How is Meeting Room Booking Management Assisting the Modern Workforce?

How is Meeting Room Booking Management Assisting the Modern Workforce?

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May 4th, 2024

A meeting room is an official space where employees can gather and discuss ongoing and future projects and agendas with the motive of enhanced collaboration and productivity. Meeting room management systems are gaining significant popularity in corporate sectors because they empower teams to connect and communicate formally.

Meeting room booking is an advanced and intuitive workplace solution for smart and managed office spaces. Many global leaders and big enterprises are already using meeting room management systems to streamline the process and reduce time wastage.

In managed office spaces, meeting room booking systems play a vital role in scheduling meetings to enhance efficiency and the end outcome of any particular activity. Employees expect work-life balance and tech-savvy workplaces and solutions from their employers.

Concepts like an online desk booking system and a meeting or conference room booking system are creating an advanced environment and ecosystem for employees to come in and work with utmost interest and satisfaction. We are all aware of the technological developments taking place in the commercial real estate and corporate sectors. It is high time for the rest of the employees and companies to acknowledge the need for meeting room booking management systems in the workspace.

9 Features of Meeting Room Management Systems in the Workplace

Companies are implementing modern-day tech solutions in office spaces to optimize the overall performance of their employees and improve their outcomes. There are several features of a robust meeting room management system that are advantageous for enterprises. Some of these important features are as follows:

  • Calendar and Outlook Integration
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Conclude and Extend Meetings
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Reserve Rooms in Advance
  • Release Ghost Booking
  • Managing Occupancy
  • Desk Booking Capability
  • Order Services and Equipment
  • Calendar and Outlook Integration:

Having a meeting room management system allows the employees to be fully prepared for the agendas that will be discussed in the meeting. Integrate the schedule with Google Calendar and Outlook to experience a seamless and effective process. This allows brainstorming and the flow of creative ideas by the participants, as all of them are notified in advance.

  • Analytics and Insights:

The management needs to be aware of space utilization. A technically sound meeting or conference room booking system allows them to know the average time of the meetings and the purposes for which the meeting rooms are booked. It is crucial for the management to appropriately optimize the managed office spaces to get the best performance from their available resources.

  • Conclude and Extend Meetings:

Meeting room management systems grant employees the ability to conclude their meetings before the predefined duration if the agenda of the gathering is accomplished. This allows other teams to book and move in successfully to discuss their plans and course of action. If the meetings are extended, employees have the authority to extend the meeting time beyond the stipulated time directly by using the available devices or applications.

  • Real-Time Monitoring:

Real-time monitoring helps the management to track the peak usage hours of the meeting rooms. This also allows them to be aware of any technical issues in the high-performing or underperforming meeting/conference rooms. It also indicates the live status of all the available meeting rooms. Through this, companies can make suitable decisions to optimize the available space.

  • Reserve Rooms in Advance:

Meeting room management systems help employees search for vacant rooms and reserve them in advance. Employees have full control over checking and booking the meeting rooms by analyzing their capacity and available amenities.

  • Release Ghost Booking:

This is also one of the major features and advantages of using a meeting room booking system in managed office spaces. It confirms the auto cancellation of meeting rooms that are not checked in by the employees within the stipulated time. This automatically changes the occupancy status of the rooms and assists others in booking them easily.

  • Managing Occupancy:

Meeting room booking systems also empower the employees by deciding the participants in the meeting. They have the authority to restrict or increase the number of occupants who are going to be part of that meeting. Managing the occupancy allows the team to minimize the crowd, create a comfortable environment, and maintain social distancing as well.

  • Desk Booking Capability:

It has been witnessed that the meeting room booking systems enable the scope for other touchless solutions as well. Hot desking or desk booking system is one of the concepts that are possible in a managed office space where an online meeting room booking system is implemented.

Desk booking is one of the best and most advanced solutions for employees to select their workstation before walking into the office spaces. The online desk booking system also helps employers to track the average time of check-in of the employees and the most and least used workstations.

  • Order Services and Equipment:

Conference planning demands more than merely a meeting room. You might also need refreshments and equipment during the meeting. Meeting room booking systems are designed so that your employees can call for the equipment and refreshments without hampering the flow of the meeting.

Therefore, these are some of the features that can later turn out to be advantages for the enterprises that use the meeting room booking system in their managed office spaces. Whether you’re in an office or working from home, meetings, conferences, and training are an inescapable part of work life. Scheduling and hosting a meeting can be a hassle for your workforce, which is why using a dedicated conference or meeting room booking system is considered a wise business decision.

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