If You Don’t Have Time to Trade Crypto, Automated Trading Is a Good Option 

If You Don’t Have Time to Trade Crypto, Automated Trading Is a Good Option 

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Crypto, Published On
November 17, 2023

Cryptocurrency trading requires a considerable time commitment – in other words, you must spend hours tracking the market and executing trades, not to mention creating trading strategies. It’s challenging to make money when competing against other investors, including professionals just seeking thrills. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are exceptionally volatile, so they can experience sudden and dramatic price movements, which can lead to significant losses if you’re not careful. Simply put, trading involves a lot of time and effort.

If you feel like there’s not enough time in the day, give automated cryptocurrency trading a try. Cryptocurrency trades non-stop, so you can consistently execute transactions, but keep in mind that the market is more liquid during business hours on weekdays. Automated trading allows you to actively trade cryptocurrency without constantly monitoring your computer, using algorithms to buy and sell digital assets at certain times based on price, technical indicators, and portfolio rebalancing, to name a few.

How Does Automated Crypto Trading Work?

Automated Trading
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Automated cryptocurrency trading uses computer programs, commonly referred to as trading bots, to buy and sell digital assets when certain conditions are met. The specialized software reacts to market changes to trade at the most favorable moment, so you can take advantage of price movements without monitoring the market. Automatic cryptocurrency trading removes/reduces uncertainty within the process of entering or exiting a position and minimizes emotions. The best crypto trading bot uses smart contracts and operates directly on the blockchain. Still, most software tools rely on APIs to communicate with cryptocurrency exchanges so it can open and close positions on your behalf.

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When you trade without the help of a trading bot, you must watch the charts, analyze the data, and use different tools and indicators to pinpoint the best opportunities for entering or exiting the cryptocurrency market, which can be stressful. It’s not uncommon to lose focus and miss important pieces of information. Trading cryptocurrency is more like a high-performance sport and less like a job, so you can’t daydream when multitasking at your desk. The rules can be configured to run as desired, so do your due diligence and read all the security measures. You don’t have to create an entire strategy from scratch.

Many Automated Trading Platforms Come with Pre-Built, Well-Tested Templates

There are many choices when it comes to automated trading platforms. It goes without saying that trading bots operate differently from one another, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Automated cryptocurrency trading is based on algorithms, meaning they contain a set of instructions and rules intended to find a solution or answer to your problem. In other words, the trading process is automated by creating algorithms capable of analyzing the market and executing trades when certain conditions are met. Coinrule, for instance, allows you to customize cryptocurrency trading using templates.

Templates allow you to take advantage of the experience of other cryptocurrency traders and replicate sophisticated strategies without delay. If A happens, B will also happen. A represents the precondition or rule. You’re free to develop your own rules if a template for a trading strategy is unavailable. You can save, edit, and add the strategy to your portfolio. If you opt for an additional paid package, you enjoy unlimited template usage. Having a strategy template is a very useful part of the cryptocurrency trading process, regardless of your experience level.

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Almost Any Crypto Trading Strategy Can Be Automated with The Right Tools

Automated cryptocurrency trading has become popular due to its ability to execute trades in a timely fashion. The best-automated cryptocurrency trading platforms connect to cryptocurrency exchanges, so you can link your account directly and trade without manual intervention. Using a trading bot doesn’t offer any guarantee you’ll beat the market, but you can maximize your profits in this volatile market. Simply put, you can transform strategies into profit during a quiet or tumultuous market. A trading bot isn’t biased by emotion, so it will stick to the trading strategy no matter what, even if the cryptocurrency market experiences periods of unpredictable (and sometimes sharp) price movements.

Cryptocurrency trading entails waiting for certain conditions to manifest, so the entire process can be automated through a combination of technical analysis with setting parameters for your positions. You can turn precise money management rules into automated trading systems that allow your computer to execute and monitor trades. The rules can be based on simple considerations or complicated strategies that imply a comprehensive understanding of the programming language characteristic of the cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptocurrency trading is an ongoing learning process, which is why it’s recommended to record your trades to take a disciplined and professional approach.

In what follows, we’ll summarize some of the advantages of using automated cryptocurrency trading: 

  • Minimizing emotions

Emotion drives sentiment and, therefore, affects investment decisions; from fear to sadness, emotions can be overwhelming. You underestimate or overestimate the risks associated with investments, making suboptimal decisions based on emotion. To stay calm and directed through cryptocurrency trading, hop on the trend and start using trading bots. A trading bot won’t hesitate or second-guess your decisions. By taking an automated and systematic approach to cryptocurrency trading, you remove the emotional element from decision-making, so the trades are based exclusively on data and indicators.

  • Seeing how well your strategy performs

You can use an automated trading system to test your strategy seeing how well it could perform. Not only can you refine but also improve your cryptocurrency trading strategy before it’s put to good use. More exactly, you can fine-tune your approach, spot weaknesses, and optimize your decisions before risking money.

  • Maintaining discipline

Discipline ensures systematic returns, helps avoid massive losses, and mitigates risks. It’s guaranteed to get swept up in the rally, so try to develop more discipline. By adhering to the rules set by your strategy, the trading bot boosts productivity, as you don’t chase losses or let you enter trades without a solid plan. You’re rewarded for having discipline, so don’t take any chances.

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Concluding Thoughts

There’s no better time than now to take control of your cryptocurrency trading game and stop missing out on potential profits. A trading bot can’t be set and forgotten, so optimize the process to allow for 24/7 hassle-free cryptocurrency trading.

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