to use the company’s platform, which has transparent and verifiable features. That’s how you can trust Quantum AI’s trading platform.

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