Google will soon allow Android users to check their battery health just like iPhone

Google will soon allow Android users to check their battery health just like iPhone

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December 22, 2023

Like the iPhone, Android users will soon be able to see their battery life status, and Google is supposedly already working hard on a solution for this.

Keeping your phone working properly for years typically involves battery replacement. Phone batteries degrade with time, causing faster battery drain. Because there’s no straightforward way to verify battery life, it’s hard to know when to replace it. Some apps can give you a general notion, but they take time to sort it out, and third-party apps are only sometimes safe. Android users face this issue, while iPhone users have a Battery health feature. Google is also working on an Android solution. The Android Authority said that Google began revealing battery status in Android 14, and with Android 15, the firm plans to show more about your phone’s battery health.

In December’s update, Google added a “battery information.” page to Pixel phone settings. Your battery’s manufacturing date and charging history are on this page. Google has also added new capabilities to Android 14 that may reveal the phone’s battery’s health, charging method, and first use. In addition, Google plans to offer a “battery health feature” to monitor your battery.

Google may add a battery health feature to Android phone settings. Google updated the Settings Services app, which controls Pixel and other devices, to highlight battery health, according to the source. Although it updates separately from Android, this app will soon incorporate battery health monitoring. According to a source referenced by the publication, the app has secret hints regarding a new ‘battery health‘ page in Settings that will show the battery’s estimated charge compared to when it was new. Note that the Settings battery health page is not yet operational. The option was manually activated and appeared under Settings > Battery to test it. The function currently cautions about ‘batteries degrading over time and lasting fewer hours between charges.’ But in the coming weeks, it should deliver more battery health information.

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Interestingly, Google has previously considered battery health options. Google attempted a similar move with Android 13 in October 2022, introducing a battery health section for Pixel phones. Unfortunately, this feature was not tested. However, Google appears to be shifting its focus to a new alternative that may work on more than Pixel phones.

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All cell phones use lithium-ion batteries, which can degrade over time owing to their chemical makeup. While your phone’s battery will decline, there are techniques to slow it down and use it longer.

Apple iPhones show how much your battery has degraded to address this issue, and now it appears that Android could mimic this functionality for Pixel and other Android smartphones. Since only third-party apps have suggested the same, they are also inaccurate. OnePlus and other OEMs offer this functionality.

Android Authority stated that Android phones could soon send battery data to the OS to track battery health. Android 14 started this effort, but Android 15 may finish it, according to the report.

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