Tips To Design Exhibition Graphics That Generate Leads

Tips To Design Exhibition Graphics That Generate Leads

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
October 16, 2020
Last modified on September 21st, 2022

The process of creating exhibition stand graphics that can generate leads is quite tedious. You have to observe various important things. It is imperative to design attractive exhibition graphics that can easily capture the interest of attendees and help to bring a huge volume of customers inside your exhibition stand. According to the survey, it will take only three seconds to capture the interest of trade show attendees.

The exhibition graphic designer must have a firm understanding related to art so that he/ she can design alluring graphic design. When it comes to design attractive exhibition stand graphic design, you should pay attention to the fonts and images. Before starting the exhibition stand graphic designing process, you should understand the important components of the exhibit graphics.

Here, in this blog post, we are going to discuss various important things that will help you to design exhibition stand graphics that can help in generating leads. Have a look at the following exhibition graphic design tips:

1. Create Simple Headlines

Make sure that your headlines are as simple as possible. The simple and attractive headlines can efficiently communicate your brand’s message. Strong headlines can help in creating a good impression on potential customers. The attendees usually feel overwhelmed by seeing various numbers of booths in the exhibition.

Therefore, they will not have sufficient time to read lengthy paragraphs. Short, precise, and catchy headlines can easily catch the attention of the trade show attendees. In addition to this, the small & catchy headlines can help your brand to stand out in the trade show.

There are various benefits of small headlines:

  • Small headlines are easy to remember
  • You can easily display your headlines in a large size font. It is imperative to use large size fonts for your headlines because it can easily grab the attention of people, even the distant ones. Thus, the large size fonts will help you to easily grab the attention of the targeted customer.

2. Readable Font

Your text message would not be useful at all if you use the complicated font. The cursive style fonts look attractive, but they are not readable from a distant location. Therefore, you should resist the temptation of using the cursive fonts. You should use simple readable fonts that look attractive and they can be easily readable even from a distant location.

Just like the headline, the font used in the text message should be simple and clean as well. Like your headline, the font you choose should be easy and clean. It is very important to make sure that your potential customers do not face any problem in reading your messages so that you easily convey your brand values to the targeted customers.

The stylish fonts along with the shadowing effects look attractive, but they are not capable of conveying your brand message to distant people. It is a good idea to incorporate your brand’s color in your text message and background. If you want to choose a brand-related color for your text, you should choose the contrasting color for your background. By incorporating the brand’s color in your font, you can easily integrate your brand’s value.

3. Set the Mood

No matter what kind of business you are running, you should make sure that the attractive graphics, color combination, and eye-catching text can easily grab the attention of trade show attendees. The attractive graphics will not just be capable of grabbing attention, but they are also able to set a good mood for people.

Make sure that your exhibition stands graphic design complements your brand. There are various ways to design the exhibition stand graphics that can set the good mood of potential customers. Some of the important points that you should keep in your mind during the exhibition design process are mentioned below:

  • Using a specific color scheme
  • Integrating special types of pictures and images related to your brand
  • Install certain kinds of lighting that can highlight your graphic design

You should consider all the above-mentioned techniques while designing your exhibition stand graphics. The exhibition stands graphic design plays a vital role in achieving your objectives.

4. Leverage Latest Technology

The trade show attendees are usually captivated by the latest technology gadgets. Therefore, you should incorporate the latest technology graphic display gadgets such as LED display, electronic signage, etc. These kinds of latest technology gadgets can easily grab the attention of people in the trade show.

Advanced technology gadgets can create impressive feats and help in increasing the volume of footfall in the trade booth. With the help of advanced technology gadgets, you can display your brand message in the form of video or special presentation. You can also show the dynamic images in the trade booth and make your brand look attractive.

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