How to Use ChatGPT on iPhone

How to Use ChatGPT on iPhone

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September 23, 2023

Use Of ChatGPT on iPhone

New software and technology are released every day, and most are forgotten. But every now and then, something shakes things up and grabs everyone’s attention, like ChatGPT.

For those unfamiliar, OpenAI designed ChatGPT as an AI language model. Its uniqueness is that it is a conversational language model designed to mimic human speech. Other characteristics of ChatGPT include its versatility in handling various linguistic tasks. You may train it to summarize articles, translate, generate content (including creative writing and blog posts), and answer complex philosophical, emotional, and coding queries. Another way, it’s the AI tool you should use now. To utilize it on the move with your iPhone, stop searching.

ChatGPT Works How?

Use Of ChatGPT on iPhone

AI chatbot ChatGPT is advanced. OpenAI designed ChatGPT to answer any question using natural language processing. Like a search engine. It responds more naturally, making you feel like you’re chatting to a friend. ChatGPT allows email, article, and code writing. OpenAI accounts are needed for iPhone ChatGPT. Start at the homepage. Our ChatGPT page provides OpenAI signup details.

How to Install iOS ChatGPT?

  • Create an API key to use GPT-3. Our key is confidential, thus we cannot share it.
  • Click “Sign Up” at the top right of this page to join OpenAI.
  • Log in to this website and pick your account from the upper right menu. Go to View API Keys.
  • Select Create New Secret Key on the next page.
  • Copy the key and keep it safe. Effective short cuts require it.
  • Next, save the shortcut to your computer. Tap the link in Safari on your iPhone to open this article.
  • Get Shortcut creates a shortcut.
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Touch the three dots in the upper right to paste your API key into “ADD API KEY HERE” after setting up the shortcut.

After adjusting, click “OK” in the upper right.

How to connect GPTChat to Siri?

Use Of ChatGPT on iPhone

Put a command to make this shortcut even easier. Select “To touch” under “Accessibility” in “Settings.” Touch the device’s back. Choose 2, 3, or all the way down to SiriGPT to shortcut. Double-tap the iPhone’s Home button to open GPTChat’s command menu, then speak French commands.

Some iOS Apps Integrate With ChatGPT

Use Of ChatGPT on iPhone

I know of three iOS apps that use OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. The updated Microsoft Bing iOS app is one of these. Cutting-edge ChatGPT technology provides accurate, recent, and fully referenced solutions to your questions. The updated Bing iOS app is available now in the App Store. Perplexity AI uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT and web searches to deliver relevant information with citations. Use your inquiring voice when confused. Chat AI for iOS is another option. Open AI GPT-4 powers the app. Petey, which is popular because it works with Apple Watch ChatGPT, will soon be available for iPhone. At least one TMO employee is beta-testing it.

The Verdict

ChatGPT works on other Apple devices in many ways. Petey ChatGPT is a new Apple Watch app. You may buy it immediately from the iPhone or Apple Watch App Store. The app’s developer said an iOS version may launch in a few weeks. Register for email updates now to be among the first to sample the beta when it launches.

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