Establishing Diversified Hands-Off Income By Strategically Repurposing Instagram Content

Establishing Diversified Hands-Off Income By Strategically Repurposing Instagram Content

Written by Olivia, In Marketing, Updated On
May 28th, 2024

Remember when Instagram faced a real challenge for brands without a visually appealing identity? Instagram is getting harder to pay attention to in social media strategy daily. We understand that making content is a complex and lengthy process. Creating content on the platform is becoming more accessible, even if your business doesn’t typically rely on something other than visual apps. It’s no longer only for photos; people now use it for nearly anything, including news.

GetInsta authorizes everyday Instagram users to download any public feed content, accessing unlimited imagery, videos, and associated metadata. Creators and businesses can passively monetize this content in various ways by effortlessly aggregating it in bulk. With this free tool, you can access a wealth of visual inventory that is difficult to compile manually.

The latest Instagram features and user trends make creating an Instagram marketing plan for a “non-visual” company more accessible than ever. Some of the most popular and engaging trends are excellent for reusing content, especially if you generate content for other channels. If you’re not a full-time creative, you generally don’t have time or resources to focus on content. Now is the most significant moment to try reusing material! If you’ve attempted content repurposing, here are some strategies to maximize your efforts.

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The Best Of Using The ResourcesA Chance of Losing Originality
Wider Audience ReachLimited Customization
Time Saving Process
Cost Effective

What Do You Mean By Repurposing Social Media Content?

Repurposing instagram

Over 500 million individuals browse Instagram daily. Over 25 million firms use Instagram. Companies are striving to reach those many potential eyeballs. Repurposing or recycling content is reusing it in a new format to extend its reach and longevity. Repurposing material lets you prepare many methods to share fresh content. If you’re inexperienced with content repurposing, it may seem like a cop-out. Your consumers shouldn’t feel that your material is monotonous or that you don’t care about distinct content on every channel. You may also assume content repurposing involves adapting someone else’s work for your business. However, content reuse is neither. You’re not repeating content—you’re giving it fresh life and making sure all of your audience can benefit.

What Is The Need To Repurpose Content?

Repurposing content saves time and work, which is its main benefit. After hours of shooting, editing, writing subtitles, and more, you’ll want your material to go far. Additionally, we know social media is fast-paced. You may reach more people by recycling the same sentiment or presenting your material differently.

5 Ways You Can Repurposing Instagram Content

Repurposing instagram

Do you know your Instagram content? All that delicious material will be used to build fresh Instagram posts that meet your target client’s wants. Here are several methods.

Capture Your Best Tweets

It’s strange, but Twitter screenshots perform better than other formats—Repurpose Twitter material for Instagram to produce shareable posts. Tweet threads may be screenshotted and made into carousels.

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Send popular Instagram content via email newsletters

Create list emails using Instagram captions. Use them as brief thinking pieces or add a few lines with captivating subject tales. Try something else. Ask questions and start conversations about your audience’s interests with Instagram screenshots in emails.

Reels from Videos

Reels are popular and trending nowadays. It helps your audience find you. The Instagram algorithm automatically promotes new features. You can make 90-second reels. Thus, turn long-form videos into digestible reels. The recommended reel size is 1080 x 1920 pixels. Add music and effects, speed up, and edit in the Instagram app.

Resize IGTV Videos

Resize webinars or upload YouTube videos for IGTV. You may post portrait and landscape films to IGTV. This is one of the easiest methods to reuse long-form footage. You don’t need to resize YouTube videos. It may be submitted as IGTV and YouTube videos are the same size.

Create a Guide

Instagram Guides lets you share curated, scrollable material with followers. They’re also saved often. IG guides make comprehending Instagram posts, goods, and places easier. You may organize related theme posts into a guide for quick access.


Instagram repurposing doesn’t need you to generate more material. Get off the hamster wheel. Why keep making low-quality articles that don’t spark discussion? AI can accomplish that alone. Repurposing lets you work smarter and generate content that reaches more people in less time. Success requires constant social media post-view optimization. Repurposing material might lift you when you need to reclaim prior glories with little effort. Creatively done, it will gratify longtime fans and attract new ones.

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