Chrome For Desktops Will Get AI-powered “Help Me Write” Feature: Report

Chrome For Desktops Will Get AI-powered “Help Me Write” Feature: Report

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In News, Published On
December 6, 2023

The AI-powered text generator will examine the user’s current page’s content for additional context.

According to 9To5Google, Google is reportedly working on integrating an AI-powered “Help Me Write” text generator into Chrome. The American tech behemoth is going to bring the ‘Help Me Write’ feature to its web browser, adding to its existing presence on Gmail, Docs, Keep, and Google Messages (albeit with a twist). This feature allows users to input text prompts and receive either short answers or longer pieces of content.

The article claims that Google has been trying to include this feature in Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop versions. Users will see the ‘Help me Write’ branding when the stable version hits the market; however, the feature is internally known as ‘Compose’ or ‘CCO’.

According to the article, the generative AI tool will be available through the right-click menu in Chrome and will show up in the autofill popup when you type text online. To gain further context for what it should write, the feature will also verify the contents of the user’s current page. A related article: Meta Platforms and IBM Forge an AI Cooperation to Pool Resources.

Google is considering including tools to customize the AI’s writing style. The text generator will allow users to specify whether they would like a more informal or professional response, as well as to shorten or elaborate on the generated message. After discovering that the AI couldn’t consistently answer certain non-English queries, Google reportedly opted to postpone the rollout of its foundation model, Gemini. Google reports that Gemini’s mid-December debut has been delayed until January.

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Google introduced the Gemini AI model at Google I/O in May. Google hopes to unseat ChatGPT as the leading generative AI provider with Gemini, thanks to its multimodal features. These characteristics enable it to understand and use data from multiple sources, including text, photos, voice, and video.

SGE will eventually provide AI-generated definitions for science, history, economics, and other subjects. After the update, you can mouse on summary terms to get definitions or associated images. Next is “SGE while browsing.” Searches may provide lengthy or complex online pages and articles that are difficult to understand. This new feature provides an AI-generated list of supported article highlights to help you understand them. Links to the article’s relevant section will also be provided. Additionally, an explore section generates questions that the page answers with links to related areas. Google limits SGE browsing to free material to avoid getting in trouble with publishers. That means it won’t unlock paywalled articles. Publishers can make particular articles free or paid to limit this type of search.

SGE while surfing is available in the Google app for iOS and Android and will be in Chrome on the desktop in a few days.

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