4 Proven Ways to Retain Your New Hires

4 Proven Ways to Retain Your New Hires

Written by Alison Lurie, In Business, Published On
September 22, 2023

One of the main challenges that businesses of all types are facing is the retention of their top talents. Companies that do experience high turnover rates will find it hard to progress due to the disruptions they experience in their operational activities. That’s why you need to look for every means to keep existing workers and retain new hires to improve organizational productivity.

As we go forward, we’ll be discussing four proven ways through which you can retain your new hires in business.

Top 4 Ways to Retain Your New Hires

Retain Your New Hires
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1. Take Steps to Monitor Employee Engagement

Although bringing new hires into your business is a great thing, it’s essential to ensure they are given the best information and the proper amount of attention upon arrival. That’s part of why you need to improve employee engagement in your organization, as this can help them perform their duties to the highest level ever possible. One of the things you should know is that new hires need a lot of motivation to carry out their jobs.

Employee engagement is a potent weapon that you can use to keep new employees focused, motivated, and inspired. However, before you can implement a successful employee engagement strategy, it’s vital to measure them. Taking steps to monitor employee engagement helps you to understand areas where there’s a need for improvement and have enough plans to work something out. You can use steps for monitoring employee engagement, including carrying out surveys and running a small group discussion.

Ensure All Important Onboarding Documents Are Understood

When a new hire has to deal with a lot of settling-in issues, it’s usually hard for them to focus totally on their duties, and this can impede operations. Smart business owners have an understanding of this, and this is why you will see them instructing their HR teams to supervise new hires and help them out with essential documents. Assisting new hires in handling necessary onboarding documents can go a long way in making them happy in their roles.

For instance, U.S. expats living abroad need to file their taxes when due to avoid facing stiff sanctions and penalties. However, some businesses do neglect their new employees and leave them to deal with their taxing issues, thereby causing them to file their taxes late. Helping new employees settle their onboarding documents can assist them in avoiding filing late taxes.

3. Make Sure an Hour Worked Is an Hour Paid

While having a lot of work for new hires to do is a great way to start out, you need to prevent them from overworking illegal periods. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), there are formal protocols that businesses must follow regarding the wages they pay to their employees and the period of work overtime. This is why you need to have clocking in and clocking out policies in your business to keep new hires satisfied with their jobs.

Having a great understanding of the rules of the time clock can help you to prevent situations that may include either paying less or more than the required wages. Yes, that’s why it’s essential to know about how clocking and clocking out works to avoid risking fines due to noncompliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Aside from helping you retain new hires, implementing clocking-in and out policies helps to avoid inaccurate job costing.

4. Provide Training for Automation and Other Helpful AI

Without a doubt, we know that technology is becoming a force to reckon with in today’s world, and businesses are tapping into its resources to boost their chances of achieving maximum growth. Another way through which you can retain new hires in your business is by providing training for automation and other helpful AI. Technology has proven effective in helping employees carry out their duties efficiently while improving their abilities.

There are times when trade businesses hire new workers to help continue the operations being carried out on the field for consistency and effective execution. Providing automation for field service workers is an excellent way of making software and other management tools available for new hires to help with tasks that they may find tedious and time-consuming. Automating workflows for your new hires helps increase their efficiency and ensures they can focus on more tasks, thereby increasing their profitability to the organization.


To build a business that can sustain growth and progress, it’s necessary to retain top talents in the organization. However, retaining new hires in the organization is not an easy task. Some proven ways to retain your new hires include monitoring employee engagement, ensuring all vital onboarding documents are understood, and providing training for automation and other helpful AI.

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