Web Scraping for E-Commerce: 10 Upsides You Didn’t Know About

Web Scraping for E-Commerce: 10 Upsides You Didn’t Know About

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
October 8, 2021
Last modified on March 20th, 2023

Web scraping refers to any process involved in collecting or ‘scraping’ data from the internet. Mostly, these processes are automated and use predesigned or custom-built tools – even though manual web scraping is also widely prevalent. But the latter is becoming irrelevant relatively fast.

10 Top Advantages of Employing Web Scraping for E-Commerce:

Web Scraping for E-Commerce

Below we have discussed some of the best advantages for web scraping software that companies can make use of. Web harvesting, screen scraping, web data extraction, or data mining are different names for the same process used interchangeably. Considering the competitive market India offers to any business, there is a significantly increased need for such Data Extraction Services in the country. And the tools available to help you have grown in recent years, like ZenRows’ web scraping API.

  • Updating Product Info

A major use of web scraping services is to provide continuous updates to all products listed on a website. Manual operation of such tasks is slow and redundant. Many products include numbers in their descriptions, the mismatch of which could have serious consequences – let alone the prices. Automated systems help ensure no information or product is missed or incorrect and are on par with updated databases.

  • Measuring Product Metrics

Product analysis has undoubtedly received a massive bonus with the widespread adoption of web scraping tools. Businesses find it much easier to tailor their strategies according to market demands by using an organized system of seeing products and relevant data listed. Considering the booming online market in the country, the future is set to have a high demand for web scraping services in India.

  • Efficiency In the Workplace

Making sure correct products, alongside their prices and other important data, are listed accurately is an essential process for any business. Manually implementing these makes room for errors and increased operating costs.

Instead, web scraping services can use the harvested data to automate these manual uploads and increase workplace efficiency. More time available for human operators means it can be used to bring in more value to the company through processes that necessarily require humans.

  • Increased Revenue Flow

This is related to what has been explained above – increased efficiency means less time and resources required by humans. These resources can then be channeled into other high-revenue generating streams inside the firm.

One of the best uses of such Data Extraction Services is to make sure a business stays updated with the policies of all its rivals. That way, it can make sure revenue flows into the company instead of the competitors. Competitive pricing after analyzing harvested data is just one of the processes of doing this.

  • Monitoring Introduction and Performance of New and Rival Products

The internet is a vast chasm, and more often than not, it can be tough to find new ideas and products that bring with them a competitive edge. Companies cannot be realistically expected to spend intensive effort scraping rival websites for such products and images. Ecommerce web scraping conducts a thorough check for all required websites and collects data for competitor monitoring as required.

  • Tracking Customer Sentiment

Any business that conducts trade online recognizes the importance of brand value and goodwill of consumers. Web scraping services in India are beneficial in a diverse society like this to monitor public opinion about the brand to hold steady growth. This is because there exists in India –

  • A largely community-oriented lifestyle
  • The massive influence of public opinion
  • Varied demography
  • A huge population

The scraping tools collect such comments made on a regular basis, thus helping the company create new opportunities and change or update their business strategies.

  • Efficient Lead Generation

Any business requires a steady flow of prospective customers to grow. It is highly unlikely that all of such prospective customers would finalize a deal with the company. Thus, the only way left to succeed is to gather data about and approach as many of them as possible. However, the quality of data collected is as important as the amount.

Companies that offer Data Extraction Services can help here by gathering public data available on rivals’ websites and forums. Patterns of interaction can be inferred from said data and later used to craft one’s business strategies.

  • SEO-Based Traffic Optimization

Web Scraping for E-Commerce2

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It was developed as a tool to identify the content in a website better and gauge it according to its relevance. It mainly serves to generate a more considerable amount of traffic on a website and convert leads.

Any business can use ethical web scraping to gather essential data on trending keywords, website rankings, and exposure through ads. This data is later used to adjust or formulate entirely new business campaigns online.

  • Brand Monitoring

Brand value is something that does not come by easily. It often requires multiple years of elite service for a brand to gain any real command over the market based simply on reputation. So, it becomes crucial for any business to monitor its commercial presence online.

Apart from customer sentiment, as discussed earlier, a brand needs to make sure no services or products use their name unauthorized, including forged commodities and copyright violations. Companies that offer web scraping services specialize in integrated services that find and help remove such anomalies from the internet, preserving the brand’s reputation.

  • Continuous Upgrades

The only real way of improving products and services is by listening to customers. It used to be a labor-intensive process, manually searching multiple web pages for relevant feedback, but automation has put an end to that. Given the correct parameters, a web scraping tool will constantly scrape for data and provide updates in real-time. The sooner the feedback is gathered and analyzed, the sooner the company can make improvements.


There is massive competition in online business. Web scraping can help a business stay on top and profit from the ongoing boom in online sales. No matter if the company is looking for error-free updates to its webpages, analyzing trends of rivals or more automation web scraping is a simple and efficient solution.

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