Cricut Joy: A Tiny but Mighty Craft Cutter

Cricut Joy: A Tiny but Mighty Craft Cutter

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Printer, Published On
February 13, 2024

In Short:

  • The compact and portable design of the Cricut Joy makes it a great travel companion for artisans who are always on the move, being able to fit in any creative space.
  • The easy setup process, as well as smooth wireless connectivity, makes getting started with the Cricut Joy effortless, enabling a quick move from unboxing to creating.
  • Although small in size, the Cricut Joy opens up varied creative options, performing best in small-scale projects such as cards, stickers, and personalised home decor.
  • The Cricut Joy, with its user-friendly app, intuitive guidance, and efficient cutting, makes it an excellent choice for both experienced crafters and fresh beginners.

The Cricut Joy is an ultra-compact and portable craft-cutting machine designed specifically for small-scale DIY projects. Weighing under 2 pounds and measuring just 5.5 x 8.4 inches, this tiny cutter delivers professional-quality cutting performance from the convenience of basically anywhere. With its streamlined size and user-friendly design, the Cricut Joy makes crafting approachable and enjoyable for both beginners just starting as well as experienced makers. But how well does this portable machine actually function compared to Cricut’s full-size models? In this comprehensive review, we’ll closely examine the included accessories, key features, Design Space software integration, available accessories, real-world cutting performance, project capabilities, and more to help you decide if the adorable Cricut Joy is the right Cricut for your crafting needs.

Key Features Of Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy
Compact DesignPortable and travel-friendly at 5.50 x 8.40 x 4.25 inches
Easy SetupQuick pairing with devices over WiFi and Bluetooth
User-Friendly AppThe Cricut Joy app guides you through projects with ease
VersatilityIdeal for small-scale projects like cards and stickers
Efficient CuttingSwift and accurate cutting for intricate designs
Wireless ConnectivityConnects seamlessly to devices via WiFi and Bluetooth
Cutting Mat CompatibilityStandardGrip mat included; CardMat sold separately
Cutting MaterialsCuts a variety of materials, including vinyl, cardstock, and Smart Materials
Maximum Cutting WidthUp to 4.5 inches wide, accommodating various project sizes
WeightLightweight at 1.75 kg for easy portability
Power SourcePowered through a hidden power socket

What’s in the Box?

Inside Cricut Joy’s packaging, you’ll find the machine itself, along with the essentials to start basic projects. The box includes the power cable for actually running the machine, samples of cardstock and vinyl materials to test cutting capability, a StandardGrip cutting mat to hold your materials, a fine point blade installed and ready for precise cuts, and one black fine-tip pen for drawing and writing. This pared-down selection provides everything you absolutely need to start small projects like cards, labels, or decals straight out of the box. However, you’ll likely want to expand into other accessories pretty quickly to unlock Joy’s full versatile potential down the road.


While the Cricut Joy comes with one blade and pen to start, you’ll definitely want to expand your accessory collection to unlock the most versatility and project potential. Some of the must-have extras include the CardMat, specifically designed for perfectly cutting paper and cardstock for cards and paper crafts, additional blade types like the Premium Fine Point for intricate cuts, an assortment of Cricut Joy pens for custom drawings and handwriting elements, the Infusible Ink pens for fabric and tile crafts, and the helpful Essentials tool set for finishing touches. Lastly, investing in at least one month of Cricut Access gives you a rich, expanded library of images, fonts, and guided projects to choose from rather than just the free options.

Design Space

Cricut Joy

Cricut’s Design Space software, available online or as a versatile app, is at the heart of the crafting process. Design Space is where you go to upload images, create custom designs, select projects, and actually cut your creations. While it may seem a little complex for beginners at first glance, Joy now comes with a specialised app just for Joy users that simplifies projects from start to finish. This Joy app provides guided step-by-step instructions, material recommendations, and cut designs perfectly tailored for Joy’s capabilities in an intuitive interface. Both beginners and experts alike will find crafting with the helpful Design Space suite straightforward and enjoyable.

Tips and Tricks

To maximise your success and enjoyment crafting with the Cricut Joy, keep these pro tips in mind: Take time to understand the difference between the included standard grip cutting mat and the recommended CardMat accessory so you know when to use each. Resist reliance on just using pre-made projects by exploring Design Space’s deeper capabilities as you get comfortable. Consider investing in the super helpful Essentials tool kit with a scraper, spatula, and weeder tools for flawless finished project removal from the sticky mats.

Cricut Joy in Everyday Life

Cricut Joy

What makes the Cricut Joy so delightful is its ability to blend into your everyday routine. Measuring about the size of a sheet of paper and lighter than a laptop, this little machine can fit into a tote bag or backpack without weighing you down. Bring it along in the RV for weekend craft sessions, or easily store it away even in tight spaces. Plus, Joy’s companion mobile app makes crafting anywhere easier than ever. Thanks to its ultra-portable form, sharing the Joy of crafting with friends, family, and kids opens up even more possibilities for creatively using your Joy machine at home or on the go.

Note: When purchasing Cricut Joy accessories, be sure to filter for “Cricut Joy” specifically. Despite appearances, items made for Explore, Maker, etc., likely won’t fit properly. Joy has uniquely sized mats and tools.

How To Setup?

Getting set up and connected takes just moments with the Cricut Joy.

  • Simply download Cricut’s free Design Space app onto your preferred device – whether iPhone/Android phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop.
  • Next, create a Cricut account if you still need to get one to access designs and projects.
  • Finally, power on your machine and connect it to your Cricut account by pairing via Bluetooth.
  • The process is seamless, taking less than a minute.
  • Because Cricut assumes most customers will rely on their Design Space app rather than paper manuals, new users should take some time to explore the app’s tutorial sections if they need any guidance getting started.

Pros and Cons of Cricut Joy

Compact and well-designedLimited in scope for larger projects
Easy setup and useRequires additional accessories for a variety
Portable craft cutterLimited versatility compared to larger models
Efficient wireless connectivitySmaller maximum cutting width (4.5 inches)
User-friendly app with intuitive guidance
Versatile cutting materials compatibility
Efficient power usage with a hidden power socket

Should I Buy It?

Suppose you’re primarily interested in creating smaller-scale crafts such as greeting cards, gift tags, vinyl stickers, embroidery projects, and more. In that case, the affordable Cricut Joy is an excellent machine choice. However, crafters who think they may want also to tackle larger projects like signs, banners, t-shirts, and other home décor down the road may want to consider investing in one of Cricut’s full-size models right from the start, like the feature-packed Cricut Maker. So consider what types of crafts interest you currently – and what might pique your creative curiosity in the future – to decide which Cricut suits your needs best! Both options are wonderful machines sure to provide countless hours of cutting enjoyment.


Can I use the blades and tools that I have from the larger Cricut machines with a Cricut Joy?

No, the Cricut Joy is equipped with a set of blades and tools that are uniquely made for its small size.

Is Cricut Joy suitable for beginners in crafting?

Yes, Cricut Joy is easy to use, however, beginners might have to spend some time to get acquainted with the setup and the software.

What projects can I make with the Cricut App?

The app provides a variety of projects, including cards, stickers, and other things. Moreover, to have more options, you need to subscribe to Cricut Access.

Will the Cricut Joy be good at making heat press projects?

Yes, Cricut Joy is very good at heat press designs; hence, it is a versatile choice for personalised works.

Is there a user guide for the Cricut Joy?

No, the Cricut Joy pack does not have a detailed manual, but users can find instructions on the Cricut Design Space software and app.

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